media promulgation of official covid voodoo science is beginning to falter

thanks to all of you spreading the truth about what’s really going on, the US version of Soviet Pravda is on its way to becoming irrelevant

In earlier posts I referred to the nonsensical ways that the numbers and science surrounding the pandemic are being manipulated as “voodoo science”. Those who use this manipulated information to instill ‘fear of the unseen’ around the world and then profit from that by jabbing toxins into the arms of the unsuspecting are put simply, practitioners of the dark arts. Unlike in historic voodoo where needles are jabbed into effigies to achieve negative effect, were talking about a much more depraved approach - sticking needles into live people to achieve a very bad outcome. The official term, as it applies to those who practice voodoo is Vodouisants. This would include Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Pual Offit, to name the primary ones. None of these people were elected to office and yet they have effectively been governing our lives for the past 13 months. It has been and remains, a coup d’tate.

Also in earlier posts I’ve talked about how the media is used by the overlords as a means to dispense false narratives and spread disinformation. On several earlier occasions I’ve compared the media in the US today to the official media of the Soviet Empire, Pravda. In the years leading up to the collapse of the Soviet Union most people believed very little of what was put out by Pravda, because they knew it was mostly propaganda. Folks this is where we are today in the US.

Like the good lap dogs they are, the US media has salivated over every word these Vodouisants have said. However, cracks in the armor are appearing. There are two aspects of the covid story that are now being looked at by the media that just a month ago were not. The first one has long been tagged as a conspiracy theory - that the virus escaped from the Biolevel 4 lab in Wuhan. The other has to do with Anthony Fauci’s early flip-flop on masks and his more recent dubious recommendations to continue to wear masks after getting vaccinated. We’ll look into both.

Before doing so, let me explain that even though the mainstream media is finally lobbing some softball questions about the official narrative, there are some big problems with those soft lobs. I can explain these problems by giving a brief rundown on my own corona learning curve.

By May of 2020, I was earnestly questioning the official narrative about how this virus came about. At that time, a search for information about the virus escaping the Biolevel 4 lab in Wuhan would turn up very little, and most of that had to do with the Wuhan lab escape being a ‘conspiracy theory’ - yes, the disinformation campaign was already well under way even back then. Nevertheless, a diligent search revealed that a few people had broken out of the box and were talking about the possibility of the virus escaping from the Wuhan lab. I remember talking to some friends (a chemical engineer, an aerospace engineer, a teacher and several others I didn’t know) about this in May of 2020. I remember this because for 15 years I’ve helped a neighboring farmer (the chemical engineer) harvest tons of garlic on his farm in late May. While having some cold drinks after the harvest, the conversation - as most conversations did at that time - turned to the pandemic. At some point I mentioned that I thought the virus had escaped from the Bilolevel 4 lab in Wuhan. None of them had heard anything about that and all were in agreement that I must be wrong, because the media was saying the virus had come from a bat or some other animal at the Wuhan market - the ‘official’ story. In short, my friends seemed to think I was about one taco short of a combination plate. This was a portent of things to come, as I have continued to question the official narrative since then and faced considerable backlash for doing so.

By late November of 2020, when I began to post here, the idea that the virus had escaped from the lab in Wuhan was still being labeled a conspiracy theory by officials and the media. Just a few days ago I did a duckduckgo search - ‘did the virus escape from lab in Wuhan’ and the list of articles was many pages long - and not a single one was tagged as a conspiracy theory. It would seem that whoever is running the show behind the search tech world is allowing the mainstream media some leeway to spread a new conspiracy theory, one I previously held.

This new line of media questioning began with a recent joint report by the WHO and Beijing after 4 weeks of investigating the virus in China. More than anything, the report seems to be a way to spread a new conspiracy put forth by the WHO, possibly in part to help abate problems surrounding the original, fake, market story. Why they think the new fake story is any better than the old one is beyond me. I have to say, at this point it seems the WHO may be generating more conspiracy theories than any other entity on earth. And as the previous link to NPR attests, NPR is happy to oblige them.

This need to keep spreading conspiracy theories by officialdom begins to make more sense if we keep in mind that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the largest contributors to NPR. We also need to keep I mind that Gates - through his various tentacles - is possibly the single largest vaccine investor in the world. There’s more to the Gates connection. In case you missed it, the relationship between China and the WHO has become very cozy in recent months since Trump pulled US funding from the WHO. This left the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as the biggest contributor to the WHO. This also left China and Bill Gates in a good position to make hay out of the situation. As I’ve mentioned before, I think Trumps move to pull US funding for the WHO was his finest moment (he had few). So, I say good riddance to the WHO. I hope the Chinese find it to be as much of a ball and chain for them as it was for the US. Unfortunately, Biden has said he will restore US funding for the WHO.

At the very least, the relationship between China, the WHO and Bill Gates needs to be investigated.

Although the WHO/Beijing report concluded that the possibility of a lab escape was not out of the question, it downplayed that possibility. However, WHO director Tedros Ghebreyesus (TG) said he thought the assessment of the lab leak possibility was not extensive enough, opening the door to more questions. It would seem that some of these people are now seeing the handwriting on the wall and are trying to position themselves so that they don’t appear overly invested in the plandemic.

Hence, TG’s comments have opened the door for the new line of questions from the media.

Yes, I previously bought into the idea that the virus escaped from the Biolevel 4 lab in Wuhan. But after looking into the research done by Dr Kary Mullis (who won the 1993 Nobel Prize in chemistry for inventing the PCR test) and reading some of Dr. Tom Cowan’s work about how viruses come into existence, my perspectives on the nature of viruses changed, which I explained in this post from 12/20. Unfortunately, the superficial glances given to the Wuhan lab leak story by the mass media ignores the more important questions posed by the work of these and many other doctors.

Now, with the benefit of hindsight, when I look at this “new” information from the media, it just seems contrived. Now that the media has reached the point where I was in May of 2020, I feel compelled to tell them and anyone else who will listen - “Hey, you’re way behind the learning curve! If you want to catch up, read all of my posts.” Of course that’s probably pointless - we can safely assume that the media will run with this misinformation until they get fed the next package of disinformation from the overlords.

For now, the tables have turned… sort of. For most of last year, while I was being called a conspiracy theorist for talking about the possibility that the virus escaped from the Biolevel 4 lab in Wuhan, the media was pushing the even more implausible conspiracy theory that the virus came from a bat or some other animal in the Wuhan market. Now the media is abandoning its previous position (conspiracy theory) and is embracing what they formerly labeled a whacky conspiracy theory. Even NPR, who from day one have been one of the biggest cheerleaders for the official narrative, is beginning to falter on its previous stance.

the two big, easy questions

The questions that need to be asked here are - why are all of these obviously fake stories about the origins of the virus being put before us? That’s an easy one to answer. It’s because the need to keep people thinking about this pandemic as having a viral origin is absolutely paramount. If that belief falters then the fear campaign will collapse, vaccine hesitancy will surge and the drug cartel investors will lose big time. For the drug cartels to sell as many vaccines as possible they need to keep us all fearful of some unknown viral bogeyman that’s going to come out of some jungle animal and ‘get all of us’ - even though in the very long history of the human race that has never occurred.

This, of course, begs the other question. If the virus is not making people sick, what is? That requires a rather lengthy answer and since this post is already a bit long, I’m going to have to put that off until the next post. I will tell you that there is a clue in this post. If you think you know what it is, comment below and I’ll let you know if your right.

the other thing

The second change in the reporting of the covid story by the media is the fact that Anthony Fauci - the head Vodouisant - is also coming under scrutiny for his contradictory and confusing positions on masks.

Some of you may recall that on 60 Minutes in March 2020 Fauci told everyone that it was not necessary to wear masks, that they were not that effective and that fiddling with them made them even more unsafe. As we all now know, later in the year he flip-flopped on this issue and began promoting masks as an “effective means of preventing the spread of corona virus”. Then he began telling people to wear 2 and even 3 masks at a time. Did he finally get his investments in mask portfolios squared away so he could cash in on his own proselytizing about the need to wear masks? We are, after all, talking about a very dark person. More recently Fauci has become so adamantly pro-mask that he claims that even those who are vaccinated should continue to wear a mask. Huh? What? If the vaccines are supposed to make one immune and prevent the spread of the virus, why would anyone who’s been fully vaccinated need to continue to wear masks? Another easy answer - as I explained in a previous post - they don’t, and Fauci and his drug cartel buddies know that. What else would one would expect from Vodouisants.

As someone who got COVID-19 over Christmas of 2019, I never felt any need to wear a mask in the early days of the pandemic, thanks to the belief that I had gained natural immunity by having COVID-19. As I learned more about the issues I became even less willing to wear a mask, even in stores that required them. If I went into a store without a mask and someone approached me about it, I told them (and still do) that I’m exercising my First Amendment rights under the Constitution of the United States of America - the right to express myself freely. Most mask nazis back off at that point. If I’m feeling mischievous, I’ll tell them I’m part of the control group for the mass experiment the maskies are participating in. (Maskies being the term a friend uses to describe those who diligently wear masks - misguided do-gooders.)

One company does not recognize the US Constitution, nor do they see anything wrong with discrimination. Without going to far off topic, let me just say that Sprouts Markets is a classic top-down, centrally controlled corporation. Even the store and department mangers have no freedom to order what their customers ask for - it’s all dictated by the distant corporate office. It’s the antithesis of local autonomy in every way shape and form, and it represents so much of what’s wrong with corporate structure. Even though the Governor of Arizona has declared pandemic measures to be over, Sprouts corporate policy is that the mask mandate remains. They will not let you shop or check-out without a mask on. Apparently, no one in Sprouts corporate offices is bright enough to ask the obvious equation: How can masks be deemed necessary by one entity (Sprouts) and not necessary by another (the Governor)? Both cannot be right. At least one has to be wrong. Of course I’m of the belief that both are wrong. Sprouts is now facing a boycott - I’ve stopped shopping there and I know of others who have done the same. At least we have some say when it comes to government tyranny. We have none when it comes to corporate tyranny. Elinor Ostrom was ever so right about the dangers of big business robbing us of local autonomy.

I’ve gone through the entire ‘pandemic’ without wearing a mask, without using a single drop of hand sanitizer, without socially distancing and without conforming to ‘house arrest’. I’ve continued to go about my life and none of my freedom loving friends - who refused to be placed under house arrest and have not and will not get the vaccine - have gotten sick. In fact, I now know more people who have been injured by the vaccines than I know who have had COVID-19.

Back to the topic at hand… it comes as no surprise that some in the lame stream media are now calling out the numerous inconsistencies in Anthony Fauci’s flip-flop on masks and his nonsensical mandate to continue to wear masks after having been fully vaccinated.

Lest we forget, we’re talking about a virus that has yet to be fully isolated. On Thursday morning I received a response from a comment I made in an online forum where I question the existence of the SARS CoV-2 virus. The response contained nothing but this link - Here’s what Wikipedia says about the organizations behind this link.

Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML) is part of the NIH Intramural Research Program and is located in Hamilton, Montana. Operated by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, RML conducts research on maximum containment pathogens such as Ebola as well as research on prions and intracellular pathogens such as Coxiella burnetti and Francisella tularensis.[2][3][4] RML operates one of the few Biosafety level 4 laboratories in the United States, as well as Biosafety level 3 and ABSL3/4 laboratories.[5]

In February 2020, electron microscope images of SARS-CoV-2 were collected at RML.

They key phrase here is that this outfit is run by the NIAID, which is headed up by Anthony Fauci. The link is reported to show photos taken by an electron scanning microscope of SARS CoV-2 viruses. What follows is my response to the person who posted the link and the photos generated by Fauci’s organization.

Gotta consider the source. Also, there is no description - no science.  This CDC document essentially says the photos you linked cannot be possible -   Here's the pertinent passage - “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA (N gene; GenBank accession: MN908947.2)"  Even Dr. Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for inventing the PCR test, says that his test cannot be used to determine causative effects from viruses.  So... they may have some pretty pictures, but what are we looking at?  An innocent bystander? A fake virus? Nothing?  Even if it is SARS CoV-2, so what?  It doesn't mean its causing COVID-19 or anything else.  The more important question should be - what's causing IT?  My answer to the latter question is... emfs, primarily 5g. The 'virus' is genetic material damaged by emfs and then expelled from the cell as garbage.  Every type of emf may cause a particular type of damaged genetic material, ie - viruses.  Expelling damaged genetic material may cause some folks with weak immune system to generate symptoms of COVID-19.

To sum up: This is all about keeping the fear lever fully engaged to sell as many vaccines as possible. And the profit motive is just part of the picture. Like any gigantic psyops, there are multiple levels being pursued to achieve multiple goals. But the one we need to stay focused on is that the vaccines amount to a Trojan Horse. If the Greeks had also made a fortune while also using the original Trojan Horse as a means to gain entry into the city of Troy, we would have the perfect analogy. And just what is this Trojan Horse vaccine delivering into those who are getting the jab? The short answer is - pathogenic priming. But alas, I’m out of time and space for the long answer. That will have to be yet another post. For now you can read this earlier post that briefly describes pathogenic priming. Then you may find yourself pondering the idea that the real end game is… eugenics.