death by covid vaccine - update #8

beware of misdirection regarding Fauci's lies and lab leaks

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Those of you who tend to operate outside of the box likely suspected from the start that we were being lied to about most aspects of the so called “covid pandemic”. It’s somewhat gratifying that the current brouhaha over Anthony Fauci’s numerous lies and the possibility of a leak from the BiolLevel 4 lab in Wuhan are no longer being considered conspiracy theories. I’d like to say that I feel avenged for being an early proponent of this idea in early 2020, however, my current position is… that new dog don’t hunt any better than the old one. The old one being the lie that the virus had zoonotic origins in the Wuhan wet market.

As regular readers know, I’ve moved on from the idea that viruses are the cause of disease. (Please note that I didn’t say viruses don’t exist - I make distinctions between existence and causation.) However, in the early stages of this pandemic, I too was caught up in some of the psyop distractions being put before us by those pulling the levers behind the scenes.

I need to preface this paragraph by saying there is caveat coming up. In May of 2020 I had a conversation with friends who called me a conspiracy theorist for saying the virus leaked from the BL4 lab in Wuhan. They did so because that was the prevailing view being promulgated by Fauci and the media at that time. Today we find the view on that topic being turned upside down, and much of the responsibility for that is being laid at the feet of Anthony Fauci. Not only did he lie about masks - first saying not to wear them, then flip-flopping and saying everyone should wear them, then telling people to wear 2 at at time - he lied about his role in funding gain-of-function research at the BioLevel 4 lab in Wuhan China, and he lied about the virus originating from zoonotic sources. Meanwhile, many of us were being ridiculed as conspiracy theorists for saying things that are now being accepted as legitimate issues.

Part of the reason why I’ve been widely banned on the internet is due to saying that Fauci has been lying. Will my right to free speech online be restored now that it has been proven that it was the mainstream media who has been lying to the public, not me? Since I’m not in bed with Big Pharma like Big Media is, I’m not holding my breath on getting my right to free speech back. Still, all of this highlights rather well just how completely inept the mainstream media is at reporting the truth and how slippery the censorship slope is for Big Tech. Much of the reason for the delay in the truth coming out about Fauci’s lies and the lab leak story can be laid directly at the feet of Google and Facebook and their arbitrary rules of censorship, some of which it appears was done with Fauci’s guidance. Because of their inept censorship policies, they’re now caught with their pants down in bed with Fauci and Big Pharma.

Here’s the caveat. I now believe that the original ‘idea’ that the virus escaped from the BL4 lab in Wuhan - which many of us knew about in early 2020 - was a plant by those running the covid war on humanity. I offer up the following points to substantiate my case.

1) The plan has always been to reinforce the idea that viruses are the cause of disease. Why? Because that theory (and yes, it remains a theory - germ theory) is the very foundation of modern allopathic medicine. If that theory ever falters, then the entire house of cards that makes up the pharmaceutical/medical/industrial complex will collapse.

Here's my prediction.  The Wuhan lab leak will be proven true, not in reality, where it doesn't matter to the magicians pulling the levers behind the scenes, but it will be proven true in the courts and the media, where it does matter to them, and to anyone else who buys into their propaganda.  This will be done to preserve the false 'germ theory' basis of medical science, so that the highly profitable vaccine/eugenics program continues.   Fauci will take the fall and that will be the end of it. At the end of the day medical science will still be based on the false premise of germ theory, the medical cartels will remain, people will continue to die from vaccines and people like Bill Gates will continue to profit from the deaths of those who get vaccinated. Essentially, nothing will change.  

Now, if Fauci and some of the other players end up being tried in Nuremberg, as it currently appears may happen, then all bets are off. In that case, we may actually see justice prevail. One can hope.

2) If vaccines are so effective why do so many people die from them? That’s an easy one to answer - everyone is different. We all react to food differently, we all react to music differently, to get sufficient vitamin D we all need varying amounts of sunshine because we all react to the sun differently. The same holds true for vaccines - we all react differently to them. Just as there is no one size fits all when it comes to food, music and sun exposure, there is no one size fits all for vaccines. This is a fundamental truth that vaccine makers don’t want us to know. But it explains very well why I have to do this biweekly death-by-covid-vaccine piece, because some may tolerate the jabs but others are being killed within hours or days or weeks by them. Still others will likely suffer long term damage from the pathogenic priming these vaccines cause, or they may die in a few months or years due to complications. Of course those will not be chalked up as vaccine deaths and in fact, they’ll likely be used as an excuse to get more jabs. All of this offers more proof that viruses are not the cause of disease. If they were, then everyone getting shots would be cured by something that - so we are told - cures disease by dealing with viruses. If we consider all of the people who have gotten covid after getting the jabs (coming up), the only conclusion we’re left with is that viruses are not causative. and that ‘vaccines’ absolutely cannot be construed as a cure from viruses because something else is causing disease… and likely the viruses as well. Go here, here and here to learn about the new science of disease theory.

3) In 1923 Ethel D. Hume published her book “Béchamp or Pasteur?”. In it she discusses the plagiarism committed by the flamboyant Pasteur when he stole Béchamp’s work, altered the truth of it, and published it as his own work. Pasteur was to his time what Edison - who stole the work of Tesla and then bastardized it - was to his time. In 1942 R.B. Person published his book on the same topic - “Pasteur: Plagiarist, Imposter, The Germ Theory Exploded”. Both books were recently combined and are now available here. In short, these two books explain the story of how the medical/industrial complex came into being by adopting the misguided idea of Pasteur’s misinterpreted version of Béchamp’s work (in reality, Pasteur never really understood what Béchamp was talking about) and… why the Rockefeller influenced medical establishment abandoned Béchamp’s much more enlightened view of disease. (It’s a deep rabbit hole. Someday I’ll go down it.) In short, the reason is this: Germ theory allows for the false view that viruses are the cause of disease, which provides an opening for allopathic medicine and its highly profitable, but nevertheless, mostly ineffective and all to often, deadly, drugs and vaccines. Because Béchamp’s holistic approach does not provide a playing field pharmaceuticals, his views were effectively buried.

4) Fast forward to 2006 when Dr. William P. Trebing publishes his book “Good Bye Germ Theory - ending a century of medical fraud and how to protect your family”. The book covers - “A religious doctrine which is portrayed as science (germ theory), but turns out to be more like a dogmatic creed. If you disobey the doctrines of this creed, the high priests (Fauci, et al) of the medical cartels will be there to punish you (parenthesis mine).”

These four points barely touch the surface of this topic. There are more books and many more research papers. The point I’m trying to make was made so well by Dr. Tom Cowan this past Tuesday while giving a presentation on Dr. Patrick Gentempo’s online docuseries “End Game”, that I’m going to let him make the point for me. (I cant provide a direct link because you have to sign up for the series.) When asked by Gentempo to comment about his prodigious gardening and how he thought that played into preparedness for whatever “End Game” might be coming, Dr. Cowan apologized and said he thought his time would be better spent explaining something else. Here’s what he said. 

"In order to get anywhere with whats happening now, your first step is to clear yourself of the delusions of what you’re told is happening.  And that starts with the idea that there is some virus out there that is a threat to your health.  As long as you’re walking around with that delusion, or what I would call a spell, I don’t care how much you garden, or how many carrot seeds you plant, or how many sheep you try to raise, its not going to get you anywhere because your basically walking around under a misconception which is basically driving the whole world.”

Let’s briefly come back to Fauci. Do I think he is innocent? No. At the very least the emails show that he committed perjury by lying to congress. He may also be guilty of racketeering, fraud and a host of other crimes - even second degree murder. Do I think he is a pawn in a much bigger game? Possibly. He may have been set up from the get-go to be the fall guy. The latter is why I think the current hoopla over Wuhan lab leaks and Fauci’s lies is a distraction by those running the magic show being presented in the media. Like a magician, they distract us with the story of the lab leak and Fauci’s lies with their left hand, while they pull off the magic trick with their right hand - the magic trick being the real end game… eugenics by vaccine.

‘Nuff said about all of that. On to the death by vaccine count.

First, breakthrough cases. For new readers, the CDC has created a new category of injury called breakthrough cases. These are people who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and yet have become sick with the symptoms of COVID-19. Like injury from covid vaccines, cases range from mild illness to death. The current death count is 535, with 2,854 hospitalizations. As with the previous report, the numbers show that if you get sick with covid after being fully vaccinated your chance of dying from it goes up tremendously. Keep in mind that the number of people who know about this reporting system is far less than know about the VAERS system (coming up). It’s for this reason that the actual number of deaths in this category could possibly run into the tens of thousands.

While vaccine makers are responsible for murdering many people every year with their numerous toxic vaccines, as the chart below shows, historically, the diphtheria/tetanus toxoids/cellular pertussis vaccine has been the most deadly - at least it was until 2009 when the flu vaccines began to catch up. From 2009 through 2020, flu shots (1,248) killed far more than diphtheria (1,047). This is largely due to the fear of the H1N1 virus instilled in the masses by the pharmaceutically controlled media in 2009, which caused a much larger than normal number of folks to get the H1N1 jabs, which then led to a greatly increased number of deaths from them. This is born out by the fact that in 2008 the death toll from flu shots was 41. In 2009, with the advent of H1N1 and the introduction of the shots, it jumped to 106. By 2010, after administering millions of shots, the death count had more than tripled the 2008 number with 138 deaths.

The pharmaceutical industry spends 26 billion per year promoting its products, including vaccines. About 20 billion goes directly to influencing doctors and 6 billion goes to promoting various drugs in the mass media. That’s a whole lot of money folks. A study done by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting in 2009 showed that with the exception of CBS, every media giant at that time shared at least one board member with a large pharmaceutical company. This brings to mind a possible scenario: Let’s say that someone who sits on both MSNBC’s board and Pfizer’s board goes to a Pfizer board meeting and learns that one of its drug products has killed hundreds of people. The next day that same board member goes to a board meeting at MSNBC to talk about ways to increase revenue from Pfizer. That board member is not going to tell MSNBC that the revenue they get from Pfizer is tainted by deaths from one of its products - because the stocks in both companies that that board member holds would take a hit. No, the truth will be buried so that the revenue from Pfizer continues to pour in and the stocks of MSMBC remain protected. We would be remiss to think that Big Pharma is unaware of this.

Alas, this is the crooked, monopolistic, corporate model that dominates much of business and government today. This also explains why no one in the media is talking about the fact that since the covid vaccines were rolled out in mid December of 2020 - 5.5 months ago - there have been twice as many deaths from the covid vaccines than from all other vaccines combined over the past 20 years. As with previous updates and the rest of the data in this piece, this information is derived from the CDC’s VAERS site and only includes the US and its territories.

Total of all vaccine deaths from 2000 through 2020 = 2,557.

Total covid vaccine deaths since mid December of 2020 = 5,165.

This government commissioned Harvard study shows that less than 1% of those who suffer an adverse vaccine event report it to VAERS. If we assume 100% reporting then we’re looking at a death toll well over 500,000 people from the covid vaccination program. It all begins to paint a rather grim picture of a eugenics program, doesn’t it? If we consider the pathogenic priming these vaccines are known to cause, then we have to assume that many more will die in the not too distant future.

What are we hearing from the mainstream media about this travesty?… crickets. As I pointed out previously, you don’t tell on your bed mate.

The following chart shows deaths from diphtheria and flu vaccines from 2000 to 2020. Note the increase in deaths from the flu shots, leading up to the current coup de grâce with the covid vaccines.

Year Total deaths Diphtheria Influenza COVID-19

2000 - 449 - 99 - 31

2001 - 488 - 95 - 33

2002 - 400 - 78 - 15

2003 - 539 - 116 - 25

2004 - 461 - 104 - 35

2005 - 414 - 90 - 35

2006 - 427 - 84 - 34

2007 - 563 - 104 - 37

2008 - 662 - 116 - 41

2009 - 577 - 94 - 106

2010 - 520 - 70 - 138

2011 - 572 - 103 - 101

2012 - 538 - 74 - 104

2013 - 556 - 74 - 100

2014 - 593 - 81 - 76

2015 - 617 - 74 - 78

2016 - 724 - 107 - 74

2017 - 719 - 103 - 86

2018 - 896 - 152 - 119

2019 - 867 - 63 - 119

2020 - 565 - 52 - 147 - 23

2021 - - - - 5,142 (in 5 months)


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