covid vaccine death count update

over 2,000 by the time you read this - with less then 1% reporting

On 3/12/21 I covered the death count up to that date. The next day the CDC’s VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) site updated the count, adding nearly 250 deaths to the total.

In March of 2020, many of us were listening to the news to get the daily COVID-19 death count. The elderly seemed to be particularly hard hit - any elderly person with an underlying health issue that died of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and numerous other age related issues, were all chalked up to death by COVID-19. In this earlier post I detailed just a few of the ways in which the death count from COVID-19 was, and still is, being artificially inflated.

Now, a year later, the shoe is on the other foot, and the drug cartels are wearing it backwards. As was the case in my earlier count, the statistics show that the elderly are once again suffering the vast majority of deaths from the vaccinations, and yet the blame is not being placed on the vaccines, it’s been placed on “age related issues”. I have some beach front property in Kansas I’d like to sell to anyone who believes that. The drug cartels running this two-faced program are acting like 5 year olds who think they should be able to have it both ways.

As was the case last time, the list is by the vaccine manufacturer. Again, with over 35,000 total adverse events being reported so far, it’s not possible to cover them all here, so this report only covers deaths due to COVID-19 vaccines. Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine has not yet made the list. However, it has only been in circulation for a few weeks so statistics from it may not show up until April.

Same as last time, this set of numbers is limited to the US and its territories. This data was drawn from a compilation I made on the CDC’s VAERS site containing over 300 lines of information.

One other thing - the numbers are now so large that VAERS will no longer do a multiple manufacturer search. For this post I had to research Moderna and Pfizer separately. The larger numbers also means that I’ve had to consolidate the onset intervals (how many day(s) passed after getting the vaccination before the event occurred) into larger groupings for each age group.

Pfizer/Biontech has 2 deaths in the 1-2 year old category, both occurring within 4 days. Seems like something should be said about that, but it saddens me too much to dwell on it.

(? = unknown)

Manufacturer Age Onset interval Total Deaths

Pfizer/Biontech 18-29 0 to14 days 5

Pfizer/Biontech 18-29 15 to 60 days 3

Pfizer/Biontech 30 to 39 0 to 9 days 12

Pfizer/Biontech 30 to 39 31 to 60 days 1

Pfizer/Biontech 40 to 49 0 to 9 days 13

Pfizer/Biontech 40 to 49 10 to 30 days 5

Pfizer/Biontech 50 to 59 0 to 14 days 38

Pfizer/Biontech 50 to 59 14 to 60 days 16 (1 ? onset)

Pfizer/Biontech 60 to 64 0 to 14 days 34

Pfizer/Biontech 60 to 64 14 to 60 days 13

Pfizer/Biontech 65+ 0 to 14 days 564

Pfizer/Biontech 65+ 14 to 60 days. 224

Pfizer/Biontech 65+ 60 to 120 days. 1

Pfizer/Biontech. 65+. unknown 19

Pfizer/Niontech unknown 0 to 30 days 18

Pfizer/Biontech unknown unknown 49

According to the CDC’s VAERS the total number of reported deaths from the Pfizer/Biontech vaccine for COVID-19 is 946.

Up next - Moderna.

Moderna 18 to 29 0 to 30 days 5

Moderna 39 to 39 0 to 30 days 5

Moderna. 40 to 49 1 to 2 days 14

Moderna 40 to 49 3 to 30 days 5

Moderna 40 to 49 unknown 1

Moderna 50 to 59 0 to 9 days. 49

Moderna 50 to 59 10 to 30 days 13 (1 ? onset)

Moderna 60 to 64 0 to 9 days. 48

Moderna 60 to 64 10 to 60 days 12 (1 ? onset)

Moderna 65+ 0 to 9 days. 574

Moderna 65+ over 120 days 5

Moderna 65+ unknown 23

Moderna unknown 0 to 30 days 27

Moderna unknown unknown 23

According to the CDC’s VAERS site the total number of reported deaths from Modernas vaccine for COVID-19 is 1,016.

1,016 + 946 = 1,962. We can safely assume that by the time you read this the reported death toll from both vaccines will be well over 2,000. Remember the hysteria that was occurring last year when the death toll for COVID-19 went over 2,000? Then 200,000?

I keep emphasizing the word reported because very few people even know that VAERS exists. I didn’t know it existed until I started doing research for these posts mid 2020. In fact, research compiled by Children’s Health Defense shows that less than 1% of the those injured by a vaccine file a report to VAERS. Robert F. Kenedy Jr, chairman of the CHD, recently sent a letter to President Biden requesting that the entire VAERS program be overhauled so that it reflects a more accurate picture of the damage being done by vaccines.

We can get a more accurate picture of the potential number of deaths from both the Pfizer/Biontech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines in the US and its territories by rounding off the total reported deaths to 2,000 and, assuming that only 1% are reporting, multiplying 100 x 2,000, which comes to 200,000 deaths. Folks, last year when the reported COVID-19 death count went over 200,000 we were in full lock down and the media was promulgating fear and terror. What do we hear about the vaccine death toll from the lame stream media… crickets.

As was the case the last time I did this, some interesting conclusions can be drawn from these numbers. The most glaring one is the one I alluded to earlier about the death toll hitting the elderly particularly hard. Secondly, it looks like Pfizers vaccine is more deadly to the very young - there are no reported deaths under the age of 18 with Moderna. As was the case the last time, if you make it past the first few days or the first week, you’re not out of the woods - deaths from these vaccines are now being reported up to 120 after getting the jab. In fact, if there is an agenda afoot here, and the evidence for that is mounting, the hidden agenda may be the pathogenic priming that these vaccines cause, which may very well lead to hundreds of thousands (millions?) more deaths as new flu seasons roll around.

As much as I hate to say it, this looks more and more like a eugenics program, aimed mostly at the elderly. Insurance companies and politicians have complained for decades about the rapidly increasing cost of health care for the elderly. Is this a culling of that population? Of course the medical cartels have only themselves to blame for this. They’ve done a fine job of inventing ever more costly forms of intervention, all the while allowing us to forget how to prepare real food in a real kitchen and how to take care of ourselves by using sound nutrition principles. We need to re-embrace the wise words of Hippocrates - “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Instead most Americans eat highly processed foods and artificially sweetened beverages, all of which are loaded with unpronounceable ingredients. On top of that, prescription drug use has soared over the past 30 years, with the opioid crises leading the way.

Why are we allowing the drug cartels to destroy us? I know it’s been said many times, but we can begin to take back our health and improve our lives and the lives of our neighbors by going local. Support your local, regenerative farmers by buying directly from them at your local farmers market. Utilize local artisans and craftspeople for projects around the house. Encourage local musicians to do local concerts. It’s time to get creative.