fool me once... and I don't get another vaccine

“Its easier to fool people, than convince people they’ve been fooled”

In the previous blog I told the story of how I was injured by a flu vaccine in 1971. Many of us who have been injured by vaccines have been paying very close attention to the development of the new vaccines for the corona virus. Diligence has given way to intrigue because the upheaval over SARS CoV-2 has also provided a windfall of general information about viruses along with a fledgling exposé about the people and the maneuvering behind the scenes of the vaccine industry. To put it another way, it seems the debate about vaccines, which for millions of vaccine injured people actually began decades ago but has been suppressed by powerful interests, is finally getting some traction.

Among those powerful interests, the primary suppressor of information about the pitfalls of vaccinations is, of course, the rich and influential pharmaceutical industry - the all-powerful Oz working the levers behind the curtain. I was surprised to recently learn that the DC lobbyist population for the pharmaceutical industry is twice as big as their closest competition, the oil industry. They also spend twice as much money for lobbying as the oil industry(1). As if greasing political palms isn’t enough, the pharmaceutical industry also accounts for the lions share of ad revenue going to mainstream media, which explains why we’re not getting the real story about the corona virus - and health news in general - from them(2).

Which brings us to one of the cruxes in the COVID story. The US is one of only two countries in the world that allows the pharmaceutical industry to advertise in mainstream media, New Zealand being the other. It should come as no surprise that those two countries are, on a per capita basis, posting some of the worst COVID-19 numbers in the world. As will be made clear throughout this series of articles, in a country where Big Media and Big Pharma are on the same page, the numbers posted and the reality of the situation are two very different things - the media having learned long ago that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. In fact, Big Media has now swung to the other extreme. It now goes out of its way to paint anyone who points out irregularities in the numbers or the official “scientific” narrative, the one being used to take away our constitutional right to free speech and freedom of movement, as conspiracy theorists, dissidents, anti-vaxxers, liars, disinformation campaigners or fake news. Of course we are to believe that Big Media itself and all of the corporate money that flows into its coffers is above reproach.

There is a dark historical precedent that we should consider to see what happens when official news sources become overly aligned with powerful, vested interests - Pravda. During the latter decades of the Soviet Union Pravda had become so blatantly aligned with those in power that few people actually trusted anything printed in its pages. To bypass the ‘official’ news in Pravda, which in reality was a massive disinformation campaign, one had to turn to outside, independent sources, which people did in droves. As was the case in the Soviet Union, people are beginning to wake up to the fact that official US corporate news sources often have an agenda that mostly serves the elites who profit from their version of the news, while all too often their version works to the detriment of everyone else. This pandemic provides a fine example of that - the rich are getting richer, everyone else is suffering and those who don’t live in ivory towers are having their constitutional rights taken away. Among other nefarious things, this amounts to class warfare.

In partnership with Big Tech, the pharmaceutical industry also now controls large segments of online news as well. Try getting an article critical of vaccines published on any of the mainstream online media markets and you will be censored - ‘resistance is futile’. Consequently, for those of us who like to exercise our constitutional right to question authority, to speak and move about freely, this so-called pandemic has provided ample opportunity for Big Tech to flex its muscle and censor the free speech of people like myself. Thank God for Substack.

What I didn’t explain in the previous blog about my first and only flu vaccination was that over the past eight months, while searching for answers to questions about this pandemic, one of the more interesting things I learned is that what happened to me in 1971 was a phenomenon known as pathogenic priming(3). The theory behind flu vaccines is that a facsimile of the virus along with a cocktail of other agents is injected to cause an immune response. Here is my simplistic view of how this works: Our immune system detects elements from the vaccine that are not supposed to be residing in our body and builds a response. We may, or may not, generate antibodies to that particular injected pathogen, but either way our immune system is now damaged by the vaccine and because our immune system is now under siege, we are left vulnerable to other pathogens, especially ones that are of the same SARS or MERS family. This would include viruses associated with the common cold.

Vaccines are designed to cause this type of “immune response” because without it, they wouldn’t work. Some of these other potential pathogens may already be residing within us but were kept at bay by our immune system. However, with a weakened immune system, any resident but suppressed pathogens may now become problematic - HIV is one now being talked about in the news(4). We can also be left more susceptible to new ones. Boiled down, what this means is that this so-called pandemic is less about the corona virus and more about the state of our immune systems. This is born out by the fact that the vast majority of people who are getting sick and dying already have some form of preexisting condition that has weakened their immune system.

The message is clear - the immune systems of far too many people are a mess. This throws open the door to a series of questions about the antiquated science behind germ theory and what viruses actually are, and why our immune systems are so degraded, all of which I’ll cover in an upcoming article.

Pathogenic priming is a very well researched and understood process and much has been written about it. One of the more interesting research projects was recently conducted by the Pentagon. The thing that makes this research so compelling is that they used a placebo group and a control group, the gold standard for conducting medical research. Dr. Greg C. Wolff was authorized by the Pentagon to publish a peer reviewed paper about this project in the journal Vaccine, but it’s now available on Pubmed(5).

Dr. Wolf prefers to call the phenomenon “vaccine interference”. The study showed that those who had received flu vaccines were left susceptible to other types of upper respiratory illness. I can certainly attest to that being true in my case. Folks, Dr. Wolfs research is a dramatic demonstration of pathogenic priming. Meanwhile, the mainstream media has been saying that the “rumor” that previous flu vaccinations can make one more susceptible to illness is a conspiracy theory and fake news. This study alone makes it very clear that it’s neither. This is the type of “official” reporting we can expect when the religion of corporate science and its pravda clones rule the day.

According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. six other research projects have come to the same conclusion as Dr. Wolf.

A recent debate between Alan Dershowitz and Robert F Kennedy Jr on Patrick Bet-David’s Valuetainment over the legalities of mandatory vaccines highlights many of the issues we face today regarding the problems surrounding the corona virus(6). For those not familiar with these two gentlemen, Alan Dershowitz is a respected lawyer who teaches law at Harvard and has defended many famous clients in court. RFK Jr. is the son of former US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy (assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan) who, as all of us over the age of 60 know, was the brother of President Kennedy. RFK Jr. is the chairman of the World Mercury Project and founder and chief legal counsel for Children’s Health Defense, the go-to source for parents whose kids have been injured by vaccines. Before wrapping this up with the results of that debate, let’s take a brief look into the history of vaccine injury in the US.

Why do parents turn to RFK Jr? After many financial setbacks in court due to vaccine injury and the death of tens of thousands of children, vaccine makers admitted in court that vaccines were “unavoidably unsafe” while seeking immunity from lawsuits for vaccine damage. After the greasing of many palms in DC they finally got what they wanted in 1986 when President Reagan signed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which gave vaccine makers legal immunity from childhood vaccine injury or death(7). Then in 2005 President Bush signed the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) which provides immunity for vaccine makers from liability in the event of a “declared public emergency”(8) (It’s helpful to keep in mind the Bush family ties to the pharmaceutical industry(9)). COVID-19 was officially declared a “public emergency” in the spring of 2020. Today, childhood vaccinations and flu vaccinations during a declared emergency are the only medical interventions that can cause serious injury or even death, for which the damaged individual, or the family of that individual, has no legal recourse against the vaccine maker that caused that damage. In short, these two Acts provide immunity for murder by vaccination. If you’re beginning to think this sound like a eugenics program, you’re not alone. If I, as a farmer, sell a bad product to a customer at the local farmers market and they get sick, I’m liable. This why I don’t need any regulations to run my farm. Either I do it right and cause no harm, or, I’m out of business. And yet, the vaccine industry is constantly maiming and murdering people and getting away with it.

As part of this socialistic, taxpayer subsidized welfare/eugenics program for the rich and powerful pharmaceutical industry, an amendment was added to the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act that established the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, a special government ‘vaccine court’ to hear cases about vaccination injury and death. As of December of 2018, the US government, using your hard earned tax payer money, has paid out over $4 billion in compensation to families of vaccine damaged kids - likely over $5 billion by today(10). This amounts to a massive taxpayer subsidy for the richest industry on earth. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry welfare monopoly continues to do business as usual, injuring and killing ever more people with vaccines.

Clearly, there can be no question about the hazards of vaccines. RFK Jr. points out in the Valuetainment debate that one in forty people who receive a vaccine will be injured, one in one thousand will die. As if these numbers aren’t scary enough, what’s even more relevant, especially for those who may be awaiting a vaccine for the corona virus, is the fact that vaccine makers are now working at break-neck speed to develop corona virus vaccines, confident that - thanks to the PREP Act - if their product has shortcomings, not only will they still get paid, they’ll also have legal immunity from any injuries or deaths that occur. To say that this kind of sweetheart deal fosters recklessness would be an understatement.

President Trump calls this official rush to a vaccine for the corona virus, Operation Warp Speed. I call it - pharmaceutical industry welfare on steroids. Pharmaceutical companies are getting taxpayer subsidies up front to develop the vaccines and massive taxpayer paychecks from the government to buy the vaccines when they come online. Phizer and Moderna alone got nearly 2.5 billion back in midsummer to begin development of vaccines and more has rolled in for later stage work since then. Trying to track down the full amount of subsidies would require a whole ‘nuther blog. And now the paychecks from the government to buy the vaccines in bulk are rolling in to the tune of billions more as the vaccines come online. Folks, this clearly smacks of communistic social fascism. Lest there be any doubt, this is less about saving peoples lives and more about the massive profits that are currently being made by bilking US taxpayers with this massive Ponzi scheme. We can be sure that many of those who are aiding and abetting this criminal effort have skin in the game and stand to profit nicely from the upcoming vaccines.

It is, in short, a coup d’ate. Unelected representatives of the “legal” drug cartels are now running the world. The number of deaths that will occur from bad vaccines means this will not be a bloodless coup.

Given the careless nature of the current gold rush for a corona virus vaccine, and given the fact that the regulations for getting this vaccine to market have been relaxed to speed up development, I’m betting that the rate of injury and death from any of the corona virus vaccines currently on the way will run much higher than the historic one in forty and one in one thousand documented by RFK Jr. In fact, two of the leading candidates are mRNA based vaccines, one made by Phizer, the other by Moderna. The mRNA technology is brand new and has never before been injected into the greater population. The results of the first tests of this vaccine have been abysmal, with injury rates among the test population running from 50%, up to 100% for the second dose, with some of the participants requiring hospitalization(11). The subjects chosen for testing were all between the age of 18 and 55 and were heavily screened to weed out anyone who had lung issues, heart issues, diabetes and all of the other compromised immune conditions that make one susceptible to the virus. Because this leaves out those who are most at risk - many of whom have been led to believe a vaccine will save them from getting the corona virus - this test population comes nowhere near representing the greater population. With 54% of Americans having some form of chronic illness and upwards of 90% having metabolic issues, both of which increases susceptibility, so far, this mRNA test program looks more like a dangerous roll of the dice with peoples lives than hard science.

The stated goal of Big Pharma is for those who get injected to develop immunity to becoming sick with Covid-19, which is what they’re currently touting - questions remain about the truth of that. However, as any shareholder of pharma stock will tell you, the real goal of vaccine makers is to make big profits, which, in the case of the corona virus, may soar into the trillions of dollars, a record windfall for any vaccine. Of course you’ll never hear vaccine makers talk about that, or the fact that vaccines induce pathogenic priming which can lower your immune system and leave you open to other forms of illness. Nor will you hear them say anything about how it can exacerbate existing chronic illness. Having said all of that, the vaccine may impart partial immunity to the corona virus, but at what cost? If you gain immunity to the corona virus but die in 2 months or 9 months or 2 years down the road from some other ailment due to pathogenic priming, nothing has been gained and all has been lost.

Here’s the reality of the situation, which neither the media nor their biggest source of ad revenue - Big Pharma - will tell you: If you refuse the vaccine, your chances of getting Covid-19 while going about your day to day life is one in 350,000 (the approximate worldwide average). According to RFK Jr. your chances of getting injured by a vaccine is 1 in 40, and your chance of dying from a vaccine is 1 in 1,000. That last set of numbers is likely to prove much worse due to the rushed and reckless development of the new vaccines. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine that your odds are far better without the vaccine. If your elderly or suffer from a preexisting condition, especially diabetes, then your odds of being harmed or killed by the vaccine increase greatly(12).

I recommend that you watch the debate between RFK Jr. and Dershowitz on Youtube’s Valuetainment. One only need listen to RFK Jr. speak about vaccines for a few minutes to realize that he has a profound understanding of the issues. In fact his knowledge is so insurmountable that he has challenged Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Paul Offit to debate him publicly. Neither have taken him up on the offer. Only Dershowitz, who is not a medical authority but has taken a pro-vaccine stance, accepted. Apparently Dershowitz, having won numerous high profile cases in court due to his astute ability to debate issues, fancied himself as a worthy opponent to debate RFK Jr publicly. However, during the debate it becomes apparent that Dershowitz realizes he is in over his head, whereupon he resorts to clumsy ad hominem attacks on RFK Jr. attempting to divert attention from his lack of knowledge about vaccine issues. By the end of the debate Dershowitz is clearly defeated. Gracious in the end, this highly intelligent man, who presented an argument compelling enough to set O.J. Simpson free, ultimately admitted to having a greater appreciation of the issues and vowed to look into the information RFK presented.

If this very smart guy can be overwhelmed by the information presented by RFK Jr. and if Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Paul Offit are terrified of debating him, shouldn’t we, at the very least, be very cautious about drinking the koolaid being set before us by the likes of unelected officials like Anthony Fauci and his greedy welfare Big Pharma cronies?

Coming up next: Why does the US, which represents 4% of the worlds population, have nearly 25% of the worlds Covid-19 deaths?

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