vaccines or bioweapons? part 1

the line between the two is very blurred

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Because of my early history with vaccine injuries I’d been doing research into the nefarious history of the pharmaceutical industry long before this blog, which is why some of my earliest pieces are about its history.

Because that historical information is scattered over numerous articles and because a lot of new information has come my way and because so much of what is happening right now is directly tied to the history of how we got into this mess, it seemed like a good time to take another look at how this coup d’état by the techmed cartels was pulled off. It’s a very long and sordid affair that requires a lot of time consuming research, so it’ll be a multipart series spread over several weeks.

This is by no means a comprehensive guide to the history of how the pharmaceutical industry came to take over the world. That would require a tome, maybe two. Think of it more as a guide that highlights how vaccines came to the fore and how the line between vaccine research and bioweapon research became blurred.

some stage setting

Before getting into the meat of this it seems important to understand that over the course of human history diseases have come and gone and they’ve done the later without the help of any vaccine. One of the most deadly was the bubonic plague which first arose with the Roman rule of Justinian in 541 to 549, during the decline of the Roman Empire. The second wave of plague hit Europe hard between 1346 and 1350, a time when the Church and its superstitious forms of medicine were being imposed. A third wave hit depressed parts of the world during the 1500’s and a fourth affected disrupted Asia in the 1800’s. When considering causation, the conditions under which this disease arose in each of these times needs to be taken into consideration. Additionally, we need to consider the prevailing conditions that have led to it not having been a problem for a long time. Most of that has to do with improved nutrition. Scurvy, pellagra and other diseases that once killed hundreds of thousands we now know to be diseases of nutritional deficiency and hence, are no longer problematic. No one has yet proven that’s not at least partly the cause of most diseases.

Another well known disease is the Spanish flu of 1918/1919. Although severe, it was very short lived. Perhaps not so coincidentally, the worldwide Spanish flu pandemic came about right after the first worldwide vaccination program for tuberculosis. If you think the covid jabs are full of toxins, read the history of those early TB jabs. How else could this illness spread all around the world in a matter of weeks in a time when there was no air travel and boats took months to go from one place to another? Another possible causative factor that correlates directly with the Spanish flu is the introduction of electricity. Compared to the DC electricity that naturally occurs in our bodies as well as with static electricity and lightening, EMF’s emanating from the wires carrying AC current through peoples homes for the first time in human history was like a new bully on the block beating up on everyone in ways they had never been beat upon before. Combine that toxic insult with the toxic insult of the TB vaccines and Voilà! the Spanish flu appears.

The first measles cases in the US were reported in 1765. Prior to that it effectively didn’t exist. As the Brady Bunch television show pointed out back in ’68, the measles was never taken seriously until, thanks to a lot of hype from Fauci and his techmed cartel pals, recent years. The reality is, there is evidence indicating that the measles vaccine is keeping this disease present in the population, maintaining its ongoing existence.

All of this begs the question; why does the vaxx industry even exist?

it begins with the fda

To answer that question we have to first consider the one organization that has more power and control than all of the other big players of our time - even more so than the CDC - the granddaddy of all government agencies… the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA began as the Department of Agriculture (D of A) in 1862, but, as government agencies are wont to do, by 1930 it had expanded massively and morphed into the FDA. To see the full scope of the power that the FDA has garnered over the past 100 years, go here.

Occasionally government agencies begin with good intentions. Initially, the FDA seemed like a good idea. In 1901 22 children were killed by contaminated tetanus vaccines (that long and sordid vaccine history). This led to the formation of the Biologics Control Act of 1902, which, in theory, was to oversee the content of vaccines. This then led to the 1906 Food and Drugs Act, the D of A’s first regulatory function.

the fd&c act

Here’s a story that sounds all too familiar. In the 1930’s unscrupulous business people were selling terribly toxic products and people were dying in large numbers from them. Unlike today, an outcry in the press led government officials to pass a new bill. Elected officials are always happy to pass meaningless bills so they can do what they do best - pat themselves on their back and say, “We did something about that problem”. So in 1938 they passed the follow up to the 1906 bill called the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, (FD&C Act) which gave the fledgling FDA the power to impose more regulatory measures. At the same time, this bill is also where we begin to see the influence of the newly burgeoning pharmaceutical industry. Vaccines were becoming widely used and accepted so the FD&C began to lay the groundwork for what we now know as the EUA or Emergency Use Authorization, which allows the use of unapproved vaccines in the event a public emergency has been declared - currently in effect in the US.


the phs act

The FD&C was followed by one of the more important bills regarding our current dilemma, the approval of the Public Health Service Act in1944, which gives the government the power to quarantine people in the event of a declared emergency. As Wikipedia explains -

The act clearly established the federal government's quarantine authority for the first time. It gave the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) responsibility for preventing the introduction, transmission and spread of communicable diseases from foreign countries into the United States.

Because no proof has ever been brought forth that shows that diseases are “communicable” the obvious question is: Why is this necessary? Is it there to help impose a phony crises like the one we’re now living through?

This PHS Act puts into place critical structural pieces that make it possible for the government to use declared medical emergencies as a way to control its own people. However, while it’s highly beneficial to the power hungry deep state in DC, this arrangement was far from satisfactory to the increasingly powerful pharmaceutical industry.

But to keep this in a somewhat chronological order, we’ll come back to that when we get to the anthrax attacks in 2001

the cdc

Few are familiar with the USPHS but all of us know about its subsidiary, the CDC, one of the uniformed services of the US. The CDC is a classic, fascist, for-profit government agency and it holds many of the patents being used in pharmaceuticals today.

These profitable patents may help explain why in 1949 its work turned toward bioweapon research. Indeed, the CDC is a leading contender as the most authoritative bioweapons research agency in the US. It is with this “health” agency that we really begin to see the emphasis switch from keeping Americans healthy to partnering with nefarious private entities to do bioweapon research.

Following the evolution of the CDC in the previous link is very descriptive of how the CDC progressed from an agency dealing with disease to one promoting surveillance, new vaxx (bioweapon) technologies and unwarranted fear mongering about diseases. Note that nowhere in their sordid history have they ever done any research on the innate human immune system, nutrition, the negative effects of EMF’s or any of the other aspects that constitute real human health. Why? Because they’re focused solely on making profits in the material realm with their techmed partners.

bayh-dole act

Another important but lesser known bill is the Bayh-Dole Act of 1980. This Act was originally meant to help small businesses gain access to government sponsored research and technologies to help them get a position on the playing field with the big boys. Reagan wasn’t having any of that so he signed an upgraded version of the bill in 1983 to allow his big corporate donors to also have access. This, of course, meant small businesses could no longer compete and were promptly squeezed out.

This Act also caused an explosion of university patents because it allowed universities to gain ownership of patents which came about thanks to research done by students - which explains how universities came to be such big players in the techmed patent scheme.

Reagan’s upgraded version of the Act codifies the legal aspects of patents created with government funding. In other words, it set the stage for much of the profits that are now being made by the patent holders of the myriad patented products being used in all of the various and sundry jabs. As I’ve pointed out in several earlier pieces, Bill Gates may be the largest beneficiary of Reagan’s legislation.

I want to inject here that I voted for Bob Dole when he ran for president in 1988. He and my parents attend the same small town high school and he has long been a friend of the family. I have a picture with him and our family on the steps of the US capital taken in 1965. I knew him to be cut from the same cloth as another Kansan, Dwight Eisenhower; honest, forthright, not corrupt (which is why he lost his 1988 bid for the White House) and having an exceedingly sharp wit.

national childhood protection act

Of course this rundown would be woefully inadequate if I failed to mention the National Childhood Protection Act (NCPA), which was signed into law by President Reagan in 1986.

When you go to the dictionary and look up the word misnomer, the name of this Act is there. This Act has nothing to do with childhood protection and everything to do with protecting the techmed cartels.

The NCPA was the beginning of the end for the millions of people who have kids injured or killed by childhood vaccines. This bill came about because vaxx makers were beginning to lose vast amounts of money due to the numerous multi-million dollar rewards that juries were awarding to families of kids who had suffered injury and death from childhood vaccinations. For many years the vaxx makers had been spending oodles of money lobbying congress for legal immunity, admitting to congress that vaccines were “undeniably unsafe” and that if they were to stay in business and provide vaccines, they needed immunity from injury and death caused by their products. Being the trickle down economics hero of corporate America that he was (which, to this day has never worked) Reagan ushered this bill through and signed it into law. The vaxx makers celebrated for the next several months while millions of parents of vaccine injured children wept.

With this major victory under their belts, vaxx makers began to visualize massive profits down the road. With this foot in the door they only need a few more steps to gain everything they needed to be able to implement a full blown bioweapon eugenics program.


the nvicp

Part of the NCPA agreement included the provision to set up what is now known as the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP). Because Reagan’s NCPA bill took away Americans Constitutional right to seek justice in court, a bone was thrown to us peons in the form of the NVICP, which gave families the chance to seek compensation from the government. In other words, tax payers became responsible for paying the costs of vaccine injures and deaths. Isn’t corporate socialism a wonderful thing? The taxpayers pay for vaccine research, vaccine advertising, vaccine distribution, the jabs themselves, and any injuries or deaths occur are also paid for by the taxpayers. It’s a classic example of the ‘socializing of business expense for private profit’. What a socialist techmed scam! It’s fascism, pure and simple.

However, because the NVICP is not a real court, there is no legal need for the process to be speedy as guaranteed by the Constitution. Hence, many cases have been pending for years and the amounts that do get paid out are paltry compared to cases won prior to Reagan signing this socialist/fascist bill.

the bioshield act

In September and October of 2001 the anthrax attacks occurred. The veracity of those attacks has recently come under critical scrutiny. There are too many good links to list so I’ll just list a few of the news outlets that have recently been questioning the official narrative of what happened with those anthrax attacks - you can do your own research; McClatchy Newspapers, Frontline, ProPubilca and the Washington Post have all covered the story. The short summary is - the attacks seem to have been staged. A huge problem arises out of this, which I’ll go into shortly. But first we need to understand that the anthrax attacks served as the excuse for the next piece of the puzzle to be put into place, the Bioshield Act, which was signed into law by President Bush in 2004. This Act serves to amend the 1944 Public Health Services Act and shows a clear turning point towards the production, storage and use of bioweapons. From the previous link -

A key element of the Act was to allow stockpiling and distribution of vaccines which had not been tested for safety or efficacy in humans, due to ethical concerns.

In this Act we also find the source for that wonderful (from the point of view of a techmed cartel exec) caveat that grants pharmaceutical companies and bioweapons researchers (one and the same?) carte blanch to do all kinds of nasty research. This is when the line between vaccine research and bioweapon research becomes even more blurred. In fact, given the fact that no virus has ever been isolated and that viruses have never been proven to be causative of disease, and given the fact that the world wide vaxx death count from covid jabs alone is now in the millions, it seems safe to say that there is no difference whatsoever between vaccine research and bioweapon research.

Getting back to the huge problem with the Bioshield Act. As I explained, the reason given for Bush’s approval of this Act was the anthrax attacks. How convenient that this legislation was waiting in the wings at the time of those attacks. (In addition to 9/11, many other strange things happened during his watch.) If those attacks were bogus, then it begs the question - how and why did the Bioshield Act come into existence? The obvious answer is that those attacks occurred because they helped usher through the passage of this Act which enables future bioweapon events. Lest we forget, Bush was a staunch advocate of the “new world order” (as was his father), or what is now being called “the great reset”.

prep act

Next up is the Prep Act signed into law by President Bush in 2005. Yes, it is interesting how many nefarious things can be traced to Bush Jr. Given the huge Bush family investments in pharmaceuticals and their questionable ties to the Nazis, it should come as no surprise.

The Prep Act is crucially important to the vaxx makers because it finally gives them much of what they’ve been wanting - legal immunity from injury and death due to vaccinations given during a declared public emergency.

The Prep Act was amended by Trump to be more accommodating to the specifics of COVID-19. Lest we forget, it was Trump who signed the covid EUA into law that set the wheels in motion for everything that’s been happening over the past 10 months. I’ll go into detail about the roles that Obama and Trump played in all of this in part 2.

the result

With all of the pieces of the puzzle in place, all that was required to produce vast profits and gain control of the masses was for the fear lever be fully engaged. In a highly orchestrated effort, all of the agencies listed above fulfilled that role very well over the past 20 months. In combination with the fear porn being spewed by pharma funded legacy media, the hat trick was pulled off.

In his unique way of turning the table, Dr. Tom Cowan said in my recent interview with him, that what many know as bioweapons are actually vaccines.

In the long, terrible history of vaccines there has never been such thing as a safe vaccine. As I pointed out earlier, the vaxx makers even admitted this to congress. India kicked out the Gates Foundation for killing so many kids with their jabs. A similar story exits in Africa. Countless hundreds of thousands, nay, millions have been killed by jabs and tens of millions have suffered permanent injury around the world over the past 100 years. I suffer from vaccine injury. We must stop beating around the bush and call a spade a spade. Vaccines are bioweapons used to cull the population - and the biggest culling ever is now under way. It needs to stop, all of it.

The agencies (and all of their affiliates) listed above and in part 2 need to be abolished and the guilty parties need to face juries in a court room.


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