the end game - enslavement of the human race

biden tears a page from constantine's playbook to impose the new state religion

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When I say “enslavement of the human race” I’m of course not talking about locking everyone in chains and throwing them in dungeons, although, the way things are going, something akin to that may be coming. What I’m talking about is something much trickier to pull off, something that requires much more subtle tactics. What I’m referring to is social enslavement. This gets a bit involved, so I hope you’ll bear with me.

To set the stage let’s first watch a short movie and review some history.

I want to thank the reader who sent the following movie (15 min) from BitChute. Unfortunately, Substack doesn’t support the ability to post videos from BitChute directly into this platform as it does with YouTube, so the best I can do is provide this link. It’s terrifyingly prophetic theme serves as a wake-up call, pointing to where we may be headed if we don’t take charge of our lives, pronto. Where are we headed? High tech enslavement. If you want to fully understand why I’ve gone to such an effort in the latter part of this piece to lay out the importance of retaining our ability to think critically about the mystical realm (it’ll be ok), watch it. Warning: You may never look at your cell phone or Fitbit the same way again after watching this movie.

On 2/2/21 I posted this piece about the economic slavery tactics that have been imposed upon us since Reagans time in the White House. In that piece I detailed the history of how Vladimir Lenin's top-down, ‘my way or the highway’ version of communism was cleverly disguised by Reagan as “trickle down capitalism” and deployed wholesale across the US. Fortunately, hindsight provides us with the knowledge that the trickle down effect never happened. As I said in that earlier post -

If we consider the history of how this slide into a dark, corporate run, eugenics program began, we have to look at how Reagan’s trickle down economic program was centered on massive tax breaks for the oligharchs and their respective corporations and industries. The reasoning provided at the time was that these corporations would take that new found wealth and use it to “expand production” and “generate more jobs”. We now have the luxury of looking back over the decades since then to see that this never happened.

What did happen was that those elites took their massive tax breaks and either sent the money to off-shore, tax-free bank accounts, or sent it off-shore to create jobs in lower wage countries, or used it to purchase competitors, or used it to set up non-profit organizations which were then manipulated to increase the profits of donor corporations. The Bill and Meinda Gates Foundation is a prime example of the latter. All of this has left average Americans who worked their butts off to create that wealth for those elites, bereft.

The deployment of this communistic system has not only been ongoing through every administration since Reagan, it was ramped up even more under Trump with another round of massive tax breaks for the elite, his signature on The Act and his signing of the EUA, the latter two having set in motion the current plandemic which is being used as a weapon of fear to beat us into submissive enslavement. And I would be remiss to not mention the Biden administration and its mindless imposition of pandemic regulations, its door to door vaccine program and the fact that Biden himself is serving as the primary cheerleader for the misguided, materialcentric vaxx industry. Even scarier is Biden’s recent proposal to create a new health agency modeled on the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The idea is to track all of our digital hardware (Fitbits, cell phones, Apple watches, Amazon Echo, Google Home etc) and collate that information into programs to tell us how to live. In short, it’s the beginning of the digital dictatorship as set forth in the short movie linked above. Why is this system being foisted upon us by both neoconservatives and neoliberals? It’s part of the convenient deception that I’ve mentioned in several earlier posts. On the surface it appears that we have a democratically elected government with a free and open society, all of which is governed by a constitution, but the reality is quit different.

It’s easy to fall into the proverbial usage of the term ‘they’ to describe those who are pulling the levers behind the scenes, so let me refer you to this earlier piece so you can familiarize yourself with just who the puppeteers are.


History does repeat itself. Because of that, we need to look back so we can see what’s coming.

Because I’m going to veer off into topics that both believers and nonbelievers may find uncomfortable, it seems prudent to set the stage. Non believers may find some of what I’m about to say uncomfortable because it involves - not religion - but more important matters, matters of the spirit. I’m afraid some believers may find it uncomfortable for the same reason. I should also point out that, although I consider myself a Christian (not just because I was born and raised in a Baptist family) there are those who might consider me a backslider because I haven’t regularly attended formal church services in nearly 5 decades. The reason I still consider myself a Christian is because after reading the Bible multiple times in my youth I found that what I read didn’t conform very well with what I was being told from behind the pulpit. I thought there must be something more. Turns out, there is. A lot more.

A little reminder of Christian history might prove helpful here. The first council of Nicaea was convened by the Roman Emperor Constantin in 325 AD. The goal was to sort through the multitude of writings that various followers of Jesus had created over the previous 325 years and choose those that conformed to what Constantine’s hand picked “bishops” thought would make a good state religion. To do so they wanted to set up a hierarchy of priests, bishops cardinals and a pope, with the elite residing in Rome where the Emperor could maintain control. (Turned out to be the other way around for much of history since then.) The fact that all of this was antithetical to the teachings of Jesus didn’t bother these guys one whit. At the end of the council, what was left on the cutting room floor were the real treasures of the teachings of Jesus. The final product of this council is what we now know as the Bible (there were a few changes made during the second council of Nicaea).

To ensure that the newly enshrined “official version” of the state religion became the religion de jour across the land, Constantine assigned a contingent of his military to his pet bishops to seek out and destroy all other copies of any writings that had not been adopted at the council of Nicaea. Sound familiar? Today the Biden administration has adopted the role of Constantine, imposing the “official version” of the new state religion of science while sending his army of big tech marauders on seek and destroy missions to censor and ban those who dissent. Of course those tech giants are being virtually led by the bishops of the new state religion, Fauci and Gates. Getting back to the original story… Fortunately, word about the bishops army destroying texts got out and texts were buried ahead of the arrival of the bishops forces to keep them safe. We have no idea how many texts were destroyed but two sets were found. One was what we now call the Dead Sea Scrolls and the other was the less well known library found buried in sealed clay vessels near Nag Hamadi Egypt in 1945. Many of these books are often referred to as the Gnostic Bible due to the mystical approach these followers of Jesus adopted. Yes, Jesus was a mystic. And yes, mysticism was just as antithetical to the new state religion then as it is now.

Why is any of this important? Because without an understanding of how important it is to grasp mysticism - be it Christian mysticism, Sufi mysticism, Hindu mysticism, shamanism (fascinating) or what have you - all will be lost with the looming enslavement. If only we could talk to those living under the Roman version of social enslavement to glean the lessons they could pass along.

As I detailed in this earlier post, many physicists are in agreement that there are two realms, the physical realm of matter and the nonphysical realm of wave forms. Most of the world has come to function primarily in the physical realm. The reason for this is because profit is derived primarily from the physical realm, not the nonphysical realm. As we all know, profit runs the world today. Because capitalism has become the foundational social agreement for most of the world, commodification of physical items has become what the worlds economy depends on. (A discussion of alternative, more balanced systems would take several more posts.) The result of modern medicine having now completely entrenched itself in the material realm and having entirely shunned the spiritual realm provides all of the reasons needed to explain why it has failed so miserably to heal chronic illnesses. The modern medical system can’t see the forest for the trees.

Because mysticism is so hard to nail down it requires a great deal of open-mindedness to grasp. This is a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good because it forces us to become open to other thoughts, ideas, ways of thinking, all of which makes us more compassionate. It’s a bad thing because today open-mindedness is being censored or banned by those seeking to enslave our spirits - Biden’s bishops of the new official religion of science.

Mysticism also requires a certain amount of faith, another good thing - never underestimate the power of faith to move mountains. We’ll be needing more faith to help us overcome the great psychic battle looming ahead. However, like all theological virtues, faith needs to be kept in check - lest we forget, overzealous faith also gave us many foolish religions and cults. Even religions that begin with good intentions can go astray when they loose touch with their homely, mystical roots and become engrossed in the physical realm of grand edifices that serve only to enshrine their doctrine and dogma and enslave the minds and pocketbooks of their followers for ever more pomp and circumstance.

All of this is to say that to make social enslavement function well, matters of the spirit must be dealt with. How does one deal with matters of the spirit to achieve a nefarious end? Ask the founder of any cult what the most effective tool is to capture the hearts and minds of its followers and you’ll get the same answer every time… fear, a weapon employed very well by the new bishops over the past 1.5 years. Next in line after fear comes the need to convince people that their current belief system is misguided and that they need to follow “the true way”. This is how all the great religious and secular movements of our time were founded, including Hitler’s Nazi movement. This is especially true of the one that is seeking to take control of our lives today - the church of ‘official science’ as it’s currently being touted by the verba magistri of our fear laden time. Yes, what’s old is now new again. The new religion of fear based medical science has even gone so far as to lockdown society and force the closure of its various competing religious institutions, telling them to no longer trust their faith, that we are to trust the new religion of ‘the science of materialism’ as the one and only true religion.

So, how does one come to understand the mystical aspects of life? Good question. This may be a bit lame but it is, nevertheless, as good as I can come to answering this question - I don’t think they can be fully understood, and maybe they shouldn’t be. Maybe there are things not meant to be understood. After all, life would be very boring without mystery. Should we always be seeking a deeper understanding? Yes. As the old saying goes, life is about the journey, not the destination.

Having said all of that, what’s the bottom line? In a word… freedom. Freedom to pursue life’s journey to the fullest. Freedom to not be ruled by those who seek to enslave us through their manipulation of the material realm. Freedom to openly contemplate the nonphysical realm and the fascinating mysticism waiting to be explored there. Freedom to worship as we please. Freedom to chose our own forms of healing and medical advice and to refuse those we deem unfit. Freedom to communicate freely, to move about freely, to breath freely. Freedom to live in a world not polluted by those greedy few who seek only to enrich themselves by enslaving everyone else and by raping our planet of its material resources for thirty pieces of silver. Last but certainly not least, freedom to continue to abide under that very fine document known as the Constitution of the United States of America.

Without these freedoms, we’re effectively enslaved to do the bidding of those who rule over us. “To learn who rules over you, simply determine who you are not allowed to criticize.” Voltaire


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