fear is the great mind killer

will we learn from Hitler's terrible lesson?

I’m a big fan of the science fiction Dune series by Frank Herbert. If you havent read that series recently, or if you’ve never read it, the paralelles Herbert draws between that vast, distant, future society and our current society are worthy of some fresh attention. The Benet Gesserit were a society of, on the one hand, wise witches. On the other hand they were cutthroat manipulators who did much behind the scenes to control society. To become a Mother Superior in the order one had to endure a posion that would either kill you, or if you survived, provide you with incredible insight. All who took the poison were terrified and repeated the mantra - fear is the mind killer - to calm themselves. They did so because they knew that when experiencing fear, thoughts can to turn to mush. They understood that there is no more important time to utilize critical thinking than when dealing with fear.

During the Nuremberg trials, Hermann Goering, head of Hitlers Luftwaffe, when asked how they got the very well educated population of Germany to become obedient slaves to Hitlers tyranny, Goering replied; “That is easy… and it works in a democracy, in a monarchy, in a communist government, a fascist dictatorship, in any government…. The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders...tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.”(1) Sound familiar? The ongoing fear mongering we are experiencing with COVID-19 is the same tactic Goering described as Hitlers primary weapon against his own people. Furthermore, the mainstream press describes whistle blowers like me as unpatriotic and dangerous, even though everything I say is an attempt to salvage what’s left of our democratic republic. I never thought I’d live to hear myself say that the US is in the midst of Nazi-like coup d’tate.

The fact that a powerful industry, in concert with a few key players who are heavily invested in that industry, can engineer social and economic lock down of the US over an invisible virus, is akin to a social and economic coup d’tate, no military needed. The only weapon needed is fear. In this case it’s the fear of an “attack” by an invisible virus - if one still believes in germ theory - whose genome hasn’t even been fully mapped. This is a virus whose actual death rate (see previous posts) is not significantly worse than previous flu outbreaks, and for which natural herd immunity - as with every other previous flu outbreak in the history of the human race - will soon be naturally achieved. And, as has also happened since time immemorial, herd immunity will be achieved without the need of a vaccine. This all begs the question: Why all the hoopla over SARS CoV-2?

Fear is being used to impose scientifically unproven mask mandates, which in reality are an imposition on our first amendment right to free speech, not to mention our right to the life, liberty and happiness that comes with breathing fresh air. I can think of no better way to curtail free speech and have people give up their constitutional rights than to put the fear of the Lord in people over a virus and make them wear masks. Social interaction is another form of free speech being taken away by social distancing mandates - another scientifically unproven concept. The closing of Ma and Pa businesses while their corporate counterparts get to remain open - yet another scientifically unproven concept - is just one more loss of our constitutional rights under this new medical cartel/technofascist regime. The longer these impositions on our freedoms are imposed and the more complacent we become, the easier it will be for them to take away more of our freedoms in the not-to-distant future.

Just this morning I learned that the US State Department has issued a requirement that anyone traveling to Mexico must get tested before returning to the US. Good luck trying to get that done on a two day business trip to Mexico. This will kill the Mexican tourism industry, which amounts to a large portion of the Mexican economy(11).

As I’ve explained in previous posts, all of these mandates are based on dubious epidemiological observations, which, as any epidemiological researcher will attest, correlation does not equal causation. That’s not to say that correlation never equals causation, but to find out if it does, controlled studies need to be conducted. No such studies have ever been done regarding social distancing and the closure of Ma and Pa businesses, travel restrictions and all the rest. It’s all merely epidemiological observation - guessing. And yet, this is more of what Anthony Fauci and his cronies are calling the “science” upon which these mandates are being imposed. More like voodoo science if you ask me.

What about mask mandates? The Dutch recently completed what may be the largest mask study ever conducted, involving six thousand people. Half wore masks for 3 months, the other half did not wear them for the same time period. Both groups were closely monitored during the test period. The result was that the group that wore masks had a .4% lower chance of catching COVID-19 (C-19). In the world of research and statistics this is such an insignificant difference that it could be due to several minor deviations in either group. In short, this study shows no advantage to wearing masks(2). I heard one of the researchers who worked on this study explaining in an interview that they were having a very hard time finding any medical journals with the ‘balls’ to publish the information because it went contrary to the official narrative that ‘masks are preventative’(3).

Then there are the vast number of economic opportunities that are being taken away. As a small farmer who prefers to serve local markets, I’m more of a Main Street kind of guy than a Wall Street kind of guy. I’d much rather see tens of thousands of small, local, family run businesses fulfilling all of our needs than a small handful of distant, disconnected corporations. Nobel Prize winning economist Elinor Ostrom is best known for destroying Garrett Hardin’s theory, “the tragedy of the commons” in 1968. Ostrom explains how local businesses are much more in tune with the needs of local communities and hence, do a much better job of fulfilling local needs and tastes while also recirculating locally generated money back into local economie - all without destroying the environment(4). Anyone who lives in a rural area can attest to the fact that the arrival of a new Walmart in the region can be a devastating blow to the local economy. Not only does it kill the local hardware store, the local clothing store, the local tire business, the local drug store, the local grocery store and so on, it pulls out all the profits those locally owned mom and pop businesses were previously circulating in the local economy and sends them off to the distant corporate office, never to be seen in the local economy again. It’s a veritable rape of local economies - wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am. The same can be said for Amazon, Costco, Home Depot, Krogers or any other monopolistic, online or brick and mortar retail business. (Support your local farmers market!) Clearly, the need to exercise anti-trust laws has long been warranted, but their use has also long been opposed by those who are doing the raping. Justice is missing.

This big box store analogy also represents what has been going on in the greater economy for the past 75 years or so. During that time period large banks and corporations have consolidated vast segments of the economy into ever fewer hands. Some may say, “Yes but that’s how a free market, capitalistic system works”. The problem with that argument is that we are not governed by a free market capitalistic system. We are governed by a constitutional democratic republic and the mega corporations running the show today have very little to do with that. And make no mistake, they do run the show. With bank and corporate executives rotating into unelected, government positions on a regular basis, all the while steering elected officials to policy approaches that benefit their corporations, it’s clear that influence in government is tilted heavily towards the corporate/Wall Street elites and away from the population as a whole. This is further born out by the misguided belief held by Trump and every other neoliberal and neoconservative president for the past 30 years, that the performance of the stock market determines the economic health of the country. Baloney. Thus far during the COVID-19 (C-19) pandemic, the stock market has continued to perform well. Meanwhile, thirty million Americans have lost jobs, small businesses are failing at record numbers, the number of homeless is soaring, suicides are at all time highs and despair reigns across the land. Of course much of this has to do with the fact that the lions share of the initial bailout money (4 trillion+) did not go to help out average Americans, instead it went to the corporate social welfare state, including Wall Street businesses that have a direct influence over those providing the bailout money. But the worst aspect of the bailout is that much of that money went to the very corporations that are responsible for promoting the lock down - the medical cartels and their technofascist cohorts. As I said, it’s a coup d’etat.

Given the fact that consumer spending accounts for 70% of the US economy, one would think that if our elected leaders were serious about helping the US recover from the disastrous COVID-19 lock down, that instead of giving the lions share of the bailout money to a tiny handful of some of the richest people on earth, that it would be more astute to put that money into the hands of average Americans. It’s quite apparent that the neoconservatives and the neoliberals running the show in DC are clueless about how the US economy works, care less about the voters who put them in office and care much more about the corporations that grease their palms and run up their stock portfolio’s.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Add to all of this the power and persuasion that these elites wield in DC via their lobbies (the number of lobbyists for Big Pharma is twice that of its nearest rival, the oil industry) and the picture of who is running the show becomes undeniable. If Big Pharma, the banks and corporations ran their businesses in the way the founding fathers intended the US to be run, this would be an entirely different country and there would be no lock down. But they don’t. In reality, they have more in common with Lennon's version of communism than a democratic republic. Lennon’s thesis was that only a few people at the top of the pyramid should have control of everything and there should be no voting on who that might be, which describes the inner workings of a corporation perfectly. If there was voting on anything, as Lennon said, “It doesn’t matter who votes. What matters is who counts the votes.”

Here’s a brief rundown on how wealth in the US has a become concentrated in ever fewer hands over recent decades.

1) In 1983 fifty companies controlled the media - down to 6 by 2012(5).

2) Currently 4 producers provide most of the meat in the US. Sixty years ago there were tens of thousands of small farmers who produced meat and sold it directly to the consumer, my dad being one of them(6).

3) The new tech sector is controlled primarily by just 10 corporations(7).

4) Seventy five years ago there were hundreds of banks. Today the top 4 largest banks are Chinese owned(8).

5) The pharmaceutical industry didn’t even exist 100 years ago and is now mostly concentrated in just 10 corporations(9).

This top down, centralized control of the US economic structure must have Lennon doing jubilant back flips in his grave. At the same time, because this is exactly the type of tyranny our founding fathers worked so hard to prevent, they must be weeping in their graves.

All of this also makes it abundantly clear why corporations hate unions. Unions, with their democratic process of voting for elected representatives are the antithesis of any proper non-democratic, Lennonesc, communistic, centralized, top down, corporation.

We also need to consider a relatively new phenomenon whereby wealthy individuals and corporations set up non-profits, or donate vast sums of money to them, so that their ‘donated’, money ultimately serves their personal needs or the needs of their particular corporation. To put it another way: Money that these elitists would otherwise have to pay taxes on is instead diverted into tax free non-profits and used to do “research” on pet projects that will enhance future private profits. The pharmaceutical industry is perhaps the best example of this and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with its massive grants to various segments of the pharmaceutical industry (especially vaccine research) provides the ultimate example of this ponzi scheme, one that has allowed Bill Gates to double his net worth since he began the foundation(10).

One of the first early moves by the elites on their world chess board was the loss of freedom that occurred under the Patriot Act, an article that had already been written and was waiting the wings when 9/11 occurred. I’ll not go into any detail here about all the unanswered questions that swirl around that event, but I will say that those who stood to profit from the event cleaned up very nicely afterwards, especially those who were involved in the military industrial complex (MIC). And you all know that the MIC was an early cohort of technofascists that both Eisenhower and Kennedy warned about.

One might consider the second move to be the big shift of wealth from the lower and middle class to the 1% - led by the Wall Street elites - that occurred with the banking crises of 2008, a veritable robbery of homes and small businesses.

Now, as I write this, we are 10 months into an operation that incorporates all of the most effective (from the perspective of the oligarchs) attributes of the previously mentioned events - another massive transfer of wealth from lower and middle class folks to the elites is now under way as folks lose their jobs, homes and businesses to the “pandemic”. Some of the downtown blocks of many cities destroyed by riots this past summer are now available under a government program to be bought cheaply by corporations and turned into new developments, another form of corporate socialism. Furthermore, measures far more restrictive than the Patriot Act are being imposed to take away our freedoms; no travel, no gatherings, no sporting events and no local mom and pop bars or restaurants to enjoy. Even the very lifeblood of human existence is being restricted - our right to breath clean, fresh air without a mask. Meanwhile, all of the corporations modeled on Lennon’s top-down, communist structure, like Walmart, Home Depot and Amazon get to remain open, as do the private schools for the children of the elites.

Public schools have become nothing more than programming centers to socially engineer kids with the official fear mongering and germaphobia programs, and how to ‘deal’ with loss of freedoms that come with the imposition of those programs. It’s no wonder that home schooling has grown by 75% in some states over the last year as parents abandon the tyranny imposed in public schools. To the unprepared and the uninformed, this will all seem as right as rain… until they wake up and realize they no longer live in a free society.

Fear is the great mind killer…

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