how social programming is used to imprint the official pandemic/vaccine narrative

countering the 10 official lies with the truth

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When I began this blog my intentions were simple. I was merely looking for a way to vent my frustrations about the numerous lies that I was able to uncover by doing some basic research about government sources, media, the drug cartels and big tech. My expectations about this blog were nonexistent. It’s good to now know there are so many people who are able to think critically and see through the miasma of lies. Thank you for subscribing.

First off, I’d like you to watch this video. It’s only about 3.5 minutes long, so please watch it now. The rest of this piece will make much more sense after you do so.

Yup, it’s pretty jaw dropping. These are some of the same techniques used in psychological warfare against enemies of the state. More importantly, it’s the same psychological programming being used to instill fear about covid and make us conform to the mindless rules that we’ve been forced to live with for the past 15 months - to wear masks, to socially distance, to turn our lives upside down and ultimately, to line up for vaccines.

These are also the same techniques used to “inform us” about what we are to believe and what we are not to believe regarding all aspects of the pandemic and the vaccines. If you think back on the past 15 months, it becomes clear that we have all been inundated from every sector - government, media, the drug cartels, Bill Gates - with the importance of conforming to the plandemic rules. Many became so well programed that they began to serve as scullions for those who were promoting the programming by telling their friends and family that they needed to conform to the rules. Viola! Within a few short months most of the world was conforming to the agenda. It was incredibly successful. Those running the program must all be slapping themselves on their backs right now. This has been the largest and most successful social engineering program in the history of the world. And the prize for running such a successful psychological social programming operation? The elites have made billions, they have stolen many of our freedoms, while also making us their obedient wards. It’s all about money, power and control.

But cracks in their armor are appearing. Given that a few in the mass media have recently been reporting on the innumerable lies spewed by authorities like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, seeds of doubt about everything else we’ve been told are now germinating like weeds in a garden. The previous video should put to rest any more doubts anyone might have about everything I’ve been saying here for the past 7.5 months, that this is all a multilayered attack on the human race - a Ponzi scheme for the worlds elite, a transhumanist program for big tech control freaks, and a eugenics program for those who think only they and their offspring should be the only ones allowed to reproduce.

With that in mind, let’s highlight what I consider to be 10 of the primary issues I’ve covered here over the past 7.5 months. Although there are many more issues than that, I consider these to be key issues that go to the heart of the concerns many are now having about the social programming used to promote the ‘pandemic’ and the jab. Because these issues are covered in detail in many of the previous posts here, I’m not going to try to link the topics to their original sources or to the earlier posts. Suffice it to say, they all have solid sources. If you need verification, I suggest taking time out on a hot afternoon and reading through some of the earlier posts to get the full picture.

Regarding the lies being programed into us to promote the pandemic and the jabs - the first 6 begin with a sentence that counters the official lie being promulgated by the drug cartels and the media.

1). There was never a pandemic. The CDC’s own statistics point out that only 6% of those who were reported to have died from covid actually died as a direct result of covid. That puts the actual death rate at about .28%, on par with an average flu season. What skewed the numbers was the change in the guidelines put out by the WHO and the CDC regarding how to determine sickness. Before the PCR test became widely available doctors were told to list anyone who might be construed as having died of flu-like symptoms to be listed as a death by covid. After the PCR test became widely available, the guidelines changed to listing anyone who died in a hospital and tested positive for covid to be listed as having died from covid. This included death by motorcycle accidents, heart attacks, strokes and so on. Hence, the vastly overblown death-by-covid count. It’s helpful to keep in mind that the Gates Foundation is the largest donor to the WHO and also contributes to the CDC. The Foundation’s Trust has massive investments in vaccine technologies.

2) There was never a “casedemic”. The covid plandemic was the first time in the history of flu outbreaks that the PCR test was used to determine asymptomatic “cases”. A “case” does not mean someone is physically sick, nor does it mean they will get sick, nor does it mean they’re contagious. In all the history of modern medicine, never has there been a time when it was thought that asymptomatic people were considered spreaders of the disease - until now. The truth is, nothing has changed - asymptomatic people still don’t spread disease. Nevertheless, as the number of deaths from covid began to diminish, the phony case numbers were used to prop up the fear campaign to get people to line up for the shots. Dr. Kary Mullis, who won the Noble Prize in chemistry in 1993 for inventing the PCR test, said that his test was never intended to be used to determine infection in humans because it shows that, as it pertains to viruses, “…we all have everything…”. The latter also supports point number 4.

3) The virus did not come from the wet market in Wuhan China. Even many in the media are admitting that that dog no longer hunts. Unfortunately, those of us who were saying that in early 2020 were censored online and called conspiracy theorists. As regular readers know, I’m of the opinion that the new story being fed to us by the authorities, that the the virus escaped from the BL4 lab in Wuhan, doesn’t hunt any better than the old one. It’s just more psyops.

4) Viruses are not causative. They’re more akin to innocent bystanders at the scene of an accident, and may even be part of a warning system working in our favor to tell our immune system to crank up its defenses against an incoming onslaught, much like the way that trees signal each other chemically when a beetle infestation occurs. The old belief system, that viruses are the cause of disease, has never been proven and remains a theory (germ theory).

5) The covid vaccines don’t provide immunity. Even the makers of the vaccines have admitted that and the numerous death-by-vaccine pieces I’ve done show beyond any shadow of doubt that this is true. Last time I checked, the CDC had counted about 350 who died from covid after being fully vaxxed. Hospitalizations were into the thousands. Both of these numbers are with less than 1% reporting.

6) Vaccines are not safe. The covid vaccines have killed well over twice as many in the first five months of 2021 (nearly 6,000 at last count) than all other vaccines combined since 2000 (about 2,500). Again, this is with less than 1% reporting to VEARS.

The next four all conform to a classic psyop tactic - lies by omission.

7) Neither the drug cartels nor the press has said anything about the fact that in 1986, while testifying before congress in an attempt to gain legal liability from lawsuits due to vaccine injuries and deaths (vaccine makers had been hit with numerous big lawsuits) vaccine makers claimed that “vaccines are unavoidably unsafe”. Reagan signed into law a bill that gave them legal immunity. If you or a loved one is injured or dies from a covid vaccine, you have no legal recourse against the maker of the vaccine. Vaccine makers and cattle ranchers in some Western states (cattle can legally roam rural highways and are often hit by people in cars who all-to-often get injured or killed) are the only business people in the US who have legal exemption from prosecution due to injury from a business product.

8) Neither the media nor the vaccine makers are telling us that the vaccines are experimental - they have not yet been approved by the FDA. The largest experiment in the history of the world continues, unchecked, while people are dying by the tens of thousands.

9) No long term safety studies have been done on the covid vaccines. It’s true that some of the new technologies used to develop vaccines have sped up the process of getting a product ready to test, however, the ability to speed up testing is not possible and remains a long term process that takes years to complete. The human body is a complex organism. Some may incur injury or death within hours or days while others may not show complications for years. The current death-by-covid-vaccine count is proving that Trumps “Operation Warp Speed” is, and will continue to be, a massive, lethal, mistake.

10) Pfizer, Astrazenica and Moderna have all been convicted multiple times of medical fraud, negligence and lying about the efficacy and horrific side effects of their products. They’ve also been fined hundreds of millions of dollars for doing so. Would you trust a gangster to give you a vaccination? I suppose you might if no one told you that the entity providing the vaxx was a convicted liar and a crook.


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