Reagan, Lenin, economic slavery and the vaccine death count

329 and counting

Although various versions of communistic philosophy have been fomenting around the world since Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848, it was Vladimir Lenin’s version of communism - a top-down, my way or the highway absolutism - that took hold in Russia. The US remained a bastion of free enterprise until President Ronald Reagan began to impose his own version of Lenin’s top-down communism with his “trickle down economics” philosophy and his shredding of FTC and anti-trust guidelines and his ruthless destruction of democratically elected unions. Under Reagan, elites were also given big tax breaks along with numerous regulatory breaks that allowed them to snap up competition and either absorb them or sell them off piecemeal. Regulations that favored big corporations all too often put the squeeze on locally owned Ma and Pa businesses and small farmers, to the point where many small town main streets around the country now look like ghost towns.

As a small farmer I can attest to how much this impacted small scale farmers in the US and their ability to carry on traditional, practical, profitable farming practices, practices that during my dads time were considered normal, practices that I can no longer employ. Reagan’s complicity in this sordid affair is born out by the fact that it was during the latter part of his eight years in the White House that small farmers began to disappear. Willie Nelson became concerned about this issue and began his now-famous Farm Aid concerts to help raise awareness and money for small farmers who were being squeezed out by Reagan’s mindless policies. Today, thirty five years after Ronald Reagans 8 years in the White House, hindsight provides us the opportunity to see the negative results of his top-down legacy; 85% of the meat consumed in the US, which was once produced by thousands of small farmers across the country, is now produced by 4 giant corporations - Tyson, National Beef, Cargill and JBS. This is but one example of how with Reagan’s help US oligarchs have usurped what used to be a democratic business model.

As for the so-called pandemic, it was Ronald Reagan, who in 1986 signed into law the National Childhood Vaccination Act, which provides pharmaceutical companies with liability immunity in the event of vaccine injury to children. This is akin to a get-out-of-jail-free card, except in this case the perpetrators don’t even have to go to court, let alone jail. More recently, the Prep Act which was signed into law by President Bush Jr. in 2005, was updated in April of 2020 (under Trump) to provide pharmaceutical corporations with liability immunity from vaccines for COVID-19. Add to that all the corners that were cut in the mad gold rush to develop vaccines for COVID-19 under Trumps Operation Warp Speed, and it becomes abundantly clear that with all obstacles removed the pharmaceutical cartels are getting a free pass to commit murder - 329 so far, and that’s with only about 1% reporting deaths to VAERS.

If we consider the history of how this slide into a dark, corporate run, eugenics program began, we have to look at how Reagan’s trickle down economic program was centered on massive tax breaks for the oligharchs and their respective corporations and industries. The reasoning provided at the time was that these corporations would take that new found wealth and use it to “expand production” and “generate more jobs”. We now have the luxury of looking back over the decades since then to see that this never happened. What did happen was that those elites took their massive tax breaks and either sent the money to off-shore, tax-free bank accounts, or sent it off-shore to create jobs in lower wage countries, or used it to purchase competitors, or used it to set up non-profit organizations which were then manipulated to increase the profits of donor corporations. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a prime example of the latter. All of this has left average Americans who worked their butts off to create that wealth for those elites, bereft.

What we are left with today is a form of economic slavery where the elites (the slave owners) are still as wealthy, and the workers (the slaves) are just as poor as their counterparts of 200 years ago. Granted 200 years ago there were certainly slaves who were abused and had poor living conditions, but the same can be said of workers today. There were also slaves that had nice homes (for the time), good food right from the farm and considerate owners, just as today there are conscientious employers who pay decent wages and provide good benefits. Little has changed. This is why I question the wisdom of providing reparations to descendants of slaves - to do so would be to admit that what many are living through now is not a form of slavery. We would do well to beware of any elite white person promoting reparations. The intent may be to obscure our current dilemma.

Reagan also despised the democratic influence our forefathers had on unions and did everything he could to destroy them. The idea of having unionized employees voting for representation at the workplace is the antithesis of any Leninesc corporation. Hence, the slow destruction of unions by the corporate puppets installed in the Reagan White House and every cabinet since then.

The history of Reagan’s run-up to his first election, his machinations in the Middle East just prior to that election to set-up Jimmy Carter for a fall, and his connections to the epitome of Leninesc empire building, the oil industry that financed much of his campaign and pulled the strings in the Middle East to topple Carter, is there for anyone with an open mind to read.

It helps to keep in mind that the Hollywood ‘b’ actor Ronald Reagan was of an era when much of Hollywood was enamored with communism. To this day many of the studios are run like small Leninesc, fiefdoms. This highly controlled environment has made it very hard for many would-be film makers to get their projects made. If their proposed project didn’t conform to Hollywood’s dogmatic, propaganda-machine- agenda, then it didn’t get made. In recent decades there has been a backlash against this machine, as independent film makers have sought and found outside funding for their projects. The tide is turning. Recently, the indie film movement has accounted for a significant amount of new films coming out.… until the plandemic largely shut down the industry.

The history of how we got here also includes both Bush presidents and their shameless cheer-leading for the ‘New World Order’, which is code for world-wide, oligarch, leninesc style control. The neoliberal policies of Clinton and Obama were just slightly different variations on the same theme. Fast forward to the Trump administration in which we were fed more lies about trickle-down-economics being the salvation of the US economy. The massive tax break Trump doled out to the elites has resulted in; more consolidation of the US economy into ever fewer hands; more money being off-shored to tax free havens; little to no US investment in business expansion; more jobs going overseas to cheaper labor markets. All of this has served to expand the gap between the halves and the have-nots to record levels, all of which further consolidates a modern form of slavery.

All of this has set the stage for the current coup d’tate, by using fear of COVID-19 as a fulcrum and lever to lock-down the economy so that the oligharchs can extract even more wealth from the lower and middle class. It has been a very effective ploy - most Americans have taken the bait, hook, line and sinker. Those who succumb to the fear being perpetrated by the elites and devoutly wear masks and socially distance are essentially telling the world “I submit to the agenda”. Similar words were uttered by many fearful slaves 200 years ago. And, as was the case 200 years ago, hundreds of today’s economic slaves are being killed by the slave-masters, without recompense.

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