death by covid vaccine - update #10

the pfizer vaxx causes over 5 times as many birth defects as moderna and j&j

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who controls the official narrative?

The BBC recently put together a consortium of major news outlets and big tech in an attempt to stifle freedom of speech. They euphemistically call it the Trusted News Initiative (TNI). Tony Hall, Director General of the BBC says this about TNI, “Disinformation is one of today’s great harms. It can undermine democracy, create division and distort public debate. Tackling it is a pressing priority.” I couldn’t agree more. However, I completely disagree about who is promoting disinformation and who is not.

You’ll hear words and phrasing similar to Mr. Hall when you watch the following video. How do two different sources on two continents end up using the same lies to socially program us into believing their propaganda? To get the full story, read on after watching this short video.

The usurpation of truth by the legacy media can no longer be denied. While TNI and the above video provide perfect examples of how hypocritical and corrupt the legacy media has become, it also points out very clearly why corporate media can no longer be trusted to provide us with the truth about anything having to do with covid, the pandemic and vaccines. Although this ironic video shows how Sinclair Broadcast Group was pushing Trumps talking points about ‘fake news in the media’, it underscores exactly how corporate media creates and disseminates the official narrative about the pandemic and vaccines that we’ve all been inundated with over the past 1.5 years - wear masks, stay at home, get vaccinated… ad nauseam.

But this is all superficial. To get to the core of how this is being pulled off, we need to dig deeper. The truth is that all corporate media is owned by bigger entities that are owned by even bigger entities. (In fact, this is true for many regional, national and International businesses - which is why the local movement is so important.) When we get just one level from the top of the pyramid we find just two asset management firms own major shares of every important industry and business on earth - The Vanguard Group and BlackRock Inc. - both of which are US based firms. Because of its world wide influence, these two firms are especially cozy with the media industry and because of their highly profitable positions, with the medical and drug cartels.

Here’s how it works: On the one hand, they’re in a good position to profit from vaccines thanks to their top to bottom holdings in all aspects of the pharmaceutical/vaccine industries. On the other hand they’re able to impose the official pandemic narrative through the media they control; to lockdown, wear masks, socially distance, give up our jobs and so forth. Of course, one of the end games of all of this to instill a deep but completely unfounded fear of covid to motivate people to line up for the highly profitable vaccines. I would be negligent if I failed to mention that some of these investors are also on board with the eugenics aspect of the program.

But hold on, we’re not to the top of the pyramid yet. At the top sits the shareholders whose assets these firms manage. So who is the largest shareholder of BlackRock? Wait for it… Vanguard! Here is where we get lost in the cesspool of international intrigue of how the worlds richest families operate beneath the radar of prying eyes. You see, Vanguard is a private company, so they don’t have to divulge who their shareholders are.

However… A woman in the Netherlands who goes by the name Covid Lies has done some fine research into all of this. Her work shows that those who are sitting on top of the pyramid includes; the Rothchild Investment Corporation, Edmond de Rothchild Holding, the Morgans, the Bush family (oil money), the Italian Orsini family, the British royal family, Vanderbilt’s, Rockefeller’s and the DuPont family. No surprises there.

At this point I have to say that I think using the blanket term “family” may be misleading. Full disclosure… although it was many years ago, four members of the DuPont family visited my farm. One was here as an intern for a month and the others came to visit for several days. Because of that experience I have to say I doubt whether these particular “family members” have any direct ties to BlackRock or Vanguard. However, that’s not to say that their asset manager doesn’t. After all, their money is managed by people whose job it is to increase their holdings and gain big commissions by doing so. Unless any of these family members take a very hands-on approach to where and how their assets are being used, it's conceivable they know less about all of this than you now know.

Admittedly, the family aspect is mostly semantics. There are bigger fish to fry. In my previous post I talked about the legal case Reiner Fuellmich is compiling against those who have committed crimes against humanity by imposing the various harmful, destructive and deadly aspects of the plandemic; masks, economic devastation, death by vaccination and so on. In that piece I presented evidence that shows why I think Bill Gates (and Fauci) should be considered as a candidate for prosecution by Dr. Fuelmich. If you go here you’ll see that I went into some detail explaining how the Gates Foundation influences the media with its grants. In her video, Covid Lies builds on that by asking -

“Who sponsors the organization(s) and press agencies that produce our news? With Project Syndicate, we see the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Open Society Foundation (George Soros) and the European Journalism Centre. The organizations that bring the news get paid by non-profit organizations, of the same elite that also owns the entire media but also a part of taxpayers money is used to pay them.” (Links and parenthesis mine.)

Not only does the Gates Foundation fund Project Syndicate directly, it funds some of the other groups that fund Project Syndicate - like this grant from the Gates Foundation to the European Journalism Center. Here’s the European Journalism Center crowing about its relationship with the Gates Foundation.

Wikipedia has this to say about Project Syndicate.

Project Syndicate is an international media organization that publishes and syndicates (spreads) commentary and analysis on a variety of global topics. All opinion pieces are published on the Project Syndicate website, but are also distributed to a wide network of partner publications for print. As of 2019, it has a network of 506 media outlets in 156 countries. (Parenthesis mine)

(Wikipedia also lists The Politiken Foundation of Denmark, Die Ziet and ZEIT- Stiftung as contributors to Project Syndicate.)

In other words, Project Syndicate is a scheme to make sure all major media interests around the world - especially those primary outlets that supply smaller news markets - are all on the same page when it comes to international stories like the plandemic. (Because it is, in fact, all so very contrived, makes it a plandemic).

Reuters provides a fine example of how a major news dissemination company controls the official narrative. Reuters used to be owned by the Rothchild family, who sold it to the Thomson family, the richest family in Canada. Thomson Reuters (a member of TNI) then sold off 55% of its interest in Financial and Risk to who else…? Blackstone. Jim Smith is the chairman of the board for Thomson Rueters. Jim Smith also happens to sit on the board of Pfizer. How convenient. As George Carlin said when talking about who runs the world, “It’s a small club and you ain't in it!”

Why is legacy media organizing to try and suppress the truth coming from little guys like me? Because the shareholders sitting on top of the pyramid maximize profits by making sure every party down the line is fully on board with the agenda. How do Vanguard shareholders do that? By owning major shares of every party down the line. Their greatest fear is that truth will be exposed and their empires will collapse, so they seek to own all aspects of every strategic industry they can to gain control and to maximize profits.

But I’m not connected to any corporation or industry - they don’t own me. And so far, you’re still free to read this.

the cdc continues to manipulate the data on the VAERS site

This leads us to why the death-by-covid numbers I post here every other week are so important. By the time you read this the official covid vaccine death toll will be over 7,000. Not a peep about this from the legacy media. Like so much of the truth about the pandemic and the jabs, information is being suppressed to maximize profits from the jabs while also transferring wealth from the poor and middle class to the elites via the economic coup. If there were no bloggers or other independent sources of media to dig up this information and pass it on, we would all still be in the dark, living as if the legacy media has our best interests at heart - as if everything was hunky-dory.

Here's the latest data from VAERS on the Janseen/J&J vaccine.

I also did a search for reports of miscarriage and birth defects and found no reports. My last report showed 12 birth defects and 5 miscarriages. These numbers are all cumulative so by definition they should be going up, not down. As I pointed out in my last report, it appears the manipulation of the numbers by the CDC is ongoing. There was one report of sterility, the same as the last report.

Here’s the latest data from VAERS on the Moderna vaccine.

A search for sterility shows no reports, same as the last report. A search for miscarriage shows 58, up 5 from the last report. A search for birth defects shows 2 reports, down from the 77 in the last report. More horseplay with the numbers.

Here is the latest data from VAERS on the Pfizer vaccine.

A search for sterility shows one report, same as the last report. A search for miscarriage shows 70 reports, up from 48 in the last report. A search for birth defects shows a whopping 307, up 215 from the previous report of 92. I double checked this to make sure it was correct. Here’s a screen shot of the birth defects search result from the Pfizer vaxx.

(To do a search beyond the categories in the form boxes above one has to click on the “None of the above” category in one of the search windows and then enter the specific type of search you want in another window. Unfortunately, what shows up in the each search box result {seen here} is the term “None of the above”, not the term used in the search.)

In previous reports I’ve talked about how the covid jabs cause damage to the uterus. This is now being born out by the numbers here.

According to the VAERS site, the total number of reported deaths from the covid vaccines now stands at 6,962. As always, we need to keep in mind that a government commissioned study done by Harvard University shows that less than 1% of those who suffer vaccine injury or death actually file a report to VAERS, so the actual death toll is much, much higher.

Looking at this weeks numbers it appears that the numbers for the Janseen/J&J and the Moderna jabs are being manipulated downwards while the numbers for the Pfizer vaxx are going up. It brings to mind questions about inter-corporate rivalry and CDC corruption.

Lest we forget, we are, after all, talking about peoples lives.

breakthrough cases

The CDC defines breakthrough cases as those people who have contracted COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated. The obvious take away from this is that this CDC chart proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the vaccines do not provide immunity.

The total number of cases has jumped by 957 since my last report (top line), the biggest jump yet. Total deaths has jumped by 158. As a percentage of the overall numbers, if you get covid after getting the jab, your risk of dying from it is much, much higher than without the jab.


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