death by covid vaccines - update #7

as people continue to die by the thousands - the largest medical experiment in the history of the world continues, unabated

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My Saturdays are typically devoted to wrapping up and posting these articles. However, yesterday (Saturday) I helped a neighbor and friend harvest about 7 tons of garlic. By the end of the day I was too bushed to finish this piece, so this is my excuse for the late posting. For the record, next Saturday will be spent harvesting an even bigger amount, so that posting may also be late.

But something else occurred after the harvest that I want to touch on here. The garlic farmer and another friend who often helps with the harvest, and myself, have been friends for 23 years. Both of them are well educated - one has a degree in chemical engineering (he gave that up to farm), the other is an aerospace engineer.

I’ve been helping with the garlic harvest for nearly 20 years and the farmers wife typically prepares a very nice lunch after the harvest. Yesterday was no exception. After lunch the three of us sat out on the porch and for several hours and discussed the events of the past year. I should say that in previous attempts to broach this topic with them I’ve been met with significant skepticism regarding my views about the pandemic and the vaccines, so I knew that talking about this was not going to be smooth sailing. I also know both of these guys well enough that I felt comfortable that we could talk about this and still be friends afterwards.

After broaching a number of issues with them - issues that I’ve covered in earlier posts here - I was not surprised to learn that neither one of them were aware of any deaths caused by the covid vaccines. Nor was I surprised to learn that neither had heard of VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). When I told them about VAERS they were initially dubious until I explained VAERS was set up by the CDC in 1990 and has been operated by them since then. I was also not surprised that neither one of them knew who Dr. Kary Mullis was, nor did they know anything about the cycle count of his PCR test. For those who have not read the previous posts where I explain the research he did decades ago that won him the Nobel Prize in chemistry for inventing the PCR test (used to determine ‘infection’ by COVID-19), I encourage you to go back and read them. Additionally, both were unaware that when they got the jabs they were not provided with immunity to COVID-19. Neither was aware of breakthrough cases (discussed shortly). Neither was aware of pathogenic priming caused by the vaccines (more on that coming up). Neither had heard of EVENT 201. I was also not surprised to learn that both of them think Bill Gates is a hero. Today I sent both of them this link.

It became increasingly apparent to me during our discussion how hard it is to have a substantial conversation with people who are so poorly informed. Do I blame them? Not at all. Their cases highlight the fact that most people have been so effectively programmed by the official narrative that they are unable to consider other points of view - cognitive dissonance is difficult to overcome. For a freedom loving person like me, the ability to have an open discourse about any topic is key to my well being. According to our founding fathers, it’s also key to a successful democracy - when information is suppressed, so is freedom. Both friends were also surprised to learn that I’m being censored on all of Googles platforms and were unaware that such censorship was occurring. They both agreed that censorship was a bad thing.

The take home for me was the realization that these two men represent what the educational system in this country is very good at cranking out - people who conform to the status quo and do not question official narratives. As someone who still clings to one of the primary memes of the 60’s and 70’s to “question authority”, I have to say that, given the questionable history surrounding historic events like the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King Jr, and 9/11, I find such stoic defense of controversial official positions difficult comprehend.

Our conversation ended in a graciously friendly manner and I thanked them for letting me bend their ears. Do I think I changed their minds about anything? Probably not. Did I plant some seeds that may germinate the next time they come across more of this information? I like to think so.

on to the topic at hand

In this previous article I pointed out how, over the course of many decades, vaccine makers coerced government officials to pass laws that grant them legal immunity for any injuries or deaths their vaccines cause. However, that did not include experimental vaccines - those that had not yet been approved by the FDA. The latter group includes the current crop of covid jabs being pushed by Jenssen/Johnson&Johnson, Pfizer/Biontech, Moderna and AstraZenica (the latter has not yet been approved in the US). In the US, Trump came to the rescue of vaccine makers in 2019 when he signed into law the very shady Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) bill, which provides vaccine makers with legal immunity for the use of unapproved, experimental vaccines, but only after an emergency has been officially declared. Trump then made that declaration. At that point the flood gates of death were officially opened and open season on human life began. This bill was the final piece of the puzzle vaccine makers needed to achieve legal immunity for injury or death caused by their unapproved, experimental vaccines.

All of this goes a long way toward explaining why in 1976, after just 53 deaths, the flu shot developed for the swine flu was banned from use - vaccine makers were looking at massive liability law suits due to the deaths and injury being caused by their jabs because at that time they did not have the ironclad legal immunity that they now have under Trumps EUA bill. Which also explains why, after many thousands of deaths from the covid jabs, no one in official circles is even talking about banning any of the covid jabs. This is because this time around, vaccine makers have complete legal immunity for their experimental jabs, so they have no fear or concern about reprisal due to all of the deaths and injury their shots are causing.

An analogy could be made to my past experiences raising Nubian dairy goats for raw goat milk. I was very careful to make sure my goats had access to native habitat rich in forage so they could exuberantly “express their goatness”, as Joel Salatin likes to say. The fact that letting them do so also makes the best milk possible was just a side benefit. Now, I could have kept my costs much lower by keeping those goats confined in pens and by feeding them cheap, gmo goat feed, but the quality of the milk would have been very low and the danger of that raw milk being tainted with pathogens would have been much higher due to the crowded conditions. Trumps EUA is akin to allowing amoral dairy farmers to make the fastest, cheapest, dirtiest raw milk possible, sell it to unsuspecting consumers, many of whom will get sick and die from it, and then protect the dairy farmers from any legal action due to injury or death to those who drink that questionable raw milk. Of course, that would never happen. Why? Because the raw goat milk industry has no political clout. As I pointed out here, the drug cartel industry is the richest and most powerful industry on earth. Their closest rival is the oil and insurance industries who have only half as many lobbyists in DC as the drug cartels. It’s the golden rule - he who has the gold makes the rules.

Add to all of that the fact that those working behind the scenes, such as big investors like Bill Gates - who has been sculpting the official narrative by using bully pulpits on forums like TED talks and “What Bill Thinks”, and by providing massive grants to news organizations like NPR and PBS, not to mention being the largest contributor to the primary orchestra-tor of the pandemic, the WHO - and you have the makings of one of the darkest periods in American history. Then you have Anthony Fauci, who has investments in vaccines and owns associated patents, the latter of which were garnered by public, taxpayer research (some of his HIV patents play roles in the development of covid vaccines) - with whom Bill gates is in communication - also pushing the official narrative from his lofty ‘bully pulpit’ position as the head of NIAID. Meanwhile, dissenting voices like mine and others who are speaking out against the plandemic and the deaths and injuries being caused by the vaccines, are being silenced on social media and across major online platforms. Money talks while the truth gets buried.

the latest ‘breakthrough’ death count

This new category began to be posted by the CDC about 5 weeks ago. This includes anyone who acquired C-19 and was injured or died from it… after having been fully vaccinated.

Total breakthrough cases of illness and death - 1,949

Female - 980 = 50% (no stats on males?)

Over age 65 - 1,539 = 79%

Asymptomatic infection - 354 = 18%

Hospitalizations - 1,811 = 93%

Deaths - 353 = 18%

This information verifies what I pointed out back in early January, that the vaccines clearly do not impart immunity. The media is complicit in passing along the lie that they do. Secondly, either the CDC has determined that breakthrough deaths among men are not important or they do not exist. Thirdly, as has been the case with deaths caused directly by the vaccines, the older population has born the brunt of the toll. But perhaps the most telling statistic here is that if you do get covid after being fully vaccinated, your chance of ending up in the hospital and dying are far greater than from the vaccine alone - or, if you never got the vaccine. A 93% hospitalization rate is absolutely shocking. And a death rate of 18% tells it all - C-19 was merely the ploy to instill fear to get people to line up for the vaccine. An 18% death rate among those who get sick with covid after being fully vaccinated makes it appear that the vaccines lie at the heart of some form of a very dark eugenics agenda.

Here again, we need to keep in mind that the number of people who know about this new breakthrough case reporting program is far less than those who know about VAERS, which as I’ve pointed out previously, has been in existence sine 1990. If less than 1% of injuries and deaths get reported to VAERS - as was shown to be the case in this Harvard study - I think it’s safe to assume that less than 0.01% (possibly much, much less) of injuries and deaths are being reported by those who are getting sick with covid after being fully vaccinated. If we project a full disclosure from 353 deaths and assume 0.01% reporting we arrive at what I believe to be a conservative death toll estimate of 3,530 from breakthrough cases.

The euphemistic term that the CDC uses, “breakthrough cases”, amounts to nothing more than what many have been calling pathogenic priming. I first wrote about this in a 12/9/20 post (6th paragraph). Another term for this is antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) (a very good research paper on pubmed). Another term is paradoxical immune enhancement. All of these terms are referring to the fact that the vaccines enhance, or prime the ability of the virus to enter and infect cells causing one to become more sick than if they had not gotten the jab. That is, after all, what the Trojan Horse vaccines are designed to do - enter the cell to deliver the payload of man made mRNA spike protein. As I explained in the previous post, the problem with this is that they are man made, so they don’t break done properly and continue to do damage after the fact.

the latest death-by-covid-vaccine count

As always, these numbers are derived from the VAERS site, which is operated by the CDC. It only includes numbers for the US and its territories. As was the case with the last report, due to limited space and the need to cover other topics, an abbreviated version appears - the total number of deaths tied to each vaccine maker.

As of Friday, May 21 -

Janssen/Johnson&Johnson has now murdered 333 people with their covid vaccine.

Moderna has now murdered 2,083 people with their covid vaccine.

Phizer/Biontech has now murdered 2,039 people with heir covid vaccine.

Total number of ‘official’ murders by covid vaccines - 4,455.

I use the term ‘official’ because these are only the events that get reported to VAERS. Again, because so few people even know VAERS exists, as the previous link to the Harvard study shows, less than 1% of injuries and deaths get reported to VAERS. If we were to assume 100% reporting then the actual death count would be 445,500. If this is the case, then, as I predicted in earlier posts, the vaccines have now killed far more than covid did directly.

Furthermore, the lag time between the time that events get reported and the time they get listed on the VAERS site can be 3 months or more. The system is highly inept and as RFK Jr. has pointed out in a letter to President Biden, it needs to be completely reworked so that it functions more appropriately. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Biden to do anything. He’s beholden to campaign backers from the drug cartels and his investment portfolios, which include the drug cartels. This means he will do little or nothing.

the not-so-grand total

As the vaccine death toll approaches 500,000 we can begin to see how the eugenics agenda being promoted by Bill Gates (watch the link to the documentary at the end of the 5th paragraph), Anthony Fauci and all of the players in this massive con game is unfolding before our eyes. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it many more times, C-19 was merely the tool to instill fear and get people to line up for the real tool of the eugenics program, the Trojan Horse jabs.

And these numbers are just for the US. If we extrapolate for the rest of the world the death toll world-wide is likely well into the millions.

A couple predictions - 1) There will be another plandemic in the next few years, likely much worse than this one. Bill Gates has publicly said this and since he was one of the 3 major players of EVENT 201 and one of the primary financiers of the official narrative, I’m sure he has some inside information. 2). Before it’s all said and done, the population in the US may very well be depleted by the 70% number put forth on Deagal, pseudo military website, many months ago (originally 40%, recently updated to 70%). Not all of those will die. Many will flee the US out of fear for their lives.

The take away from all of this is that the number of deaths attributed to C-19 have been purposely overblown to instill sufficient fear to make people want to get the highly profitable vaccines. Even the CDC said that the number of people dying directly from C-19 was only 6% of the reported deaths. If we take the overblown number of deaths attributed to C-19 coming from the subverted numbers put out by Bill Gates lackeys at John Hopkins University - lets round it off to 500,000 - and divide that by the 6% recommended by the CDC, we get an actual death toll of about 30,000. This makes sense because this would be on par with an average flu season.

For years the CDC has put out an annual mortality report on the total number of deaths that occur in the US. The report for 2018 shows 2,839,205 total deaths. The total number of deaths in the US in 2019 was 2,854,838. It’s interesting to note that the older 2018 report was dated January of 2020 and the newer 2019 report was dated December of 2019. Of course the most intriguing aspect of all of this is that there is no equivalent report for 2020. There is something being called a provisional report for 2020 dated March 31, 2021, but it’s merely a summary and amounts to nothing more than a Pravda propaganda piece on C-19, with none of the pertinent statistics found in the previous reports. It’s also interesting to note that none of the researchers who worked on the 2018 and 2019 reports can be found on the 2020 report.

In Europe, free speech is alive and well - people are protesting in the streets over pandemic lock-down measures by the hundreds of thousands. Here in the US the media is to not only not covering that, they are suppressing the news of any protests that occur here. Is all lost? Not if we continue to encourage our first amendment rights to free and open discourse. You can exercise that right by sharing this.


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