covid crimes against humanity - nuremberg 2 is set to begin

josef mengele got away - will Fauci and Gates escape justice?

First, some important news about the J&J and Astra Zeneca jabs.

I recently came across some interesting information about what many perceive as the less dangerous vaccine, the Janseen/J&J jab. Anyone who still thinks this is a safer alternative to Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA jabs will want to watch this video.

For a shorter explanation, read the following quote.

From Hackensack Meridian Health -

The J&J COVID-19 vaccine is a type of “replication-incompetent vector vaccine.” This vaccine also contains the genetic instructions to express a stabilized coronavirus spike protein, but instead of mRNA, these instructions are delivered via DNA stored inside a modified vector virus (Adenovirus 26). This adenovirus has been engineered to enter the human cells and deliver the desired genetic information without replicating itself or causing illness. Once inside the cells, the DNA encoding for the coronavirus spike protein can be read by the cell and transcribed into mRNA. At this point, the J&J vaccine acts similarly to the mRNA vaccines.

update on communications with the cdc

Before delving into this weeks article I want to bring you up to date on my communications with the CDC’s VAERS program regarding the questionable VAERS numbers I pointed out in last weeks article. In that piece I told you that I had sent questions to the CDC for answers but had not yet heard back. Since then I’ve received several responses from them. The first question I asked them was why I was getting a lower count than I had the week before. Because the counts for injuries and deaths are cumulative, they always go up, not down. Here is their response.

“Perhaps you had inadvertently limited some of the data fields in the query criteria when you ran the query?  In the future, please click the SAVE button at the upper right on the Result tab, to create a saved  link to the query, so we may  review the specific query criteria.”

I’ll tell you what I told them - I’ve been researching the VAERS site for 5 months. I’m about as comfortable doing a search there as I am on duckduckgo. Besides, I repeated that search several times and got the same result every time. In short, that response from them is a non sequitur. As for the second part of their response - I see no need for them to know what I’m doing on a taxpayer funded website. Even before the government used the pandemic as an excuse to trash our first amendment rights to privacy, they already knew way more than they need to know. I’m not about to provide them with any more information.

Then I asked them about the video I linked from the gentleman who had discovered that the CDC was randomly deleting files of vaccine injuries and deaths. Here’s what they said about that.

“The HHS VAERS program reserves the right to delete duplicate and false reports from the public data, please contact  

You may also direct Vaccine Safety questions to CDC at

CDC WONDER does not delete any data from VAERS.”

In the first sentence they reserve the right to delete data. The question of how duplicates get onto the site would seem to be a question of competence - which brings up even more questions. Then we need to ask - how they determine whether or not a report is true? Do they send someone all over the country to knock on the doors of the tens of thousands who have filed reports to see if they’re actually sick? Of course not. So how do they make that determination?

Then they contradict their previous statement by saying that “CDC WONDER does not delete data from VAERS.” So do they delete data or not? If not, why have there been so many reports removed? Why do the counts differ? Due to what seems like a purposeful lack of clarity, I’ve submitted another series of questions to see if some explanations can be provided.

Update. Late Saturday morning I received another email from the Wonder Team at the CDC addressing my most recent questions. Here is the pertinent part of their statement, unedited.

“In synopsis,   Duplicate reports and false reports are deleted from the public information data.      Duplicate reports occur when  more than one report is submitted for the same event.  Duplicate reports are detected by VAERS when they compare key information such as the patient’s name, the vaccines administered and dates the vaccines were given, as well as  the symptoms reported.  Duplicate reports may happen if both the healthcare provider and the patient submit separate event reports.   The first report  or “primary” report submitted is retained in the public information data.  The internal data includes all reports for the event.    False reports are detected when the facts alleged in the report are found to be false during the follow-up review, such as alleged death without a death record, or alleged hospitalization without a hospital record.    Information from the follow-up reviews and personal identifiers, such as names, are not available in the public information data set. Mistakes as submitted are retained in the public information data.  For example, if a 72 year old man is mistakenly reported as 17 month old  toddler, the public information  data retains the inaccurate age as submitted, although authorized scientists have internal access to the information from follow-up.”

The first part, regarding the question of deleted files, seems straight forward enough. On the surface, the part about false reports also seems straight forward. But I do have some questions about who the authorized scientists are, why they need access to this information and what they’re doing with that information.

A bigger question comes to mind regarding the false reports. This information suggests that the CDC is quite diligent about pursuing false reports. My question is: Why is the same level of diligence not being applied on the other end of the spectrum? We know that covid ‘case’ numbers have been vastly overblown due the use of the PCR test, which it’s inventor, Dr. Kary Mullis (who got the Nobel prize in chemistry in 1993 for doing so) said the PCR test was never intended to be used to determine viral infection in humans. On top of that we also know that the cycle count on the PCR test was set far to high (40 to 45 - anything over 30 will generate massive amounts of false positives) to determine an accurate count of cases. To its credit, the CDC eventually pointed out that 94% of deaths attributed to covid were the result of comorbitities, not covid. We also know that in the early stages of the pandemic many deaths were chalked up to covid that had nothing to do with flu like symptoms - motorcycle accidents, falls and so on. And yet the level of diligence on the part of the CDC to make this information known to the public is no where near the level of diligence used to keep information hidden regarding injury and deaths caused by the jabs.

It’s apparent to anyone who is paying attention that there is a concerted effort to pad the death numbers due to covid on one side of the equation, while on the other side of the equation doing everything possible to minimize the death numbers due to the vaccines. It is a very lopsided playing field. Of course this would be the obvious way to proceed if one were running a campaign to maximize profits from the vaccines while also implementing a hidden eugenics program.

finally, on to todays article

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the original Nuremberg trials.

‘The Nuremberg trials (German: Nürnberger Prozesse) were a series of military tribunals held after World War II by the Allied forces under international law and the laws of war. The trials were most notable for the prosecution of prominent members of the political, military, judicial, and economic leadership of Nazi Germany, who planned, carried out, or otherwise participated in the Holocaust and other war crimes. The trials were held in Nuremberg, Germany, and their decisions marked a turning point between classical and contemporary international law.”

As a student of Eleanor Ostrom, I’m generally not a proponent of international laws, courts and tribunals - they tend to disregard local, regional and national customs and laws about what constitutes appropriate justice and punishment. The idea that a single law can and should be imposed equally around the world is about as ridiculous as the idea that a single vaccine will work for billions of very different people around the world. The millions of deaths and injuries caused by vaccines all around the world over the past 100 years provides indisputable evidence that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all vaccine. The same holds true for how different cultures perceive justice. The end of apartheid in South Africa provides a good example. With the fall of apartheid came an international push to prosecute and severely punish those who imposed the deadly apartheid regulations upon indigenous South Africans. Instead, the much less severe but much more regionally appropriate Truth and Justice Commission was set up by the local and regional folks who won the struggle over apartheid.

This is why I’ve yet to take a position on how justice should be meted out by those who are now beginning the prosecution process for crimes against humanity committed by numerous parties during the covid pandemic. There are a number issues to consider.

1) The covid plandemic has been imposed upon the entire world.

2) The number killed by covid vaccinations is likely now higher than deaths caused directly by covid.

3) We know that vaccines cause viral mutations that lead to new strains like the delta form.

4) We know that some have been promoting lies about masks, social distancing, economic shutdown.

5) The loss of constiutional rights - freedom of speech, freedom to worship, freedom to move about, to attend a sporting events, concerts, art shows, theater.

6) Millions have been beset by economic disaster due to the unnecessary lockdown.

7) Many have died or suffered permanent damage due to masks, economic despair and social injustice.

8) As in most wars, a small handful of elites have profited hugely from this death and destruction.

So yes, I’m perfectly comfortable with the idea that prosecution in these cases should proceed. I would even go so far as to say that… perhaps at no time in history has the need for justice to be served been as important as it is after the death and destruction wrought by those who instigated and promoted this plandmeic. Yet, even though I’ve presented hundreds of pages of evidence here over the past 8 months describing the subterfuge, flaunted laws, lies and innumerable people injured and killed by lockdown measures, masks, economic destruction and the vaccines - the blame for all of which can be laid at the feet of those who are imposing medical tyranny upon us - I’m reserving my opinion on what form of jurisprudence should be followed until more evidence has been presented.

The lead prosecutor in this case is Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a German/American fellow who is licensed to practice law in Germany and California. He’s best known for winning the case against Volkswagen for committing fraud with its catalytic convertors in the US. He was also involved in a legal case exposing Deutschebank (Trumps bank) as a criminal enterprise.

Since news that Dr. Fuellmich was taking on this massive case, he’s been facing persecution by those who stand to lose if he’s able to carry out his prosecution. Back when he was still gathering information I submitted to him some of what I had found out about the subterfuge and lies being used to implement the plandemic. However, it seems that his website has been taken down, likely due to threats and hacks. But a duckdcukgo search of his name will bring up numerous interesting articles and videos about him and the case.

I take the position that - if it looks like a war crime, if it smells like a war crime, if it serves the same purpose as a war crime (profit, eugenics, control, power) and if the results are the same as a war crime (profit, eugenics, control, power), then it must be a war crime.

It then comes down to determining who should face trial. There are some very obvious candidates and I know I’m not alone in thinking that Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates should be high on the list. Are they they only ones? No. There may very well be dozens, if not hundreds of others, many whose names we’ve never heard of.

a comparison of mengele, fauci and gates

It would be very easy to resort to ad hominem attacks here, so I’m going to let the facts speak for themselves. If you have any questions about the information provided here, please peruse my other posts.


Although Dr. Josef Mengele worked at the Auschwitz prison camp, he was not, as some believe, the head doctor. That position was held by SS captain Dr. Eduard Wirths. About a third of the doctors in Germany joined the Nazi party and Mengele was one of them. Mengele was sent to Auschwitz to oversee the ‘Gypsy camp’ and became known for his “cold, cruel demeanor” while at the railroad ramps to determine who would be saved for labor and who would be sent immediately to the gas chambers. Although he may not have been responsible for any more deaths than the other doctors, his dark countenance stayed with the survivors who told tales about him.

Mengele was wounded while on campaign in 1943 and returned to Germany to work at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (KWI) for Anthropology, Human Genetics, and Eugenics, which was directed by his former mentor von Verschuer. Verschuer had passed on a fascination about the genetics of fraternal twins and Auschwitz provided him with the perfect place to conduct his often deadly experiments on Roma (Gypsy) and Jewish twins, many of whom were children.

Mengele embraced Nazi eugenics and race ideas and conducted numerous experiments on the Roma and Jews in futile attempts to prove them to be inferior. Many subjects died in during those experiments.

As the allied forces took over Germany at the end of the war, Mengele came to be in US custody. Unfortunately, he didn’t show up on any lists at that time and was soon released. Like many other Nazis, he fled to Argentina where he lived for many years. Although he escaped justice during the medical phase of the Nuremberg trials (Military Tribunal #1) he was later convicted in West Germany and a warrant was made for his arrest in 1959. He then fled to Paraguay, then Brazil, where he died in 1979.

The results of the Nuremberg Military Tribunal #1: Seven doctors were sentenced to death and hung, nine were given long sentences and seven were acquitted. Had he been present, Mengele would have been hung.


Anthony Fauci has played an outsized role in all aspects of the lockdown, vaccine development and vaccine promotion. However, unlike Josef Megele who was not afraid to get his hands dirty, Fauci’s role actually has more in common with those from whom Josef Mengele took orders (who were either killed during the allied occupation or hung after Nuremberg), than Josef Mengele himself.

Dr. Anthony Fauci became head of the NIAID in 1984 and has acted as an advisor to every President since Reagan. In 2021 President Biden appointed him as his Chief Medical Advisor. In the upcoming Nuremberg trials, this may implicate Biden.

There is a lot to cover when it comes to Fauci’s career. To get to some of the core issues as they pertain to his role in the pandemic, let’s focus on his role at the NIAID overseeing the vaccine research conducted on HIV and AIDS, some of which gave birth to patent applications. This research was paid for by your public tax dollars, yet the patent applications are in Fauci’s name, which means he profits from them.

We know that when vaccines are injected into any mammalian they cause viruses to mutate. This has been known for over a hundred years. In chapter 8 of his 1943 book Pasteur: Plagerist, Imposter - The Germ Theory Exploded, R. B. Pearsons talks about how research shows that when vaccines are injected into various test subjects, be they animal or human, alterations or mutations occur. He goes on to say…

“Now that this has been proven so overwhelmingly, we can see how a vaccine for any one disease could start some other disease through these mutated forms. We shall then need more serums (vaccines) for the new diseases, and so on, ad infinitum.” (Parenthesis mine)

Pearsons goes on to blame the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic on the use of the tuberculosis vaccine. Indeed, evidence is mounting that vaccines may be the cause of many of the modern disease we’ve been dealing with since vaccines were first introduced in the latter half of the 19th century. All of this is laid out in the following books: Béchamp or Pasteur - a lost chapter in the history of biology by Ethel D. Hume; Goodby to Germ Theory by Dr. William P. Trebing and numerous others that can be seen here.

Of course today we know that the knowledge that viruses mutate when passed through any mammalian is now a field of research unto itself, euphemistically called ‘gain of function research’. This returns us to Fauci’s role in overseeing HIV/AIDS research at the NIAID during the 80’s and 90’s when gain of function research was being developed. Given the recent hoopla over Fauci’s role in aiding and abetting gain of function research at several labs in the US and the Wuhan lab in China, it becomes clear that he understands that when viruses are introduced into humans that they mutate into new diseases, ones that can possibly be more deadly than the ones they were meant to treat. In fact, as the following evidence shows, he has even admitted as much.

Forbes - Researchers warn Some Covid-19 Vaccines Could Increase Risk of HIV Infection

The Lancet. The use of adenovirus type-5 Vectored Vaccines: a cautionary tale. This was the original paper that warned about the dangers of using adenovirus vectors derived from HIV research in covid vaccines. It contains a Fauci citation.

It bears repeating… it seems undeniable that Fauci understands very well that vaccines cause mutations of viruses and that these mutations give rise to new diseases - the delta form of covid being the latest example. If so, then he would be guilty on numerous counts.

We also need to keep in mind Fauci’s investments in vaccine technologies and his partnerships with investors in vaccine technologies, like Bill Gates. It then comes as no surprise that both he and Gates have been a very vocal proponents of the very vaccines from which they stand to profit.


Bill Gates role in funding the disinformation campaign being promulgated in the media, his role in funding vaccine research, his role in spreading lies about vaccines, his role in promoting his eugenics agenda, and most of all, his role in profiting from all of the above, make him a target for prosecutors seeking justice for the injury, death and economic destruction wrought by the pandemic.

For an in depth exposé on Bill Gates I’m going to send you to a May 30 article I did on Gates in which I discuss all of the issues that need to be covered here.


As I’ve made clear in previous articles, the covid jabs are not true vaccines - even the vaccine makers have said as much. We know that both Fauci and Gates have played major roles in promoting the pandemic, the lockdown and the fear mongering employed to get people to line up for the deadly, but highly profitable jabs. We know that more than 6,000 people have ‘officially’ been killed directly from the jabs and that due to the very low percentage of people who report to VAERS that that number is more likely to be in the hundreds of thousands. We know that countless people have had their livelihoods destroyed due to unneeded social and economic lockdown. We also know that many have died or become incapacitated due to social upheaval, mask wearing and loss of income. Folks, this is the same kind of savage aftermath we saw from World War II - except it’s occurring on a world wide basis, not just in a few countries that Germany occupied.

The evidence is insurmountable - these two fellows should be at the top of any list that Riener Fuellmich might be considering. I’m betting they’re already are. At the very least both are abominations to the health and well being of people around the world. At the very worst they’re co-conspirators in the death and injury of millions of people around the world. Let justice prevail.


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