the pandemic psyops war on humanity

will this war will prove more deadly than COVID-19?

Let virtue distinguish the brave

Place riches in lowest degree

Think them poorest that can be a slave

Think them richest who dare to be free

James Hogg 1819

First, a brief update on the death count from both the Pfizer/Biontech and Moderna vaccines. The most recent report from VAERS (the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event System) does not include any of April, nor does it include any cases from J&J’s vaccine. As in the past, these numbers are for the US and its territories. As of the last day of March the death count from both vaccines stood at 2,149, with less than 1% of those being harmed by vaccines reporting to VAERS. Look for a full report in my next post.

I just finished reading Glenn Greenwald's most recent post, in which he highlights a home invasion that occurred in San Francisco. He then goes on to detail a recent armed invasion he experienced at his home in Brazil. Both are harrowing stories.

While reading his story I was reminded of a home invasion that occurred in my tiny community near the border with Mexico. In this case a militia group, seeking to steal some drug money to fund their fledgling militia group, invaded the home of a family of 4, shot the father and his 9 year old daughter dead (the other daughter was at friends house), shot and wounded the mans wife (the mother of the two girls). She survived, snuck away, found her gun and returned fire, chasing away the murderers.

Yes, they all got caught. Two face execution, including the woman who ‘masterminded’ the operation.

These types of events serve as macabre signs of our time - our time being one in which so many are fearful, tense, disconnected, upset and just plain lost. Loss of physical contact with other humans due to social distancing, loss of the right to breath freely, loss of jobs, loss of businesses, loss of tranquility, loss of vision for a brighter future, loss of peace of heart, loss of the right to social interaction, loss of the right to move about freely, loss of the connections that come from experiencing the arts (no concerts, no art shows, no theater, no movies), loss of freedom to worhip with fellow believers - all have contributed to the rapid erosion of a society already beset with problems due to pollution, war, race issues, social decline and political divisions.

In the case of the 5 men who invaded Greenwald's home, all had recently lost their jobs. Social instability leads to instability on all levels.

All of this stems from the massive PsyOps war on humanity.

We’ve all heard of psychological warfare, often referred to by the military as PsyOps. There are countless types of PsyOp tactics used by the military, all of them designed to break down the will of the enemy prior to, and during combat missions. This is not a new thing. During medieval times when battles were fought with swords, shields, bows and arrows, it was common for opposing sides to beat their swords on their shields while shouting insults at the enemy to create a dark, hideous sound to terrify them. Indeed, many bowels were let loose just before combat. The negative psychological effect of PsyOps on ones health cannot be denied.

Although the loosening of bowels before combat is an obvious negative side effect of psychological warfare, as many war veterans will attest - even ones that never saw combat - there are many other negative psychological effects that don’t show up until later, sometimes much later.

How are the PsyOps currently being foisted upon us; telling everyone to be fearful, to wear a mask, to socially distance, to stop going to sporting events, to stop worshiping with fellow believers… how is any of that any different than the PsyOps used to break down the will of enemies before combat? Are we not all being ‘broken down’ so that we more easily succumb to the idea of getting a vaccine? Are we not having our God-given freedoms taken away in the name of profit for a handful of drug cartel elites?

In large part thanks to all of you folks who have taken the time to read articles like this, vaccine hesitancy has been on the rise, which has become a big concern among those running the PsyOps war. What does the military do when they feel they need to tighten the screws on their PsyOps? They ratchet them up and extend them to the point where the enemy reaches complete despair. And what’s been happening with the pandemic PsyOps war since it was becoming apparent that there was a great amount of vaccine hesitancy developing in recent months? !Viola! New strains suddenly appeared, strains that could be more deadly than the original! Of course there is no science to back that up and plenty of science to have no concern for new strains. Sadly, most fail to look at the science and fall prey to the PsyOps. Of course the official narative line we are being fed is that, ‘due to the advent of these new strains, the restrictions must be continued - you must keep wearing your mask, you must continue to socially distance…’ you must despair. But, if you succumb and get the vaccine, all will be well. You’ll be good to go, except… ‘you must continue to wear a mask, you must continue to socially distance and you must continue to stay under house arrest’. Huh? What? If vaccines provide immunity, why are we being told by Fauci and his boss Francis Collins (head of the NIH) that we need to continue to wear masks and socially distance after getting vaccinated? I’ll tell you exactly why, and its no secret. It’s because the mRNA vaccines being jabbed into the arms of millions of people - according to the CDC’s definition of a vaccine - are not real vaccines. Fauci and his boss know this. The dark art of PsyOps has led most Americans to believe otherwise. As Mark Twain said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled”.

A few days ago while at a farmers market I saw a good example of how well the PsyOps have indoctrinated people into believing the falsehoods being promulgated by those running the vaccine agenda. A naturally gregarious woman I’ve known for several decades, a woman who has followed the PsyOp/pandemic guidlines to a T (socially distancing, mask wearing, sanitizing etc), was going around the farmers market hugging friends, telling them she had been vaccinated and was now “immune”. Still walking in lockstep with the PsyOps agenda, she was also wearing a mask. Oh, the irony of it all.

If they’re not real vaccines then are we not being sold a bill of goods? In short, yes, we’re being sold a bill of goods. A more accurate description of these new vaccines would be to call them forms of gene therapy. They do not fulfill the CDC’s definition of a vaccine - they don’t provide immunity, nor do they keep one from getting COVID-19, nor do they prevent one from spreading COVID-19. For more on this topic, see this earlier post.

The question then becomes, who is conducting this war and why? As to the first part of that question, as mentioned in an early post, there is likely no one person. Even if there are numerous people involved, finding the core group would likely be a much more difficult task than dismantling the onion layers of the world-wide investments of a Columbian drug cartel. Evidently these people live in dark dugeons and only come out at night. We may never know who is pulling the levers behind the curtain. But this previous post clearly indicates that even President Trump - who shortly after moving into the White House met with RFK Jr to do something about problematic vaccines, and then changed course to sign “The Act”, which gave carte blanche to vaccine makers - was being ‘handled’ by someone with much more clout. And the same can likely be said for every president of recent times. Our elected officials seem to be nothing more than bones thrown to the dogs by the overlords to keep the masses from growling.

As to the latter part of the question posed at the beginning of the previous paragraph - this is easy to answer, all we need to do is consider the great wealth that has accumulated in the hands of the top 1% of the population over the course of the past year of this pandemic. It seems apparent that the global pandemic PsyOps are working… for them. For the rest of us, those PsyOps are responsible for the unemployment of tens of millions of middle and lower income people, for tens of thousands of homeless, for a jump in suicide rates among young people, for an increase in drug use and for causing an increase in stress related chronic disease. As is too often the case, lower and middle income people are made to carry the burden. The final death toll from these worldwide PsyOps maneuvers are yet to be counted, but I predict they will be tremendous.

Meanwhile, the elites have watched their wealth soar over the past year. I should make clear that the elites referred to in this link and that we see and hear about every day are not the same ones running the PsyOps. The elites running the PsyOps do not want to be seen or heard, preferring to remain anonymous in their castle dungeons, pulling levers behind a curtain. Before all is said and done, these PsyOps may pave the way for the largest transfer of wealth from lower and middle class to the elite in the history of the world - even surpassing the phenomenal transfer that occurred during Bush’s last term and Obama’s first term, the years of the Great Recession.

What can we do? All we need to do is ignore the official agenda and proceed with our normal lives. If we all ignore the nonsensical pandemic guidlines and return to our normal lives, we can negate the PsyOps war being waged against us. Enough of us doing so may very well cause a decline in the psychological death and suffering currently being inflicted on the world. So far we still have a choice, no one is holding a gun to our heads. We can choose to be free or we can choose to succumb to the PsyOps. As I pointed out here, if we are not free to breath, if we are not free to worship, if we are not free to socialize, if we are not free to move about, are we not prisoners? The more of us that side with James Hogg and choose to be free, the more those who are on the fence will look at us and say “There goes a free person. I miss being a free person. If that person can be free, so can I”.