is germ theory about to collapse?

two new cowboys just rode into town, one has a nobel prize, the other, a new book

The CDC’s own numbers show that dying from COVID-19 (C-19) is not the same as dying with C-19. Even USOP (US Official Pravda Media) has covered the fact that CDC statistics show that only 6% of C-19 related deaths are a direct result of C-19. And yet, USOP continues to count anyone who dies with symptoms that resemble C-19 (and even many who have no such symptoms) as victims of the pandemic, blowing the numbers out of proportion. This is largely due statistics compiled and published by one of the organizers of Event 201, John Hopkins University, which presents itself as an authority on pandemic statistics (more on Event 201 shortly). Meanwhile, how many deaths are being ignored by USOP - deaths due to; lockdown measures, loss of income, despair, social isolation, carbon dioxide poisoning due to over dependence on masks and lack of hospital beds for other illness due to overly strict pandemic requirements for hospitals.

It’s an even further cry to say that anyone dying with SARS CoV-2 is dying from it. As I’ll point out shortly, cutting edge scientific evidence is indicating that everyone has the SARS CoV-2 virus that has allegedly been identified as allegedly causing C-19. C-19 is the point at which someone who has allegedly been infected with the alleged SARS CoV-2 virus becomes symptomatic with the flu-like symptoms now being described as C-19. Someone with real symptoms represents an actual “case”. Someone testing positive for SARS CoV-2 does not represent a “case”. Given the motivations of the Event 201 “authorities” and their lackeys in the USOP, who dutifully spew those “case” numbers on a daily basis to run up profits for all invested parties, what we are witnessing is a man made “casedemic”, not a pandemic of any kind.

This casedemic has come about largely due to the PCR test which was invented by Dr. Kary Mullis, who in 1993 got the Nobel Prize in chemistry for doing so. In several interviews Dr. Mullis has explained that the PCR test “should not be used to determine if someone is sick”, because PCR tests show that “you can find almost anything in anybody”, which is a nod to the cutting edge idea that viruses do not come from outside of us, and hence, are not contagious(1). He says that the claims that the test is “meaningful” in every usage is problematic. He goes on to say, “the measurements are not exact” and that results can be “inferred”, implying that “interpretation” can be abused. That would certainly seem to be the case today, with promoters of the pandemic falsely claiming that the PCR test is the “gold standard for determining infection”. Dr. Mullis also says Anthony Fauci “…doesn’t know anything about anything” and that “Fauci… will lie” to further “his agenda”(2). I encourage you to watch the videos. They’re a blistering reprisal of Fauci and his campaign to fan the flames of hysteria over this pandemic in order to get people to line up for the highly profitable vaccines.

The USOP also finds it very convenient to not tell us that someone who tests positive for SARS CoV-2 - what USOP calls a “case” - is not sick and will most likely never come down with the symptoms that represent a case of C-19. My previous uses of the term “alleged” are not to be found in the USOP narrative. I use this term because there is no hard science to prove the presence of SARS CoV-2 leads to causation of C-19. The idea that SARS CoV-2 causes C-19 is nothing more than an epidemiological observation, a belief, a theory, not a scientifically verified fact. In other words, the entire pandemic, the lockdown, masks, social distancing and all the rest of the hoopla is based on epidemiological observations. As any epidemiological research scientist will tell you, epidemiological observations do not equate to causation.

Without getting overly technical, let’s take a closer look at what lies at the core of this “pandemic”. Viruses are merely snippets of genetic material, more often than not, RNA. Obviously an RNA snippet is just a tiny segment of ones overall genome. RNA is what many scientists have often referred to as junk DNA because it seems to have little operative value, especially when compared to the seemingly more robust DNA which codes for so much of who we are. However, in recent years, more scientists have been coming around to the idea the RNA plays much more significant roles than was previously thought. These RNA snippets not have not been fully isolated. In other words all of the hoopla over this virus is like saying that unicorns are responsible for COVID-19 (C-19). Dr. Tom Cowan likens it to finding the eyelash of a unicorn, or the toenail of a unicorn, or the tail hair of a unicorn, leading one to make the false assumption that if those parts are present then unicorns must be responsible(3). It reminds me of a car accident I was in. I was stopped at a red light and two cars collided in the intersection. One of them was spun around and hit the car stopped in front of me which was then driven backwards to hit my car, making it a four car accident. Was I responsible for the accident? Of course not. I just happened to be present when it occurred.

In their book The Contagion Myth, Dr. Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon explain how these ‘viruses’ are exuded by our cells as exozomes. Here is a short definition of an exozome from Wikipedia -

“Exosomes are membrane-bound extracellular vesicles that are produced in the endosomal compartment of most eukaryotic cells. The multivesicular body is an endosome defined by intraluminal vesicles that bud inward into the endosomal lumen. If the MVB fuses with the cell surface, these ILVs are released as exosomes.’

These snippets contain messenger (mRNA) and proteins. (The new vaccines by Phizer and Moderna are mRNA vaccines, a brand new genetically manipulated vaccine technology never before injected into the human population.) Within the cell they are an exone. Once exuded outside of the cell they’re called an exozome. In other words, our bodies are producing these ‘viruses’ within our cells, which aligns with what Dr. Mullis says. Again, if our bodies are producing them, it would seem safe to assume that they are not coming from outside our bodies. In other words, we are not “catching” them from other people, public places, surfaces and so on. In short, “They are”, as Dr. Cowan says in his new book, The Contagion Myth, “not contagious”.

What purpose does it serve for our bodies to produce viruses? Dr. Tom Cowan has drawn on other research to say that our cells use the ability to poop out exozomes as a way to rid itself of toxins. Given the amount of toxins that we are all exposed to every day; food sprayed with poisons, breathing polluted air, bathing in and drinking polluted water, coming into contact with countless toxic materials every day - all at unprecedented levels in the 250,000 years of human existence - I’m inclined to believe this makes a lot of sense.

Research by Dr. Kary Mullis shows that viruses may be in a similar category as I was in that car accident - present at the scene, but innocent of causation. We have another, very good, medical precedent to consider. For many decades the same mistaken thought process had been used to determine that, because cholesterol was present at the site of arterial sclerosis (plaque build-up), that it was responsible for heart disease, strokes and other circulatory blockages. Of course we now know that cholesterol is present at those sites because it’s trying to repair damage caused by other issues (oxidation and carb overload being a common ones), not because it’s the cause. Numerous medical theory’s have come and gone over the past 200 years. Will germ theory be the next one to go?

This new research leads to three very important conclusions that run completely contrary to the official narrative promulgated by the medical industrial complex and their puppets in the USOP. 1) Viruses are innocent bystanders of the COVID-19 story, produced by our cells to expel damaged genetic material. 2) This makes them incapable of being contagious. 3) This means all the death and destruction being caused by the lockdown, mask wearing and social distancing has no justification.

Folks, this is what happens when technofascist corporations are allowed to become so big that they can dictate the terms of government and society. Big Tech and Big Pharma, their lackeys at the CDC and the WHO and at government agencies like the FDA, the NIAID, the NIH, as well as their USOP puppets, are all wielding too much power. Indeed, none of them were elected to any office yet they are responsible for vast amounts of death and economic destruction.

So if your world has been as rocked by all of this information as mine was when I learned about it, then you’ll appreciate the following implication. If viruses are playing a key role as cellular housekeepers, why would we want to inject a completely foreign, genetically altered mRNA vaccine into our bodies to stop an innate response our body uses to rid itself of toxins? Does this mean that those who get the vaccine will no longer be able to rid themselves of toxins? In the not-too-distant future will we be seeing a massive die-off of mRNA vaccinated folks because their bodies can no longer clean their cellular houses?

I’m no scientist but I do know there are very good historical precedents why vaccines take many years to develop. History has shown that a rush to vaccination can wreck death and destruction. Will Operation Warp Speed turn into Operation mRNA Vaccine Death count?

I’ve made this prediction in a previous blog and I’m making it here again - expect too see a big backlash from these vaccines. Depending on how many people fall for the hype and get the vaccine, we could possibly see a secondary vaccine-caused pandemic down the road.

Kary Mullis passed in August 7, 2019. The fact that he died just before Event 201 took place has the internet abuzz with speculation. Event 201 was sponsored by John Hopkins University, the Bill and Melinda gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum - 3 of the biggest players in the vaccine industry - to run a high level tabletop pandemic exercise. It occurred on October 18, 2019, a little over 2 months after the death of Dr. Mullis(5). The rabbit hole goes even deeper. The first cases of this virus were said to occur in Wuhan, China in November of 2019, shortly after Event 201. Then there are Anthony Fauci’s ties to the bio-security level 4 lab in Wuhan, China which conducts research on viruses (another blog). At this point I’m not trying to draw any conclusions, just throwing out information. But… that’s a lot of coincidences.

I believe that if Mr. Mullis were still alive he would be even more vociferously denouncing Anthony Fuaci today than he ever did in the past. I also believe he would not have stood by silently while this casedemic nonsense blossomed over SARS CoV-2 and his PCR test. It’s been very convenient for those with vested interests in the vaccine industry that Event 201 didn’t occur and that SARS CoV-2 didn’t make an appearance… until shortly after the death of Dr. Mullis.

The threat that new information presented by folks like Dr. Mullis and Dr. Cowan poses to the medical establishment cannot be overemphasized. The medical cartels, the FDA, the CDC, the WHO and Big Pharma - the latter being richest industry on earth - have all established their cartels and empires on the back of germ theory, which posits that viruses are the cause of, not only COVID-19, but also various other types of flu, colds, some gastrointestinal issues and other illnesses. The important thing to keep in mind about germ theory is that it is, and always has been, a theory. Even Wikipedia says “The germ theory of disease is the currently accepted scientific theory for many diseases” (emphasis mine). If this new information, that viruses are produced within our bodies bodies to do functional work, were to go viral on a world wide basis, the pharmaceutical based medical-industrial-complex as we know it would likely collapse. Those in the industry likely know this and like any dictator who sees their grip on power slipping away, they’re fighting back by trying to control governments, religion, USOP and the worldwide narrative.

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