how the fear of skin cancer exacerbated COVID-19

vitamin D and highly profitable disruption by technofascist billionaires

Before we dismantle the misguided approach taken by the medical cartels who are spearheading the current lock-down, an explanation is needed as to why the lock-down, instead of reducing COVID-19 (C-19) cases, has instead, exacerbated them.

We can begin with vitamin D, which is actually a hormone our bodies produce in conjunction with our kidneys, skin and sunlight. This vitamin is important because it regulates numerous functions within our bodies that help keep our immune system in top condition. Unfortunately, the irrational concern over skin cancer - instilled by medical authorities over recent decades - has unnecessarily instilled fear of the sun in so many people that 80% of Americans are now deficient in vitamin D. The reality is that we are 5 times more likely to die from an illness stemming from insufficient amounts of vitamin D than we are from skin cancer. Statistics show that COVID-19 is a good example of what can happen when our bodies don’t make enough vitamin D. Allow me to explain.

Ever wonder why the flu always peaks in winter? For those of us in the northern hemisphere the sun is far away to the south during the winter. It’s cold and most people are spending more time indoors. When folks do go outside they’re bundled up so that skin exposure to the sun is at a minimum, which means their bodies are not making enough of this sunshine vitamin. Ahh, you say, but what about the increase in cases of C-19 the summer of 2020? Most of those cases occurred in the southern tier of states. Why? The virus was not very severe during the winter in the sun belt states because the temperature is often more conducive in those states to spending time outside in the winter. In the summer the reverse happens - once the temperature begins to go over 90 or 95 degrees on a daily basis most folks congregate inside their air conditioned homes and offices to avoid the sun. In Arizona the temperature began to go over 100 in May and it was the second hottest summer on record. With everyone cowering inside to avoid the heat, vitamin D levels plummeted and Voila! Arizona became the first southern tier state to have a summer spike in C-19 cases. As the weather turned hot in other parts of the country, those areas also experienced an uptick.

This also explains why black and brown skinned people are more susceptible to C-19 than white people. Black and brown skin evolved closer to the equator as a protection against the fierce tropical sun. Dark skinned folks living in northern or southern temperate latitudes need much more sun to make sufficient amounts of vitamin D than white folks, hence vitamin D deficiency is much more pronounced in darker skinned people than in lighter skinned people. A good example is provided by the thousands of Latinos who formerly worked under the hot tropical sun in Latin America and then came to the US to work in a meat packing plants where they never saw the sun. Unfortunately, they succumbed to C-19 by the thousands. We were told by the media that they got sick at much higher numbers because of their “socio-economic status”. Baloney.

Across the board the media has been mistakenly portraying the reason why dark skinned people are getting sick at higher rates as being due to a “lower socio economic status”. This is a blatant misrepresentation by the mass media because there is no scientific evidence to prove it. Once again, the media is just parroting speculation being spewed by “medical authorities”. Even more egregious is the fact that no one in the Black Lives Matter movement has pointed this out. But then I’m also stunned that no one in that movement is speaking out against the greater oppression and usurpation of freedom and economic potential that people of color are losing at a much higher rate as a result of the unnecessary lock-down. We expect such nonsense from the mainstream media because it’s part of the overall ‘great realignment’ program (more on that another day), but it’s disheartening that the BLM is missing the big picture. I dare say this would not have gotten by Martin Luther King Jr.

The obvious question is - why are the medical cartels and the media not talking about vitamin D? Primarily because there is no profit in vitamin D for Big Pharma. As I’ve pointed out in previous posts, Big Media and Big Pharma have long had a mutually dependent relationship. So, to keep from losing their largest source of ad revenue, the media toes the company line and says little or nothing about vitamin D or anything against Big Pharmas snake oils.

For the medical cartels there is no profit in advocating for strong immune systems by telling people to get plenty of sunshine and eat well. For them the sicker the population is, the bigger their profits, especially with the current rollout of highly profitable vaccines. If it’s not vaccines it’s some other over-hyped, ‘miracle cure’, snake oil. Instead of providing information on the importance of maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D, they and their cheerleaders in the media are telling us to socially isolate and stay inside, policies that have led to more weakened immune systems and more cases of C-19. All of this goes to why I keep referring to this as a scamdemic. This should go down as the biggest con ever perpetrated in the history of the world.

Who are the con artists working behind the scenes? In recent decades new players have come onto the playing field, players that are so wealthy and powerful that they can, by themselves, manipulate markets and the media to favor their preferred outcomes, in particular as it pertains to this pandemic. One such individual is Bill Gates.

As I pointed out in the previous post, Bill Gates has billions of dollars worth of investments in many aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, primarily in the vaccine sector. How does he use his money to influence outcomes in this massive con game? Allow me to explain.

The original overblown estimate, that this virus would kill tens of millions around the planet, sent the world into the initial tizzy over the corona virus. This whacky estimate came from the London Imperial College (LIC). Based on LIC’s terribly misguided prediction, the WHO, the CDC and governments around world determined that a planetary lock-down was in order. The LIC, which has a long and sordid history of overblowing estimates of possible epidemics, has received massive grants from the BMGF. Given that the guidelines for the planetary lock-down are coming from both the WHO and the CDC, and given that the BMGF is currently the largest contributor to the WHO (since Trump pulled US funding) and has provided numerous multi-million dollar grants to the CDC, and given that Bill Gates has been on the boards of both organizations, there can be no question about the influence Bill Gates wields.

It’s helpful to keep in mind that, although Bill Gates has no education in any health or medical field, he is nevertheless, having a profoundly outsized influence on the current procedures for a so-called, virus-based planetary lock-down and the upcoming vaccination program. I don’t know about anyone else, but in my mind the fact that one person can buy his way into playing such a large role in disrupting the lives of millions of Americans - while at the same time using that disruption to further his wealth - is anathema to anyone who believes in democracy and freedom. At the very least, having an unelected person wield such power and influence over our lives is unconstitutional. At the very worst, it’s fascism. If we do not wake up to what’s going on we may all find ourselves living in a world permanently locked down by billionaire elites whose only goal is to milk the lower and middle class of for its wealth and employ their secret eugenics program via vaccinations.

How did we get here? Much of how we got here comes from a long standing belief held by many elites that there are only a few people who know how to manage large segments of the economy and that the rest of us are not worthy and should not be allowed to try. Over the past 40 years I’ve had several discussions with elites of this ilk who have espoused their firm commitments to this belief. This holier-than-thou philosophy is pervasive with both neoconservatives on the right and neoliberals on the left. It explains very well why the outsider Republican candidate, Donald Trump, won his first election and lost his second, and why the neoliberal Democrats - led by Obama - rallied the troops to block Bernie Sanders’ bid to become president.

Just for the record, I initially backed Sanders. Big mistake. Yes, I know, the positions I take on the pandemic are not typical for someone bent slightly to the left social issues, but then I’ve never found a pigeon hole I liked - which is why I’ve been a registered independent for most of my life. I do lean right on fiscal issues, but for most issues I depend on research and consider context and circumstances.

So yes, I bailed on Bernie once he began espousing ‘neoliberal’ pandemic lines taken directly from the medical cartels and Bill Gates. I sent him a number of emails explaining what was gong on, asking him to do the research and employ some critical thinking, obviously to no avail. Along with most democrats and many republicans, he now toes the pandemic line. The only elected official who seems to be willing to question the official narrative is Senator Rand Paul who has confronted Anthony Fauci in several hearings.

Of course this “neo” philosophy only works if one believes that large segments of our society should be dictated by a small handful of billionaires like Bill Gates. I’m here to say that the take-over of entire sectors of the economy by ruthless capitalists like Gates has led to the current mind warp in which a world wide lock-down can be pulled off and that anti-trust laws need to be taken off the shelf, dusted off and enforced as intended. I’m of the belief that if there were no monopolies in the media, if there were no monopolies in the pharmaceutical industry, if there were no monopolies in the tech world, if there were no unbelievably wealthy people like Bill Gates able to manipulate the CDC and the WHO to induce thought control, there would be no COVID-19 crises. We have gone through numerous pandemics over the past hundred and fifty years but none were as overblown as this one, and the only reason this one is being blown out of proportion is due to the level of technologically induced influence that a small handful of billionaires now has over these sectors and hence, our lives. And none of them were elected to any office. That my friends, is technofascism.

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