graphene oxide epidemic #2 - the transhumanist agenda

here’s proof it's in the jabs (death by covid vaxx update #12)

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Normally this would be the week when I focus on the death count from the covid jabs. I’ve not completely abandoned that information - you can find screen shots of this weeks CDC VAERS charts at the end of the article. The reason for relegating the death count to the end of the article is because I’ve come across some new information that may prove to be devastating to the official narrative about the contents of the jabs.


In this recent piece I covered the newly discovered information that the covid jabs contained graphene oxide, a nano particle derived from graphite (a form of carbon) that is toxic to humans. In this much earlier piece I discussed the PEGylated nano particles that some researchers had learned were in the jabs. The latest discovery is that the nano particle used in the PEGylation process is graphene oxide. I’m not going to rehash all of that here, so if your not familiar with those topics please go back and read those articles. But there is more. Much more.

more what and who

To get a better handle on what graphene oxide is it’s helpful to know that it’s the primary component in hydrogel nanotechnology, which the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has financed in conjunction with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). As I’ve ponted out in previous posts, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is heavily invested in vaccine technology from top to bottom and here we see more evidence of that. This NIH document details how the technology is used for nasal and vaccine delivery.


Hydrogel is also a leading candidate for human interface with computers and high tech machines, what us down-to-earth groovy folks call transhumanism. What makes it such an attractive candidate to those who seek profit at any cost is the ease by which GO and GO hydrogel products can be manipulated by wave form technology. Yes, were talking about 5G and other high frequency technologies. The Gates Foundation is funding research for this project with DARPA through Profusa, a Silicon Valley company. Profusa’s byline is “Come join the conversation with your body”. Hey, I can’t make this stuff up. Go to the Profusa site and see for yourself.

more who and what and some where

Interestingly, graphene oxide is not made by Profusa, it’s made by Sinopeg. As the name implies, it’s a Chinese company. Sinopeg specializes in developing the polyethylene glycol derivatives (PEG) that I covered in that earlier piece. This link takes you directly to the page on Sinopegs website that details the molecular composition of the various forms of GO they make exclusively for the covid jabs. As you can see, there are 15 different forms of PEG’s (2 pages). Which ones are in the different jabs is likely proprietary information. Please note on the left hand side of the page where it indicates the page is showing “COVID-19 Vaccine Excipients”. It’s also interesting to note all the other applications for which PEG tech is used, from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics. Why do they insist on putting these toxic ingredients into products that we ingest or put on our bodies? The only conclusion I can come to is the same one I came to in my last piece - that it provides a means to inoculate everyone with these nanoparticles to enslave the entire human population of planet earth to the elites pulling the levers behind the curtain. Clearly the sales pitch so far has been exceedingly successful, one only need look at how many millions have succumbed to the fear propaganda and have taken the jabs. As for future transhumanist applications, sure there will always be a few tech nerds who’ll buy into the glitzy sales pitch on Profusa’s website, but at what physical cost to themselves and those around them? After all, as I pointed out in that earlier article, we know these nanoparticles are being shed by the vaxxed and taken up by those who have declined the jabs.

undeniable information

In the weeks and months since I wrote those two earlier articles, the bought-and-paid-for “fact checkers” have been busy trying to debunk the information that the vaccines contain graphene oxide. The information, links and documents I’ve just presented amount to an irrefutable smoking gun. There can no longer be any doubt about anything I’ve said in previous posts about the use of PEGylated technology and graphene oxide in the covid jabs.

These GO components are likely what Bill Gates was referring to when he was talking about not being able to make the vaccines in other countries due to proprietary, patented information. The reason we’ve not heard anything about these ingredients up to this point is due to patent protection - because they’re patented means the ingredients don’t have to be listed in the patent (unlike the other ingredients that we do know about), nor do they have to be listed on the ingredient label of the vaccine packaging. These are just two of the many legal loopholes provided to the various aspects of the vaxx industry to not only protect their profits but also to protect their liability exposure - both of those concerns were probably on Gates mind. The problem is, in this case the proprietary, patented, unlisted component is deadly. Is that why they have gone to so much trouble to keep this information hidden? Surely they knew before hand what they were dealing with. When they appear in court (and they will) they’ll likely say they didn’t know the risk, but the onus is on them to find out before hand. Either way, they’re as guilty as sin.

So what all of this means is that those who have gotten the jabs are serving as guinea pigs in a giant experiment to see what happens when they’re exposed to certain manipulated wave forms like 5G. Are we already seeing the results? Is the so-called “delta form” of the “virus” the result of 5G manipulations within the vaxxed? As recent information is showing, the death rate among the vaxxed is soaring, as is the rate at which those who have been fully vaxxed are dying from “COVID-19”. As I posed in an earlier piece, is COVID-19 itself the result of previous nano-particle flu shots and exposure to the new 5G technology that began to be rolled out in late 2019? Will there be another surge of “cases” this fall - used to enforce another phony lockdown to take away more of our rights and our property? We know that nano particles have been used in pharmaceuticals for many years. How many previous ‘bad flu seasons' were not really the flu but the result of mass exposure to nanoparticles in earlier flu shots? Yes, I know, it all sounds so far fetched it seems unbelievable. But believe it we must, for it is indeed, happening.

death by covid vaccine - update #12

An in depth review of the July 28 Public Health Scotland Covid Statistical Report on COVID -19 by The Daily Expose - a UK Newsletter - shows that 87% of those who recently died of OCIVD-19 had been vaxxed.

Here in the US the CDC’s lame coverage of breakthrough cases would be as close as we come to the PHS report. A closer look at the breakthrough case numbers being published by the CDC also shows statistical manipulation. Compare this brief chart to the in-depth report put out by the PHS. Here is a screenshot of the latest breakthrough case numbers from the CDC.

First of all it’s important to keep in mind that even the CDC claims this is an under count. Here’s their official disclaimer.

The number of COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infections reported to CDC likely are an undercount of all SARS-CoV-2 infections among fully vaccinated persons. National surveillance relies on passive and voluntary reporting, and data might not be complete or representative. These surveillance data are a snapshot and help identify patterns and look for signals among vaccine breakthrough cases.

Secondly, when the CDC began doing breakthrough case reports they also included a list of symptoms and injuries which made the list much longer. They no longer do that and now only provide numbers for hospitalizations and deaths, so we have no idea of the total number who are suffering injuries. Having said that, it remains that the all-cause rate of death among those who get vaxxed is clearly much, much higher than the rate among the unvaxxed.

Here’s a screen shot from the CDC’s VAERS site of the latest numbers from all the jabs for the US. By the time you read this the death toll will be over 12,000.

As I pointed out in this earlier post, we are being socially programmed to think about the entire plandemic in ways that those running the program want us to think about it. With a bevy of in-house psychologists the CDC is no amateur when it comes to mind control. Hence, keeping breakthrough cases as a separate set of numbers serves to reinforce the thought process that there is an ongoing danger from COVID-19 (the so called, new delta variant serves the same purpose) when in reality the real danger is not from C-19 or any variants but from the jabs themselves. The fear imparted by the ongoing social programming only serves to get people to line up for the highly profitable jabs.

For the past 1.5 years we have suffered through a daily barrage of social programming from every quarter with the official mantra that there is a dangerous virus afoot and that the only solution is the vaxx - even though the virus has never been isolated in a lab (computer generated only). Nevertheless the ongoing programming has been very effective - many believe in the virus, have bought into the fear campaign and have lined up to get the nanoshackle jabs.

Although there are no bars, it is nevertheless, a form of enslavement. Meanwhile, the vaxx makers and other elites are getting richer at our expense.


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