interview with dr. tom cowan

a mind bending discussion

As promised, the interview with Dr. Tom Cowan is now available on Rumble. The link at the end will take you right to the interview (this one has a link with the link).

Some might think of Dr. Cowan as someone who functions outside the box. Although he certainly does that, I think his true gift is the ability to use truth, science, facts and practicality to break through the shield wall that’s been funded over the past 75 years by the pharmaceutical cartels to keep doctors cloistered within the official narrative. This works due to the negative consequences venturing outside the cloister has on their careers. I think this interview provides a good example of how passionate Dr. Cowan is about getting to the truth - which means he’s not afraid to consider questions and look deeply into topics that others fear to consider. Perhaps if more doctors today had Dr. Cowans’ curiosity and integrity we wouldn’t be in the midst of this manufactured crises.

Some of those topics are discussed in this interview. As you’ll learn, many more will be discussed in the upcoming True Healing Conference, co-hosted by Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman. I was intrigued about this conference before interviewing Dr. Cowan, now I’m counting down the days to October 9.

48 minutes. Rumble videos can take a few seconds to load.