death by covid vaccine - update #9

evidence mounts - the CDC is manipulating vaers data

This is a late edit. I’m adding this video link for several reasons; it’s a great follow-up to the previous article, it ties in to this piece, it needs to be heard and it needs to be re-posted before youtube takes it down.

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“The center cannot hold. The blood dimmed-tide is loosed. The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”Yeats

Yeats describes our current dilemma perfectly. Polarization is the new normal. Death is everywhere. Yes, the voodoo/black magic show being performed before our very eyes over the past 18 months has been effective. But the secrets behind magic tricks have always been found out. I exposed a big one in the previous article.

On June 11th and 12th I attended the 2nd annual Health and Human Rights Summit in Tucson, Arizona. The event included a number of great speakers - Patrick Wood, Elana Freeland, Allison McDowell and Tom Greco, to name a few. All of them come at the dark issues swirling around the pandemic from different, but critically important perspectives. If your interested in knowing more about what’s really been happening over the past 15 months, I suggest perusing their links.

Because of concerns about EMF’s, I don’t own a cell phone. Never have. Because I wanted to check on the VAERS site to see the updated numbers while at the Summit on Friday, I took my laptop with me. (While I’m on the topic, with all the cell phones, camera gear, wifi and other electronic paraphernalia present for that event, the conference room was a miasma of electromagnetic smog. It took me three days to recover my normal energy levels. My laptop is hard wired at home.) I did a quick check of the latest death count during the lunch break on Friday and learned that the cumulative number of deaths kept by the CDC on the VAERS site had gone from 5,165 the week before to 4,671. As the late, great, French oceanographer Jacque Cousteau used to say when confronted with an impossible piece of news, “Owe can zis be? Zis cannot be!” With ever more people reporting injury and deaths to the VAERS site, the numbers have been going up ever more rapidly as the weeks go by since I did the first death-by-vaccine report here on 2/2/21. To see them drop by 494 speaks volumes about the power and reach of those running the plandemic. Over lunch I told a friend that something was up with the VAERS site, that it looked like subterfuge was in play. Little did I know.

Several days later someone sent me this link.

A brief explanation of this video: This gentleman took the time to look at the chronological numbers associated with each case reported to VAERS. He claims 150,000 reports of death by vaccine have been removed from the VAERS site, apparently randomly chosen. No explanation from the CDC has been forthcoming.

Early Friday afternoon I filed a request to the CDC for an explanation about the questionable numbers, but as of this posting I’ve had no reply.

Saturday morning I did another search on VAERS and got a completely different set of numbers, one more in line with the trajectory that the death count has taken over the past 6 months. The problem is, the CDC states on its VAERS site that the numbers are updated every Friday. Since I began doing this biweekly report, I’ve been able to get updated numbers every Friday morning. This past Friday was the first exception and begs the question: Whats going on? I don’t know the answer but I can say that it certainly appears that this is an attempt to throw a wrench into the works, to derail attempts to get accurate information from VAERS. After all, with the total number of “reported” deaths at nearly 6,000, we’re not far away from tripling the total number of deaths recorded by VAERS for all vaccines combined since the year 2,000.

We also need to keep in mind that in 1976, when President Ford created his own form of Operation Warp Speed to rush a vaccine to market for the Swine Flu, that program was shut down after just 25 deaths (that number varies between 25 and 55). Today, with nearly 6,000 dead, instead of shutting down the program, Biden, Fauci and everyone else in on this scam are still telling everyone to get the jabs.

As Paul Harvey used to say, “And now for the rest of the story.” In 1976 vaccine makers had no legal protection from prosecution due to injury or death caused by their vaccines. That changed in 1986 when President Reagan signed into law a bill that gave them immunity from prosecution. What this means is that it was never about the 25 people who died from the Swine Flu vaxx. Instead, it was all about the lawsuits the vaccine makers were facing from the deaths and injuries caused by their products. Today, Trump, Biden, Fauci and Gates don’t care about the fact that 6,000 people have been killed (600,000 if you assume 100% reporting to VAERS), they only care about the god they all worship, the almighty dollar. If the US government didn’t coddle the vaccine makers with protective laws and massive subsidies (for R&D), there would have been no lockdown, life would be normal and there would be no need for me to be writing this report. Put another way: Do away with the socialized-communistic-capitalism-for-the-elites-only running the country right now and I guarantee you life will return to normal. It’s as simple as that.

There can be no doubt, there is an agenda afoot and those running the plandemic are in it up to their eyeballs.

Early Friday afternoon I filed a request to the CDC for an explanation about the questionable numbers, but as of this posting I’ve had no reply. I’m not holding my breath.

The more time that passes, the more this plandemic scam takes on the putrid stench of the obviously well rotted minds that are running it. Who are those people? For starters there are those in the White House that are doing a fine job of promoting the deadly vaccine agenda. Then there are those who benefit financially (including those in the White House?) - the vaccine makers and all of those who have invested in, and own patents on, the various aspects of vaccine technologies. Some are the same people who have played the very dark game of manipulating our minds in lame attempts to make us believe all the lies we’re being spoon fed through the media - Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, President Trump, President Biden and numerous others. If you haven’t yet broken out of the trance cast by the vodouisants running the plandemic, I suggest you peruse this previous post. Make no mistake, it is a trance and it’s as dark as any black magic known. By the way, that previous article looks to be on its way to becoming the most read piece I’ve done so far, for a very good reasons. It details how social programming (read that, psyops warfare tactics, aka black magic) is being used to get us to comply with the lockdown agenda and line up for the jabs. It's all so very sick.

Who are these people that they think they can toy with our lives like a cat toys with a mouse it’s about to kill? Try as I might to think of them as normal people, the facts presented in all of the previous articles here prevent me from doing so. Do they think of us as their wards? Let’s turn the table. What are they to us? Are they totems? Something of this world, yet… not of it? Something… Other? Or do we clearly see them to be what they truly are? Elitist, ego maniacal, power hungry, greedy, murderous, eugenicists. Why are these people still free?

breakthrough cases

Breakthrough cases are those who the CDC says have come down with covid after being fully vaccinated. Here’s the latest breakthrough case numbers from the CDC.

Keep in mind that reporting of breakthrough cases is far below the 1% who report to VAERS. The real number of deaths here is likely well over 7,000.

vaers update

Below are the latest numbers from VAERS (6/19/21). I’ve included some new categories. Note the “None of the above” category which is by far the largest number for each vaccine maker. What are we missing here? Whatever it is, it’s huge. Also take note of the new miscarriage category, the birth defect category and the sterility category. Watch for the numbers in these categories to grow as time progresses. There have been a number of reports of still birth by pregnant women who got the jabs, so I also did a search for still-births. Either they’re not reported or they’re in that massive “None of the Above” category.

Also, note that the Pfizer death count went from 2006 on Friday to 3,282 on Saturday…???

As usual, these numbers are for the US only.


Deaths - 406 as of 6/18 - 410 as of 6/19

Life threatening - 739

Permanent disability - 440

Birth defect - 12

Hospitalized - 2,144

Existing hospitalization pronged - 25

Emergency room/office visit - 2

Emergency room - 5278

Office visit - 6,501

None of the above - 27,765

Miscarriage - 5

Sterility - 1


Deaths - 2,259 as of 6/11 - 2,278 as of 6/12

Life threatening - 2,396

Permanent disability - 1,872

Birth defect - 77

Hospitalized - 8,465

Existing hospitalization prolonged - 89

Emergency room/office visit - 17

Emergency room - 18,491

Office visit - 30,834

None of the above - 113,910

Miscarriage - 53

Sterility - 0


Deaths 2,006 as of 6/11 3,282 as of 6/12

Life threatening - 2,854

Permanent disability - 2,374

Birth deject - 92

Hospitalized 9,707

Existing hospitalization prolonged - 101

Emergency room/office visit - 28

Emergency room - 23,784

Office visit - 28,129

None of the above - 99,796

Miscarriage - 48

Sterility - 1

Total deaths on 6/18 = 4,671

Total deaths on 6/19 = 5,970

Total death count from the last update two weeks ago = 5,165

In closing I want to leave you with a quote from R. B. Pearsons Pasteur: Plagiarist, Imposter - The Germ Theory Exploded (1943). In chapter 8 he talks about how research shows that when vaccines are injected into various test subjects, be they animal or human, alterations or mutations occur. The better informed among you will know this is now a field of research, referred to as gain-of-function research. I’ll go into some of the myriad problems associated with this dark research in another piece. For now here’s a quote about what Pearsons says about this topic.

“Now that this has been proven so overwhelmingly, we can see how a vaccine for any one disease could start some other disease through these mutated forms. We shall then need more serums (vaccines) for the new diseases, and so on, ad infinitum.” (Parenthesis mine)

Pearsons goes on to blame the 1918 flu pandemic on the tuberculosis vaccine, which contradicts what I and others have been saying about the possibility that the introduction of electricity at that time might have been the sole cause. I now think those newly introduced EMF’s may have worsened the effects of the TB jabs, but I no longer see EMF’s as the sole cause of the Spanish Flu. The role that vaccines play in wrecking havoc with our innate immune system cannot be denied.

Pearsons saw the handwriting on the wall all the way back in 1943. This is exactly the game plan being employed today by the vaxx makers. The fear campaign has already been ramped up about new strains of covid and we’re already being socially programmed to believe that new jabs will soon be needed to handle the new cases that will arise. Don’t fall for it.

The black magic show continues as the vodouisants strive to stick ever more needles into the masses in pursuit of their eugenics agenda.


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