how the pcr test is being used to manipulate the american public

the WHO changed the cycle count - why that matters

In all of recorded history there has never been a pandemic that has not subsided on its own accord - not the plague, not the Spanish flu, not AIDS, not Ebola, not H1N1 and so on down the list of hundreds if not thousands of types of illness. This begs the question: why is a vaccine needed for COVID-19 (C-19)? Who decided that C-19 was so special that it needed a vaccine? Who decided that a massive push to get vaccines made and distributed was necessary? Ok, these are rhetorical questions, but for those who might be interested, I’ve addressed them in previous posts.

In my short 67 years (relative to the hundreds of thousands of years that the disease has been around) I’ve experienced numerous flu seasons and without fail they all departed without the aid of a mass vaccination program. We also have to consider the fact that the current decline in cases is coming at just about the same historical time that all other flu seasons have run their course - after 12 to 18 months from the onset.

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind while reading this post is that the vaccine authorities have made clear that the current vaccines now being promoted do not actually prevent one from getting C-19, nor do they prevent one from spreading it. Translated, this means several very important things, things that are not being explained in the media.

1) Perhaps most importantly, if the vaccines do not prevent one from getting C-19 and do not prevent the spread of C-19, they do not fulfill the definition of a vaccine as put forth by the CDC.

2) If the vaccines do not prevent one from spreading C-19 then they are clearly playing no role whatsoever in the current decline in cases.

Up to this point I’ve been considering all of this from the perspective of one who believes in viruses and their ensuing illnesses. I do so to show that even from this perspective, these two simple truths allow for only one conclusion - that C-19, like all other types of flu before it, has just about run its course, all by itself, without any help from vaccines. And we know this is just another type of flu because in the make-believe world of modern corporate medicine, the medical cartels have gone to great lengths to inform us that C-19 is caused by a member of a class of flu-like illnesses associated with the coronavirus family which includes MERS and SARS viruses.

From here on the perspective changes to a more critical one. For those of us who prefer to function in the real world and consider all of the science involved - not just the select, highly manipulated, often make-believe science of the monopolized world of high-tech corporate pharmaceutical industry - a very different picture emerges. For starters we know that the SARS CoV-2 virus has never been isolated (link in next paragraph), which brings into question its very existence. While its true that there are papers that have been published where researchers claim to have been working with isolated SARS CoV-2, but what they were actually working with were synthetic, computer generated versions of the virus derived from the original computer generated model created in a lab in China by Professor Zhang Yongzhen, who is often credited with having been the first person to “find” SARS CoV-2. This piecemeal methodology used would never fly in rocket science. Rocket science requires absolute certainty, otherwise catastrophic failure can occur. This is not the case in virology. Failure is ok in virology and the world of vaccines. We know this to be the case because the current death count from C-19 vaccines - well over 1,200 so far - makes it apparent.

The CDC likes to point to this research paper as being the model for recreating the virus here in the US, but a thorough read shows that the process involves numerous steps that involve cutting and pasting segments of genetic material, as well as testing systems and sequencing steps that have been brought into question by authorities like Dr. Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for inventing the PCR test. Numerous other doctors and researchers have also questioned the processes used. Here are three of them discussing this topic. In other words, the CDC is cherry picking information that helps reinforce their position, while ignoring all other criticisms.

In short, the entire ‘pandemic’ program amounts to nothing more than a massive covert exercise to transfer wealth from the lower and middle class to the elite. Of course, publicly, those who are getting rich from it will deny this.

Previously I predicted that statistics would be manipulated to show a drop in the number of cases and deaths due to C-19 after vaccines were introduced. In spite of the fact that only 8.4% of the US population have been fully vaccinated, this manipulation is happening now. Remember that Anthony Fauci, as well as several other vested parties have stated that “90% of the population would need to be vaccinated for herd immunity to be achieved” and for the pandemic to be “brought under control”. For now let’s just ignore the fact that the information presented in the previous paragraphs makes this prediction absurd. Nevertheless, I thought it helpful to point out the contradiction that occurs when we pair the fact that only 8.4% of the US population has been vaccinated with the fact that the cases are dropping.

Having laid this foundation, let’s get to the core of the matter. The WHO recently put forth a new parameter for the number of cycles to be used with the PCR test. As a reminder - the PCR test is considered the gold standard by the medical cartels for determining infection with SARS CoV-2. Allow me to emphasize again how important this information is by reminding everyone that in an earlier post I talked about how Dr. Kary Mullis (the inventor of the PCR test) said that test should never be used to determine if someone was ill because it could be used to show that “everyone has everything”, meaning, if the cycle count is high enough, everyone tested will test positive for SARS CoV-2. Up until December, when the WHO determined that the parameters needed to be changed, the cycle count for the PCR test was typically around 40 to 45. Most authorities on the matter agree that this is a very high number and if Dr Mullis were alive today I’m sure he would be protesting the use of his PCR test in this way. (Unfortunately, he died in August 1999, which has proven to be very convenient for those who are fomenting this pandemic.) It’s important to understand that an increase of just 1 point doubles the amount of targeted sequence and that the more cycles used, the more likely that what one is looking for will be found.

Back to the crux of the matter. Shortly after Biden took office in January the WHO called for the PCR cycle test to be lowered to 30. Lowering the cycle count from 40 to 30 results in a 60% drop in positive tests (another source says 90%). Given the time for these ‘orders from headquarters’ to make it down to the troops on the ground, we have just begun to see the results of this in recent weeks - the reported ‘case numbers’ are dropping. To reiterate - this has nothing to do with vaccines and has everything to do with the percentage of positive tests dropping due to the lowering of the cycle count.

How convenient that the WHO chose to do this right after Biden took office, knowing that it would take some time for the order to be implemented across the board and that implementation would occur just as the vaccination program was getting a head of steam. Clearly, this was all designed to make it seem as if Biden is our savior and that the vaccine is magically working. Indeed, the US Pravda news media has already picked up on this and has been touting the drop as being due to the introduction of the vaccine - in spite of the fact that only 8.4% of the population has been vaccinated and in spite of the fact that Anthony Fauci and his cronies have stated the 90% of the population would need to be vaccinated to reduce the case load and death rate. I’d like to sell some beach front property in Kansas to anyone who buys into this load of bull hooey.

But hey, the medical cartels and investors have made their money. The Trump administration gave hundreds of millions of US taxpayer dollars to Big Pharma to develop the vaccines and Biden has made sure the vaccines were bought and paid for by US taxpayers. As far as the investors and the medical cartels are concerned, the money is in the bank. So why not call it a days work?

All of this manipulation is so blatant I can’t see how it can be kept under wraps for much longer. In spite of all the planning that went into this event (Event 201), this program is hemorrhaging badly and is about to bleed to death. It will be interesting to see what happens to those caught holding the bag. At the very least it may shake the very foundations of the US oligarchy. At the very worst it could lead to revolt. The pitchforks may be about to come out.


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