emf's, 5g, vaccines - the real causes of disease

how industry and modern medicine are de-structuring the water in our bodies and making us sick and... the cure

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In 1994 fate had me presenting on bamboo as a regenerative building material at the inaugural Natural Building Colloquium in tiny Kingston, New Mexico. (Natural Building - not to be confused with green building - is now a world wide movement.) Also present at that event were some folks from Germany, the founders of BAUBIOLOGIE MAES / Institut für Baubiologie + Ökologie IBN. In terms of researching and understanding the negative effects of toxins and Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF’s) on the human population, these folks were, and still are, way ahead of the general learning curve on these topics. Spending much of my spare time at that 3 day event plying those Germans with questions about EMF’s proved to be time well spent because six years later I built the home in which I’m writing these words - a simple cob house that, thanks to what I learned from those Germans, generates very little EMF’s. In this moment, much of what it does generate is coming from the modest laptop on which I’m working.

Compared to what was explained to me by those Germans in 1994, in recent years the research into this topic has exploded. Numerous books on the dangers of EMF’s have been written and more are coming (see the list at the end of this article). Unfortunately, little of that information has reached the masses.

It’s said that Francis Bacon meditated on the Latin phrase - “scientia potentia est", which means, knowledge is power. Many of the troubles we face today stem from the fact that we live in a world that is completely obsessed with the physical realm. To overcome the lies and fake news coming from the media and those medical charlatans who are not only overly obsessed with the physical realm, but are also ignorant of the non-physical realm, and who seek only to physically profit by baffling us with bull-hooey about their purported knowledge of what constitutes health and disease, we need to turn our attention to the nonphysical realm.

So let’s follow up on the previous article where I introduced the idea that non-physical EMF’s cause harm to the nonphysical realm within the cells of our body (the water body), what Rudolf Steiner calls the etheric body. Also mentioned in previous article was the mind bending concept put forth by Dr. Tom Cowan, that illness often stems from disturbance to the etheric realm that exists within the highly structured water in our cells - not from disturbance to the physical realm (the mitochondria, nucleus or other physical aspects of cellular structure).

Today, many industries and the politicians they’ve captured are getting rich by making us sick from EMF’s. Of course this would especially apply to the drug cartels who falsely treat us with pharmaceuticals to treat disease that they misdiagnose as being caused by some virus or other physical issue. Continuing down the wrong path, they then want to prescribe a physical medication or, in the case of covid, a physical vaccine, both of which, within the physical realm, are highly profitable to the drug industry, but do nothing to treat the underlying cause of any disease that stems from disruption to the etheric body. To add insult to injury, the reason why so many pharmaceuticals cause more harm than good (reading the side effects on drug labels is frightening) is because pharmaceuticals can also harm to the etheric body. One cannot heal without the recognition and deep understanding of both the physical and the non-physical realms. This is why I believe that in 50 years people will look back at this time and say that our current medical profession is brutally primitive, ignorant and morally corrupt.

To add fuel to this crazy wildfire, just as they did in the 50’s and 60’s when doctors claimed that smoking tobacco was a harmless practice (some even claimed it was healthy), today’s medical cartels would also have us believe that EMF’s are harmless. Don’t be deceived. They’re not. So, let’s begin with a few basics, then move on to 5G.

Lest we forget, electrification didn’t begin in earnest until a mere 100 years ago. In some rural parts of the US - such as the farming family into which I was born - electricity didn’t arrive until the mid 1950’s, well after my birth. So, just what kind of EMF’s are we now being exposed to that we were not exposed to prior to the advent of electrification? Institut für Baubiologie has posted a very nice compendium of those statistics. The complete list is too extensive to post within this article, so I hope you’ll take a few minutes to take a look at it. What follows are the pertinent sources of EMF’s.

1) AC electric fields - low frequency, ELF/VLF Most of the world is wired with Alternating Current. The pulsing that occurs with AC makes it travel with less resistance through wires, which is good from an industry standpoint. However, it’s problematic from a health standpoint - it produces a non-native from of EMF. Exposure comes from electric wiring, lights, electronics and appliances in modern buildings. Worst of all are the new digital meters now being installed on most homes and businesses in the US. In this excellent documentary by Josh del Sol, he explains that you have the right to refuse these meters - do so.

2) AC magnetic fields - low frequency, ELF/VLF. This would mostly be from electronic equipment that generates a magnetic field from AC current - motors in electric cars, refrigerators, fans, air conditioners and so on.

3) Radio frequency radiation - high frequency, electromagnetic waves. AM/FM radio, TV broadcasting, cell phone transmissions, WIFI, blue tooth and of course, 5G.

4) DC magnetic fields - magnetostatics. Static electricity is Direct Current, something the we’ve been exposed to since day one, which is why DC is the least harmful. The minimalist electrical system in my cob house is DC. Having said that, long term exposure to higher levels can be harmful.

5) Radioactivity - gamma radiation, radon. Many of Earths elements are radioactive. Most of have been buried deep in the earth for countless millennia, which has kept us from being overexposed. The nuclear age changed all of that.

It’s apparent that since the rise of electricity we’ve been exposed to a myriad of new sources of EMF’s that none of our ancestors were ever exposed to for 99.999999999% of human history.

There are two basic forms of EMF radiation, ionizing and non-ionizing. The difference is that ionizing radiation removes electrons from molecules and atoms like air, water and human tissue. Category #5 represents ionizing forms of radiation. Numbers one through four are all non-ionizing and do not remove electrons from molecules. The ionizing spectrum includes alpha, beta, gamma (the latter includes some X-rays used in doctors offices). Most doctors and scientists agree that too much exposure to ionizing radiation is harmful due to the previously mentioned disruption to cellular structure. Short bursts of exposure to low level ionizing radiation are relatively harmless, but as anyone who worked cleaning up Chernobyl or who survived the atomic blasts in Japan can attest, short term exposure at high levels or longer term exposure at lower levels can be debilitating and deadly.

But ionizing radiation is not the focus here. Most of the problematic EMF’s we deal with on a daily basis exist as non-ionizing radiation. Some of the worst sources of non-ionizing radiation that many encounter daily are; microwave ovens, computers, smart (digital) electric meters (especially if your bed is on the other side of the wall from one), wifi networks, cell phones, blue tooth devices. But even the wiring in walls, lights, electrical appliances (refrigerators are a big one), electric stoves, air conditioners, fans, TV’s radios, clocks and so on all emit EMF’s. We may not be experiencing excessive exposure to any one of these for long periods of time, but the collective exposure adds up.

With the advent of cell phones a new form of EMF has come into play, one that bombards us with a whole ‘nuther spectrum of nonnative EMF’s and does so 24/7. The cell phone spectrum has gone through a rapid evolution to reach the current rollout of 5G (fifth generation broadband). Wikipedia has this to say about 5G;

“Mid-band 5G uses microwaves of 2.5–3.7 GHz, allowing speeds of 100–900 Mbit/s, with each cell tower providing service up to several kilometers in radius. This level of service is the most widely deployed, and was deployed in many metropolitan areas in 2020.”

Although the construction of 5G towers began in 2018, the implementation of operational 5G didn’t begin until late 2019 and then ramped up rapidly during 2020, right through the ‘pandemic’. Right here we need to pause and reconsider something I’ve mentioned in earlier posts: EVENT 201, which was cosponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The World Economic Forum (WEC) and John Hopkins University in October of 2019, three of the biggest players promoting the misinformation campaign about the ‘case’ numbers, the ‘virus’ and the ‘vaccines’. How does this tie in? Because of the timing - I don’t believe it was a coincidence that EVENT 201 took place right at the beginning of the implementation of 5G. I believe it was known that turning on 5G would cause some form of widespread flu-like illness and that those running EVENT 201 took advantage of this prior knowledge to promote their power grabbing, profit-driven agendas. This is the same technique used by ancient Aztec and Mayan priests who had secret knowledge of eclipses and used that information to gain advantage and power over the masses.

Why do I think the B&M Gates Foundation, the WEC and John Hopkins knew this? And how would they know? In his books and online platforms Dr. Tom Cowan has done a very fine job of tracing all flu outbreaks of the past 110 years to the introduction of any new technology that creates strong non-native EMF’s. It began with the infamous Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918/19, which coincided with the introduction of electricity. Then we have the introduction of radio, television and cell phones, all of which have corresponding flu histories. (When I was kid I often flew in my dreams but found myself always having to dodge the neighborhood TV antennas.) Although I admire the profound wisdom and insight of Dr. Tom Cowan, I feel confident in saying that he’s likely not the only person who has deduced the correlations between the introduction of EMF technologies and the advent of flu-like illness.

Just as the implementation of 5G begins in earnest, EVENT 201 takes place, followed a few months later by the world wide promotion of the onset of COVID-19 (C-19).

It’s no coincidence that the first places where 5G was first implemented: Wuhan, Milan, cruise ships, nursing homes, are also the same places where C-19 showed up early and in large numbers.

The argument made by many who are in favor of 5G and all other modern technologies that expose us to EMF’s is that ‘it’s all non-ionizing radiation so, it’s harmless’. They typically then go on to explain that we earthlings are constantly bombarded by EMF’s from natural sources - mostly from the sun, but also impulses from other regions of space. Some of the more knowledgeable pro-EMF folks may even know that we receive radiation from the earth, especially during seismic activity. While this is all true to some extent, many of those EMF’s from the sun and space are modulated by Earth’s atmosphere. The ones that make it through also happen to be ones that we’ve been exposed to since day one. In other words, we’ve had millions of years to become very well adapted to the frequencies that we commonly get hit with from the sun, space and earth. But 5G and many of the other new, man-made frequencies are not of the same frequency, nor have they gone through the modulating effect of earths atmosphere. Hence, we are not adapted to them whatsoever.

The analogy I like to make is what happens to many when traveling to a new country. I’ve spent some time traveling in Mexico and other Latin American countries, so I can personally attest to this analogy - the first few trips I made into Mexico I got sick with Montezuma's revenge. Of course we now know it has nothing to do with a curse from Montezuma or bad germs or viruses in Mexico because when Mexicans travel to the US, they can also get sick. What is happening in these instances is a change in the micro-biome within peoples guts due to a different diet and exposure to new sets of societal microbes. In the case of these microbial changes, the harm done is typically temporary and overcome in a few days or weeks as the body adjusts to the new set of microbes.

Evidence is mounting that ongoing exposure to non-ionizing EMF’s can lead to permanent damage to ones health. Previous flu outbreaks and the fact that covid-19 arose with the implementation of 5G cannot all be written off as coincidence. What we are experiencing from 5G EMF’s is disturbance from a nonphysical source to the nonphysical aspects of our being. However, the results or symptoms can manifest in physical ways. Sometimes permanent damage is done. But treating symptoms or damage ignores the cause, which is why the success rate of modern medicines attempt to treat disease with a purely physical approach is pathetically low. This also explains why covid vaccines do not prevent those who get them from getting covid, nor do they make one immune. The cause lies not in the physical realm, it lies in the nonphysical realm.

Dr. Tom Cowan points out that viruses are the result of disruption to the etheric body. In other words they are not the cause of diseases we commonly call the flu. Instead, they serve as a form of communication to our bodies and to the bodies of those around us. Many plants and trees also communicate in similar ways. When a tree in the forest gets attacked by beetles it sends out a chemical to help protect itself from the beetle. This chemical also gets exuded into the air where it’s sensed by nearby trees who then proceed to crank up their own immune system to defend against the beetles.

Viruses (bits of mRNA) serve us very well. They pass information within our bodies and to those around us. We cannot exist without them. To view them as the enemy is akin to killing the messenger delivering the message to the king that his kingdom is in danger and that he needs to prepare himself. Without that message getting through, the kingdom is lost. In this case the virus is telling us that our etheric body is being attacked by EMF’s and that to save the kingdom we need to avoid them.

Unfortunately, the drug/medical cartels are so wrapped up in their physical interpretation of disease and its treatment that they serve only to make things worse, not better. Many now consider childhood vaccines to be one the primary causes of disease later in life (another article). If we don’t stop worshiping the false, physical gods being put before us by those who derive vast, tainted profits from them, we can’t expect things to improve.

Call the etheric realm what you will: If you’re a physicist you might prefer to talk in terms of wave forms. If you’re a Christian you might want to refer to the etheric body as the Holy Spirit. Some might prefer the terms “the sacred realm” or “the spiritual realm”. The point being, in all cases the same thing is being discussed. Not recognizing that can lead to division.

It must be said… we are spiritually bereft. Even the major religions are corrupted by obsession with the physical realm. How many devoutly religious people have fallen prey to the false god of the physical realm as put forth by the medical cartels and got the jab? We need to break out of our current form of syphilization and its lack of a moral compass and get back to a place that recognizes the sacred, the spiritual, the holy. Make no mistake, I’m not talking about religion, I’m talking about health - healthy body and spirit. Take care of that and everything else falls into place.


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