death by covid vaccines - update #6

those taking the chimera/gmo vaccines are now infecting the non-vaccinated with bizarre symptoms

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I apologize for the lateness of this post. The CDC’s VAERS site was down for 4 days and just came back up this morning (Sunday).

There is so much happening right now that this biweekly post on the covid vaccine death count will be abbreviated so that important new information can be included. Some of this post will also be devoted to covering a new type of vaccine injury not yet officially recognized by the CDC - those who have not been vaccinated but are getting sick with strange, non-covid symptoms after being exposed to those who have been vaccinated. I’ve also included a link for you to sign a petition to convene a grand jury to investigate the CDC’s conduct during the covid nonsense.

In update #5 I introduced you to the CDC’s newly minted vaccine injury and death category, euphemistically called ‘breakthrough cases’. These are people who have been fully vaccinated, yet have acquired covid symptoms. Many have died. In spite of the fact that the category was new at the time of that piece, the number of breakthrough deaths was already at 88, higher than the 53 vaccine caused deaths in 1976 that forced the FDA to shut down the swine flu vaccination program that year.

Regarding the new breakthrough cases reporting system: In its infinite wisdom, the CDC has recently determined that this new category is not worthy of a full reporting program. It’s decided to update its breakthrough reporting system by trimming reporting on breakthrough cases down to hospitalizations and deaths. Reports of pneumonia, fevers, chills, rashes, fainting or other serious symptoms are apparently no longer worthy. Due to this transition, there is no update this week from the CDC on breakthrough causes, so the information that follows is from April 26. New information will not be available until May 14.

Total breakthrough cases as of 4/26 (apparently the last time we’ll be getting this number) was 9,245. 5,827 were women. 4,245 were over the age of 60. 835 were hospitalized. 132 deaths. It bears repeating that 132 deaths is 79 more than were killed by the swine flu vaccination program in 1976, which got shut down due to excessive deaths.

Even the CDC admits that these numbers are under reported. There is, at best, a small handful of people who know about VEARS. I don’t know of anyone else familiar with the reporting system for breakthrough cases - even most of my friends who stay on top of this topic don’t know about breakthrough cases, let alone the fact that there is a system to report them. Hence, we can assume that the percentage of those reporting breakthrough cases is far less than the 1% who report vaccine injury or death to VAERS. If we use the conservative number of 1% reporting, then the projected number of deaths from breakthrough cases would be 100 x 132 = 13,200. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the real number is in the hundreds of thousands.

Here is the abbreviated update of death by covid vaccines.

J&J/Janssen has now murdered 271 people with their vaccine.

Pfizer/Biontech has now murdered 1,853 people with their vaccine.

Moderna has now murdered 1,918 people with their vaccine.

The total number of deaths is 4,042.

As with previous reports, these numbers are only for the US and its territories.

We need to keep in mind that this Harvard study shows that less than 1% of the covid vaccine injuries or deaths get reported to VAERS. If we assume 100% reporting then the current covid vaccine death toll is just over 400,000. This is 399,947 more deaths than the 53 that caused the 1976 swine flu vaccination program to be shut down. Instead of shutting down the program to save lives, we are being told by Biden, Fauci and other authorities that more people need to get the jabs. It’s now undeniable that there is a dark agenda afoot.

Before getting into the new injury category, I want to mention another case of the mass media wavering on the official covid narrative. In the two previous posts I mentioned several major media sources that had begun to falter on their previous unshakable adherence to the official narrative about covid. There is now another. On 5/5/2021, Tucker Carlson (Fox News), who claims to have gotten the jab, pointed to some of the numbers I presented in my last post about the covid vaccine death count. He also pointed out that more people have been killed by the covid vaccine in the past four months than were killed in over 15 years from vaccines during the 1997 to 2013 time frame. He went on to explain that in 1976, during the previously mentioned swine flu episode, 53 people died from the jabs that year, which caused the FDA to shut down that vaccination program. By the way, Gerald Ford had his own version of Trumps “Operation Warp Speed”, to quickly get the Swine Flu vaccine up and running. Many blamed this accelerated vaccine development program for the 53 deaths. Why is there no outcry this time?… the dark agenda prevails.

With all of that out of the way, let’s look at the new forms of injury that are occurring among the unvaccinated after exposure to the vaccinated. This requires some background. Please bear with me, it’s all worthy information.

As I’ve explained previously, according to the CDC, none of the covid vaccines fulfill the definition of a vaccine. Here is yet another CDC link explaining what a vaccine is, which makes it clear that none of the current covid shots are vaccines. The previous evidence makes it clear - none of the covid jabs prevent one from getting covid, nor do they make one immune. It quickly becomes apparent that Trump, Biden, Fauci and all the other authorities are selling us a load of vaccination bullhooey. Most of the people I know who have gotten the jab now mistakenly believe they’re immune.

In reality, the mRNA shots are a form of gene therapy. It’s for this reason I often use the term ‘jab’ when describing the shots being passed off as covid vaccines. It’s also important to keep in mind that these jabs are still classified as being experimental - they have not yet been approved by the FDA. They are still being given under the nefarious guidelines of the EUA. Yes, this means that all of those folks getting the jab are participating in the largest medical experiment ever conducted in the history of the human race.

As the death toll from covid jabs has mounted over the last few months, the fact that the vaccines are carrying a number of technologies that are harmful to human health has become undeniable. One of the spookier technologies in the two mRNA vaccines made by Pfizer/Biontech and Moderna are the lipid nanoparticles (LPN) in which the manufactured messenger RNA (mRNA spike protein) are encased to be delivered to the cells. LPN is then covered with polyethylene glycol molecules to increase the durability and lifespan of the protective covering. (If the term polyethyelne glycol sounds familiar, that’s because it’s a common ingredient in some types of antifreeze.) At that point the product is PEGylated, aka PEGS. This is a rather poor attempt at a man made, synthetic version of the innate, organic delivery system our bodies use to transport native, human, nucleic acids (RNA, DNA).

The technology of delivering non-native, foreign nucleic acids into our cells is called transfection. Its the same Trojan Horse technology used to deliver the nucleic acid of a cold water fish into the cells of a tomato to make the tomato plant tolerate colder temperatures - or to deliver an alteration to the cellular shikimate pathway in corn and soy to cause these crops to tolerate the herbicide glyphosate, the active ingredient in the weed killer known as Roundup. In other words, it’s the same genetic modification technology being used to genetically alter all of the crops we now call gmo’s. The difference being, instead of being used on crops, it’s now being used on humans.

From the viewpoint of vaccine makers, the problem with the natural, human version of mRNA delivery is that it’s designed to only last long enough to pass the gauntlet of the human immune system and break down quickly after doing its job. To get their man made, synthetic mRNA technology delivered into the cell, past the immune system gauntlet, drug companies incorporated PEGS to fully encase and protect the man made mRNA spike protein technology, like a Trojan Horse. From the viewpoint of human life, the problem with this Trojan Horse is multifaceted. First of all, it’s made from toxic ingredients. Secondly, it doesn’t break down properly. Thirdly, the body recognizes it as foreign, which can set the immune system into overdrive. Fourthly, because it doesn’t break down properly it can keep the immune system constantly engaged, causing the immune system to attack its own body. In the case of the mRNA jabs, the possibility exists that technology of the Trojan Horse delivery system itself may be more problematic than mRNA spike protein component it’s meant to deliver.

All of these problems become even more compounded when this toxic brew is injected into a person with preexisting conditions that have the immune system already engaged. It seems to become even more compounded when an injected person encounters another challenge to their immune system such as exposure to 5G frequencies from cell towers.

Does anyone really know the ultimate outcome of the technologically complex brew of toxins and manufactured gene technologies contained within these shots? Of course not. The human body is an infinitely complex organism and only the hubristic think they understand this complexity well enough to have a full grasp of the consequences of injecting this chimera into our bodies. When hubris reaches this level, it becomes difficult to separate it from psychopathy.

Ok, now we come to the meat of the issue. One of the consequences of this run-amok vaccine program is that a large number of unvaccinated people are now getting sick from exposure to those who have been vaccinated. It seems that many vaccinated people are now shedding some sort of toxin that is making the unvaccinated sick with a very strange set of symptoms. A clinical nutritionist (who wishes to remain anonymous) recently sent me a list of cases that he came across in his practice.

Here is a list of people I personally know and what happened with them as shedding something.

1) husband gets the second shot, wife- no shot; she has severe ("cut my head off") migraine and cannot have any light whatsoever the same day; severe exhaustion lasting several days.

2) sister of above has her husband also take the shot and has the exact same experiences as sister

3 doctor friend in FL has a date with fellow who took the shot; outside on the beach for several hours; comes home and while in shower  has major nose bleed;

4) opens son's bedroom door to say hello and he's having a gushing nose bleed.

5) husband takes shot, feels strange in the evening, asks wife to stay up with him; has a "look" in his eyes that is deeply troubling yet, wife goes off to bed only to wake up in the middle of the night to find her husband died of a heart attack in silence.

How many thousands more are experiencing the same or worse?

Although the last person died directly from the vaccine, the other 4 cases highlight an all too common, but very strange phenomenon that is now happening across the land. How many cases are happening where the people aren’t even making the connection that their nose is bleeding or that they have a splitting headache because they’ve come into contact with a vaccinated person? And how many of those know enough to report the event?

There is speculation that the toxic agent is a type of prion being created within the body of the vaccinated individual that is then released through breath, pores in the skin, urination and feces. Prions are transmissible misfolded proteins. They cause normal prion proteins in the brain to misfold, which gives rise to the disease known as spongiform encephalopathy, more commonly known as mad cow disease. These misfolded prions would explain the monstrous headaches and nosebleeds in the unvaccinated who are getting sick upon exposure to the vaccinated.

Another speculation is that the PEG technology is also escaping in a dangerously altered form.

It’s too early to fully understand just what’s going on, but that something horrible is happening is unquestionable. Some are now calling for the vaccinated to be quarantined. In a more sane time this entire vaccination program would have been shut down long ago due to the massive number of deaths from the shots. Sadly, it’s become quite apparent that we are not living in sane times.

For a more in depth discussion of this phenomena watch this video of 5 doctors discussing what they’ve learned so far about the transmission of illness from the vaxxed to the unvaxxed.

In closing, I’d like to touch on another aspect that I’ve not heard discussed by anyone else - an aspect that I’ll be covering in more detail in the future: What are the impacts of these foreign, man made ‘vaccine’ technologies on the structure of the water in our cells? We know that electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) can harm the structure of water. Experiments by Masuro Emoto show that highly structured water makes beautifully articulated ice crystals while unstructured water makes lopsided and ugly ice crystals. Dr. Gerald Pollack’s groundbreaking book has been shaking up the scientific community since it came out several years ago. The Fourth Phase of Water goes into much more detail about what structured water is, and what de-structures water. Dr. Tom Cowan has taken all of this even further by discussing how disease stems not from the material realm, but from the realm that Rudolf Steiner calls the etheric body, or the water body. (For the uninitiated, Rudolf Seiner gave birth to Waldorf Schools, Anthroposophy, organic farming and numerous other esoteric forms of knowing. Full disclosure - I’ve been a student of Steiner since the mid 1970’s.) All of these very smart people are trying to tell us that disease does not stem from the matter that makes up the physical realm - with which the misguided medical cartels are overly obsessed - it stems from disturbances to the waves upon which matter exists. This is why EMF’s are so harmful - they’re not physical - their effect on the physical matter of bodies occurs by the disturbance they cause to the wave forms of our bodies, the non physical realm (la onda).

Water exists in four phases - vapor, ice, H2O and EZ water - the latter being the “fourth phase” or the structured water found in healthy cells.

Water is life. Without it there can be no life. When we are in a healthy state the water in our cells is highly structured, or gel like - somewhat like an egg white. When the water in our cells becomes unstructured we become sick. The new frontier in science and medicine lies in the etheric body and what causes it to become unstructured. I’m confident in predicting that in this regard, the new vaccines will be found to be part of the problem, not part of the solution. This would explain all of the issues discussed above.

Please take a few moments to sign this petition to convene a grand jury to investigate the CDC’s conduct during the covid nonsense.


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