do the new vaccines acutally prevent COVID-19?

no, but your immune system can - if you do these 8 things

The pharmaceutical industry has been cashing in with the drug remdesivere for some months now. Sadly, it does nothing to prevent infection and at best it merely reduces symptoms. In reality it’s less effective than having optimal vitamin D3 levels. Of course the pharmaceutical industry makes no money on vitamin D3, so we’re not hearing anything about that from them or their media lakeys. But the big payday for the pharmaceutical industry is happening right now with the roll out of the new vaccines, which is why it’s so important for them to keep pushing the fear button. They know that people who are not afraid of the virus will likely not get vaccinated, which is why we are constantly bombarded by fake news telling us that we should be afraid of SARS CoV-2.

Unfortunately, like remdesiver, none of the vaccines that have recently come out can guarantee prevention of SARS CoV-2 and coming down with COVID-19 (C-19). Yes, you read that correctly. I don’t know about you, but when I think of a vaccine I think of something that is supposed to prevent me from catching and spreading a particular disease. Not so in the case of the mRNA vaccines made by Phizer and Moderna. They are both designed to merely lessen the symptoms of C-19. Nonetheless, I think it’s safe to assume that most people who have gotten vaccinated or are considering it are doing so because they have been led to believe that it will protect them from catching SARS CoV-2, coming down with C-19 and spreading it to their loved ones. The links provided show that’s not the full truth.

And now - as I predicted in several previous posts - we are beginning to see the death count from the new vaccines rise. In the general population, risk from catching C-19 is running at about .2%. According to CDC statistics, risk from adverse vaccine reaction is running at about .4% of those getting them. In other words, you are twice as likely to have an adverse reaction from the vaccine as you are of becoming sick from C-19.

Makers of ventilating machines, masks, rubber gloves and other “PPE” products, as well as investors in those companies, are all seeing record profits. Hospitals, for doing nothing more than listing someone as having COVID-19 (C-19), receive $13,000 in government pandemic benefits for doing so - scientific verification of the person actually having COVID-19 is not required. If they put the patient on a ventilator they get another $39,000. China claimed a 90% death rate for those put on ventilators and New York claimed an 88% death rate. NPR, which is one of the leading cheerleaders for the pandemic and the new vaccines (they get a lot of funding from Big Pharma and company) tries to downplay those death rates here. Clearly fraud is rampant, but the authorities have apparently been told to look the other way. Apparently if one is a player in this scam, murder is somehow justified. Yup, it all smacks as some sort of eugenics program. Hitler would be proud.

To make room for “potential” C-19 patients, many rural hospitals were forced to close down entire floors and wards to service C-19 patients that in many cases, failed to materialize. Now, many of those hospitals are in danger of going bankrupt. They will likely be snapped up by larger corporate medical conglomerates for pennies on the dollar, or their business will be transferred to the nearest larger city with a corporate hospital facility. This is yet another method of shifting money and control from the lower and middle class to the elites.

Meanwhile, Wall Street banks will once again reap a large harvest on foreclosed homes and small businesses and the big retail corporations will gobble up more of the nations business that once went to those local mom and pop owners. Alas, it’s expected that 40% of small businesses that have been closed by the pandemic will not survive and will have to close permanently.

But the biggest winners will be the technofacisits who have rigged the system and the technologies upon which the system now depends, technologies that funnel much of the worlds wealth into their hands. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is a prime example of someone who is now in the process of scooping up a lot of the business that previously went to local businesses. Another big winner is Bill Gates. His manipulations behind the scenes within the WHO, the CDC, the London Imperial College and numerous labs and pharmaceutical companies, all of which he funds through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, have insured that when this is all said and done, he will profit handsomely (more on this later).

How is this being pulled off? Clearly, only the technofascists within the worldwide pharmaceutical corporations and the worldwide NGO’s and nonprofits - often funded by those corporations - have the wherewithal to do something that not even the US, China or Russia can pull off, a planetary lock-down. Of course, this would not be possible without the cooperation of the media. Without the constant barrage of misinformation from the media - sourced from ‘authorities’ like Anthony Fauci (who Dr. Kary Mullis, the noble prize winning inventor of the PCR test, describes as “nothing more than a pencil pushing bureaucrat”) and Bill Gates (who has no formal education in medicine or pharmaceuticals) and other public lackeys within the pharmaceutical industry - none of this would be possible. With the pharmaceutical industry now serving as the largest source of ad revenue for main stream media outlets and with many Wall Street investors having large stakes in both media and pharmaceuticals, it stands to reason that when pharmaceutical companies tell media companies to jump, the first thing they ask is, how high? The consolidation of the media into the hands of just a few elites also means that cooperation between Big Media elites and Big Pharma elites, (they all play in the same league) is much easier now than it would have been 50 years ago when there were thousands of media owners. Throw in the fact that big media execs know a juicy, long term, revenue generating story when they see it, and it becomes apparent that getting the media on board with the idea of a big, scary, pandemic was an easy fix.

Now we come to the crux of the matter. It seems as if there has been some organizational effort behind the scenes to get all the players on the same page. Is this a conspiracy of one person acting as the primary driver behind all of this? Doubtful. But, there does seem to be some coordination between all the different government agencies, corporations and non-profits to facilitate the protocol for a world wide lock-down. There can be no denying that the World Health Organization (WHO) is setting the international guidelines for how a planetary lock-down should proceed. There can also be no denying that here in the US the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Anthony Fauci, head of the NAIAD, are essentially imposing the same rules used by the WHO.

The source for many of these “guidelines” was a table-top pandemic exercise known as EVENT 201, which - maybe not so coincidentally - occurred just weeks before the ‘pandemic’ began. This event was organized by the same major players we see actively promoting the concept of a pandemic; Bill Gates, John Hopkins University and the World Economic Forum. It’s helpful to keep in mind that none of these people were elected to these positions yet, the protocol they have put in place has provided them with the power to destroy the lives of millions of people and wreck world wide economic havoc. Here in the US they are directly responsible for taking away our 1st and 5th amendment rights. Since these people have so much power, let’s go down the rabbit hole and have a closer look at some of the vermin lurking there.

1) The WHO is the health service branch of the United Nations (UN). Some, but not anywhere near all of its funding comes from member nations. Until President Trump pulled the US share of funding from the WHO in late 2020, the US was the largest contributor. (I never voted for Trump but I thought this was one of his best moves.) Interestingly, prior to Trumps withdrawal, the second largest contributor was not another large country, it was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). With US funding now out of the picture the BMGF has become the largest contributor to the WHO. Although I once read that Bill Gates was once on the board of the WHO, I’ve not been able to verify that - the internet is constantly being scrubbed of incriminating information. Anthony Fauci is on the Leadership Council for the BMGF. Yes, I know, the entanglements are a bit mind boggling. First and foremost, Bill Gates is a capitalist and his reason d’ etre is to make money. His ilk do not give vast sums of money away unless they expect a return on the investment. And indeed, Bill Gates has doubled his net worth since starting the Foundation. The facts speak for themselves - there can be no question of his influence on this organization and its policies and the role he has played in the ensuing loss of constitutional rights and the economic turmoil that we are now experiencing with this ‘pandemic’.

2) Contrary to what some might be led to think, the CDC is not a non-profit, government agency. It’s more of a semi-private, quasi military organization that owns numerous patents for vaccines. The BMGF has contributed huge grants to the CDC to fund many of Bill Gates pet projects. I also once read that Bill Gates also sits on the board of the CDC, but again, I’m unable to find that information now. Let me also inject here that there is a lot of speculation that Bill gates has quietly purchased the CDC, but again, I can’t verify that so I’m not going to state it as fact. However, lest anyone still think Bill Gates is a philanthropic hero, let me remind everyone that his entanglements with Jeffery Epstein’s world wide child molestation business are deep. It’s also helpful to keep in mind that very rich men have often used philanthropy as a means to provide cover for their nefarious actions behind the curtain. John D. Rockefeller was a master at this.

3) Anthony Fauci has been the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) since 1984. He has been heavily involved with gain-of-function projects funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH - oversees grants for NIAID and others) that strive to increase the viability of the SARS class of viruses in humans, of which SARS CoV-2 is the latest iteration. In 2014, shortly after H1N1 (the swine flu) made its debut, there was sufficient evidence that this virus had escaped from the B4 level (high security) lab at Fort Dietric, Maryland where Fauci had been overseeing gain-of-function research, that the Obama administration declared a partial “pause” of funding for the work. The pause was inspired by a letter signed by over 300 International scientists who were concerned about the research. Apparently Fauci was quite upset with Obamas move and was instrumental in getting the work transferred to a B4 lab in Wuhan China, where the work continues today. Trump lifted the ban in 2017. For unknown reasons Obama also cut funding for H1N1 testing. Although I disagree with the premise of the article linked here, it does point out that Obama cut funding for H1N1 testing, which I believe was a smart move. Perhaps he knew then what some of us know today, that this is all a sham.

In keeping with my in-keeping-policy of looking at some of this from the point of view that the virus is ‘real and responsible’, a lot of evidence can be found that points to the possibility that SARS CoV-2 escaped from the lab in Wuhan which, of course, some believe led to the current pandemic. After some early research I adopted this line of thinking early in 2020, but given some of the cutting edge information about the dubious nature of viruses, I now believe that the Wuhan angle may be nothing more than a diversionary tactic, to keep people from focusing on the more important issues. This is after all, a very deep and heavily orchestrated event, one that requires the expertise of the military-like campaign planned at Event 201. The stage was improved by the fine job that Trump has done painting China as the boogeyman for everything that’s wrong with the US, which makes it easy for many to point the finger of blame at them for the cornea virus.

Given my previous posts about the antiquated nature of germ theory, I’m pretty dubious about gain-of-function research and question it’s viability and effectiveness. I’m of the opinion that that dog don’t hunt. Nevertheless, here’s the ‘official’ story of what gain-of-function research is all about. Gain-of-function research is when a virus, like the supposed corona virus found in bats, is then placed in say, a pangolin. The theory goes that most of the relocated viruses placed in the pangolin will die, but a few may survive by mutating to adapt to the new environment. These few survivors are then placed into a ferret or perhaps a monkey, and the process is repeated. Theroretically, each step along the way increases the possibility that the virus will be able to survive in a human body.

We are told that the intent of this work is to prepare for the possibility that a flu-like virus may someday jump from some wild animals to humans and cause a massive world wide pandemic of Biblical proportions, and that this research will have us prepared for such an event. First of all, as far as anyone knows, this has never happened in the story of the human race. Secondly, if you believe this, I have some beach front property in Kansas I’d like to sell you. Thirdly, gain-of-function experiments themselves are more likely to generate some abhorrently dangerous virus than the highly unlikely chance of such a virus jumping directly from a wild animal to humans in one step.

If one buys into germ theory… The history of human existence shows us that the ability of viruses to mutate (evolve) has always been met with an equal ability in the human immune system to evolve and adapt to the latest virus, something that neither Anthony Fauci, corporate pharma, Bill Gates, the mainstream media nor anyone else with financial stakes in the corona virus vaccine is talking about today. Clearly, those who stand to gain financially from this pandemic do not want us to know the truth - it’s not about the so called SARS CoV 2 virus, it’s about our immune systems, or, rather in the case of many who are falling sick, the lack thereof. In other words, the focus on the virus is misplaced. What we should be concerning ourselves about is the poor state of our immune systems.

This, of course, brings us to the core issue: Why do so many people in the US have compromised immune systems? I covered one aspect of this here. Another aspect can be summed up in one word - toxins. Food sprayed with poison, water tainted with fracking compounds and God only knows what else, air polluted by industry, face masks made with toxic materials… all of these things are an insult to the 300,000 year long relationship our genes - our information data storage system - have had with our natural environment. Think of these toxins as someone hacking into your computer and corrupting your data storage. In the same way we install protective apps in our computers to protect them from ‘toxins’, we should be installing protective apps in our bodies to do the same.

Take these 8 steps to alleviate your toxic load and improve your immune system.

1) Eat real food, organically grown. For best quality and prices, become well acquainted with local farmers at your local farmers market.

2) Avoid processed food - its typically loaded with all the things that are wrong with our modern food system. This typically means no food from a. box, a can, a bag, or wrapped in plastic. In other words, cook from scratch as our ancestors have done since time immemorial. It’s what our genes are programmed for.

3) Love your kitchen.

4) Cut back on carbs, especially grains and beans. I began cutting back on grains and beans about 6 years ago. It’s now been several years since I’ve completely removed them from my diet and my health has improved greatly. They’re loaded with lectins and phytates which wreck havoc on our metabolism. Subsidized fossil fuel combined with gargantuan, modern farm equipment has flooded the earth with an abundance of carbohydrate rich grains and beans, the likes of which the human race has never seen before - those millions of acres of mono cropped grains and beans are killing us and the earth. The recent farming trend to once again have livestock out on native pastures is far better for Ma earth than “turning the earth upside down” as the native Americans said when they first saw Europeans plowing the prairies. Most of the land where our modern mono-cropped grains and beans come from were once covered in native pastures that were grazed by millions of bison. That represented the climax performance of food production - it cannot be improved upon. To plow all that land under to grow monocrops of grains and beans results in the death and destruction of millions of wild animals, the death of the soils, the waste of fossil fuels, the loss of topsoil, the loss of CO2 sequestered over thousands of years in native prairies, the loss of ground water and the undermining of our overall health and wellness. Look for pasture based, regenerative farmers at your local farmers market.

5) Having tried both, I see no advantage to a full-on carnivore diet, nor a full-on vegan diet. For most people, as far as our microbiome is concerned, the sweet spot is somewhere in between, but that sweet spot will vary from person to person. Right off the top veganism has a big strike against it due to its dependency on the highly destructive mono-cropping mentioned previously. If the world were to go vegan we would be in big trouble. Try a diet that’s heavy on a wide variety of pastured animal products (organ meats from browsers and grazers, dairy, eggs, lamb, beef, fish, pork, chicken etc) for a few weeks and see how you feel. If that doesn’t set well with you, try going the other direction for a few weeks. By weight I eat an animal based diet, but those animal products are accompanied with quite a few vegetables and a modest amount of seasonal fruit. To make sure I get all the nutrients I need from my animal based diet, I eat nose to tail, in which the entire animal is consumed - nothing is wasted.

Historically, like grains and beans, fruit was a rare commodity, only available in limited quantities during their short seasons. To eat any fruit from anywhere in the world on a daily basis, as is possible today, is about as unnatural as having a diet dependent on the destructive cultivation of millions of acres of mono-cropped grains and beans. The fructose in fruit is just another form of sugar and sugar is the big culprit when it comes to metabolic issues. And please, don’t juice your fruit (or vegetables). Eat the whole fruit - preferably fresh. The fiber will help slow the release of glucose.

6) Stop using toxins on your yard and in your house. They’re akin to death by a thousand cuts.

7) Avoid EMF’s (electro magnetic fields - wifi, wireless anything, electrical currents, digital light, digital electric meters, 5G etc). We did not evolve with all the new EMF’s we are now being bombarded with and the results are now coming in - for some, electrosmog is more toxic than pesticides. I’ll be doing an in depth article on EMF’s soon.

8) Make sure your vitamin D levels are up to snuff. The lack of sufficient vitamin D - the sunshine vitamin - during the winter is the primary reason why colds and the flu are always worse in winter than in summer. Vitamin D is thought by many doctors and researchers to be the most important immune system tool we have against colds and the flu, including COVID-19. Contrary to what we are being told by the media, that folks with black or brown skin are more susceptible to COVID-19 because of their socioeconomic status, the reality is that folks with dark skin need even more exposure to the sun due to their tropical ancestry. The reason why dark skinned people are experiencing higher rates of COVID-19 has nothing to do with their socio-econmomic status and everything to do with lack of vitamin D. In northern and southern latitudes dark skinned people need much more sun exposure than white folks. If exposure to the sun is not possible, take vitamin D3 supplements. For optimal efficacy, you want your D levels at about 40 to 60 ng/mL, which is up to 3 times as high as government recommendations. You can order a home testing kit from Grass Roots Health to determine your own levels.

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