covid vaccine death count - update #5

new CDC category - "breakthrough cases" - 88 confirmed deaths from COVID-19 after having been fully vaccinated

A recent report from CNN bolsters the theme of my previous post, that the mass media is beginning to falter on its willingness to continue to promote the official narrative about the pandemic. The most telling aspect of this CNN report is not the same old tired official narrative from Dr. Sanjay Gupta in the video, it’s the admission in the text below the video that the CDC has - so far - attributed 5,800 cases of COVID-19 to people who have been fully vaccinated. Some became seriously ill and 396 - 7% - required hospitalization. This CDC report from 4/15/2021 is the first release of information about what they euphemistically call “breakthrough cases”. The report goes on to state that the CDC is searching for patterns based on age, location, type of vaccine and so on, for future reports.

The most recent breakthrough case report from the CDC is dated 4/20/2021 and puts the total number of cases at 7,157, the total hospitalizations at 498 and the total deaths at 88.

To its credit, the CDC points out that these numbers represent an under count due to the fact that reporting of breakthrough cases is passive. There is essentially no official reporting ‘system’, which highlights why most people are in the dark about it. Here’s why: First of all, the CDC relies on data supplied by state health departments and there is no mandate for state health departments to supply this information. We can safely assume that many - perhaps most - states have never supplied any breakthrough data whatsoever to the CDC. Secondly, there is no system for states to gather such data. Thirdly, the general population doesn’t know that breakthrough cases even exist, let alone that they should be reported to state health departments. Given how dramatically the numbers have risen in just 5 days - under what amounts to a non-existent reporting system - it would seem that if a fully operational reporting system were in place we would see some sweeping numbers coming in. Yes, it’s a sorry state of affairs. While reporting on cases or deaths from COVID-19 has a very high monetary value to the drug and medical cartels, as well as the US Pravda media - who derive a large portion of their ad revenue from the drug and medical cartels - reporting on deaths from covid vaccines, or breakthrough cases has the opposite effect, causing the loss of revenue for all of those parties. Hence, the lack of coverage of death by vaccine… and the importance of supporting little guys like me who are sacrificing much of their time to get the truth out.

In a rather lame attempt to improve its ability to gather information, the CDC has issued a set of guidelines to labs and state health departments for compiling breakthrough data. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there is no mandate to provide such information - it remains voluntary. And don’t count on the Biden administration to do a anything about it - Biden is too heavily invested in the official narrative to back away from it now.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and postulate that the number of reported breakthrough cases is likely far less than the number of adverse vaccine events that get reported to the CDC’s VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) site. This Harvard study shows that less than 1% of all adverse reactions to vaccines are reported to VAERS. I’m betting that the number of reported breakthrough cases of COVID-19 among the fully vaccinated is less than .001%. But, let’s be exceedingly generous and say its a full 1%. Multiplying by 100 provides a better idea of the real numbers.

Estimated breakthrough COVID-19 cases - 7,157 x 100 = 715,700

Estimated breakthrough COVID-19 deaths - 88 x 100 = 8,800

I can’t emphasize enough how important this new CDC information is because it verifies several important things that I and many others have been saying for months; that the covid vaccines do not provide immunity (which even the WHO and the vaccine makers admitted), nor do they prevent spreading; that vaccines do, indeed, instigate pathogenic priming.

While the first point is well known among those who’ve bothered to do some basic research, the second point is less known. I’ve already covered both of these topics in previous posts, but given its weightier importance, let’s take another brief look into pathogenic priming.

A more detailed explanation of pathogenic priming can be found in this post from December of 2020. The short explanation of pathogenic priming is that many - if not all - flu vaccines leave the immune system in a weakened state, making it more susceptible to other flu-like ailments. Pathogenic priming can kick in within days, weeks, months or years down the road after getting jabbed. This is why I’ve been entertaining the idea that vaccines appear to serve as a Trojan Horse, delivering a set of toxins that are not triggered until the vaccinated person encounters the next set of adverse circumstances that requires the body to activate its immune system. Then, wham! The person gets much sicker than would have occurred without the vaccination leading to an increase in the number of deaths.

Given the this new information from the CDC; given the hundreds of millions of flu shots jabbed into folks over the past 50 years; given my own near death experience with a flu shot at the age of 17; given the current breakthrough death count from the covid vaccines, we have to assume that the total number of deaths from 50+ years of flu jabs has to be in the millions. It does beg the question - are vaccines part of a greater eugenics program?

For those who have been calling me a conspiracy theorist for talking about pathogenic priming, it would seem the shoe is now on the other foot.

Some of us were castigated for questioning the official narrative about the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers and MLK Jr; some of us were castigated for questioning the official narrative about 9/11; some of us were castigated for questioning the official narrative about the great recession. In all of those cases we were also, eventually, vindicated. It would seem those of us who have been questioning the official narrative about covid are now seeing the dawning of vindication.

Here’s the latest covid vaccine death count numbers from the CDC’s VAERS site. Keep in mind that these numbers do not include breakthrough cases. As before, these numbers only include the US and its territories. Also as before, this count does not include reports of injury or hospitalization due to vaccination - just deaths. The last I heard, vaccine injuries were well over 60,000.

Vaccine maker - Age - Event - Events Reported

Janssen/J&J - 18 to 64 - death - 56

Janssen/J&J - 65+ - death - 108 (includes 16 unknown age)

Janseen/J&J - total deaths = 164

Moderna - 6 to 49 - death - 64

Moderna - 50 to 59 - death - 105

Moderna - 60 to 64 - death - 105

Moderna - 65+ - death - 1,314 (includes 66 unknown age)

Moderna. - total deaths = 1,588

Pfizer/Biontech - < 6 months to 29 - death - 18

Pfizer/Biontech - 30 to 59 years. - death - 134

Pfizer/Biontech - 60 to 64 - death - 76

Pfizer/Biontech - 65+. - death - 1,354 (includes unknown age)

Pfizer/Biontech - total deaths = 1,582

Janssen/J&J = 164

Moderna. = 1,588

Pfizer/Biontech = 1,582

Total covid vaccine deaths = 3,334

Again, if we assume that the previously linked Harvard report is correct and that less than 1% are reporting to VAERS, then we’re looking at minimum of 333,400 deaths from the covid vaccines.

One interesting statistic that has held throughout all five of the counts I’ve done is the close relationship between the number of deaths from both the Moderna and Pfizer/Biontech vaccines. It seems to suggest that whatever is killing people has the same result across the board. The only slight difference being that the Moderna vaccine hits older people harder and the Pfizer/Biotech vaccine hits a wider age group - sadly, including infants and the very young. Given all the negative information available about the dangers of vaccinating infants, I find it hard to contemplate why any parent would want to risk doing so.

As I predicted long ago, the death toll from the covid vaccines has easily surpassed the actual direct death toll from COVID-19. Bill Gates plan to use vaccines as a way to cull the worlds population is now being carried out.

How many more people will be murdered by vaccines before justice is served on those who are promoting this genocide?