graphene oxide epidemic?

the cure (also - the death by covid vaxx toll jumps over 2,000, to over 9,000)

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In this earlier piece I talked about the nano particles used in the covid jabs. I also discussed how early research was indicating that nano particles were responsible for blood clots and other health issues suffered by those who have taken the jabs. The primary nano culprit has been identified. Recent information shows that all the covid vaxxes (Pfizer, Moderna, Janseen/J&J, Astra Zeneca) contain a man made nano particle called graphene oxide. According to imarc -

“The global graphene market exhibited strong growth during 2015-2020. Graphene can be defined as an allotrope of carbon element that has the thickness of only one atom and is arranged in a honeycomb-shaped lattice. It exhibits high thermal and electrical conductivity, along with high mechanical strength, permeability and electron mobility. Some of the most commonly available forms of graphene include graphene sheets, films, nanoribbons, nanoplatelets and graphene oxide. They are used with other gases and metals to form materials with superior properties, which are further used in the manufacturing of batteries, transistors, computer chips, supercapacitors, water filters, touch panels, coatings, composites and solar cells. Apart from this, it finds extensive applications across various industries, including medical, electronics, energy, defence and aerospace.”

In that earlier piece I also highlighted some of the other nano technologies used in making the Trojan Horse technology used in the covid jabs to deliver non-native genetic material into peoples bodies via the jab. This technology goes by several names; transgenics, genetic modification, genetically modified organism, gmo’s. In that piece I also mentioned that there seemed to be some sort of shedding occurring by those who had gotten the vaxx, causing unvaxxed people who came into contact with the recently vaxxed to become sick with a number of bizarre symptoms. The following evidence seems to point to graphene oxide (GO) as the causative agent.

First of all, we know that GO was a leading candidate as an ingredient in the covid vaxxes well before they went into production. We also know that GO was used in masks and the PCR test swabs. But it was a pair of Spanish researchers that began making waves with their findings that many vaccines - not just the covid varieties - contain graphene oxide (GO). Why is GO so problematic? Several reasons.

1) It causes thrombogenicity (thrombi), also known as blood clotting. Not much of a surprise there since we’ve all heard reports in the news about the numerous cases of folks dying or suffering from heart attacks, strokes and other severe health issues caused by the excessive blood clotting that’s occurred in so many after getting one of the covid jabs.

2) It takes advantage of lower levels of glutathione to wreck havoc on our immune systems and causes inflammation of the organs, including cytokine storms in the lungs. Across the board, we see that those who are most susceptible are those with chronic conditions, often due to lowered glutathione levels: diabetics and the obese, those with heart disease and the elderly. Like many nutrients that we need to stay healthy, our bodies ability to make glutathione decreases as we age. Hence the higher susceptibility in the elderly.

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By now some of you may be thinking… this all sounds familiar. Kudos if you had that thought! It should sound familiar because the same set of parameters that exist for illness caused by GO are also the same set of parameters that exist for COVID-19.

Although the evidence is clear that the covid jabs contain GO, the covid jabs are likely not the first jabs to employ GO. During the flu season of 2018/2019 nearly 50% of people 6 months and older got a flu shot, the highest level since the 2009/2010 swine flu debacle. Although I’ve been unable to find direct evidence of the use of GO in those flu shots, for years there has been plenty of scientific literature published that describes how to use GO in flu vaccines. Here are just 4 sources. The first one is most damming.

The evidence is piling up that the cause of covid, the delta and all other variants are not due to a viral pandemic, but rather to a pandemic of mindless, money grubbing vaccination programs… like the current one.

I’ve pointed this out previously, but it bears repeating. In R. B. Pearsons 1943 book Pasture: Plagerist, Imposter - The Germ Theory Exploded, Pearsons talks about how research shows that when vaccines are injected into various test subjects, be they animal or human, alterations or mutations occur. The better informed among you will know this is now a field of research, referred to as gain-of-function research. Here’s a quote about what Pearsons says about this topic.

“Now that this has been proven so overwhelmingly, we can see how a vaccine for any one disease could start some other disease through these mutated forms. We shall then need more serums (vaccines) for the new diseases, and so on, ad infinitum.” (Parenthesis mine)

Pearsons goes on to blame the 1918 flu pandemic on the tuberculosis vaccine. It’s becoming clear that the role that vaccines play in wrecking havoc with our innate immune system cannot be denied.

Because the vaxx makers are not required by law to list all of the ingredients and ratios in their jabs, we may never have full picture of what they contain. It boggles my mind that there are so many who are blindly willing to have someone inject an unknown substance into their bodies.

in review

We had lots of people getting the flu jab in 2018/19, which likely contained GO. We have millions of people getting the PCR test which contained GO. (Lest we forget, the inventor of the PCR test, Dr. Kary Mullis, won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1993 for doing so. He said his test should never be used to determine viral infection. He died in August 2019 under questionable circumstances.) We have hundreds of millions more wearing masks coated with GO. So now most of the world has been inoculated with GO. Now what? According to Bill Gates, the worst is yet to come. How did he and Anthony Fauci know in 2017 that “there will be a surprise outbreak” during the Trump administration? Was it because they knew what was in the Swine Flu vaxxes and what the outcomes would be?

Although I pointed this out in previous posts for different reasons, the hype about bats, the wet market in Wuhan, viral escape or intentional release from the lab in Wuhan, all are nothing more than diversionary tactics in the ongoing psyops war to reduce the worlds population via this all encompassing program - while the handful of elites running the show make billions in the process. As I pointed out in this previous post, the real agenda is the eugenics program that Bill Gates, his adherents and fellow eugenic radicals have been wanting to implement for many years.

Please forgive the redundancy, but it bears repeating - the real killer was never the virus. Viruses are part of our bodies way to communicate among ourselves about health dangers, similar to the way a tree in the forest sends out chemical signals to its neighbors to crank up their immune systems because of an attack by beetles. As R.B. Pearsons explains in his book, researchers and doctors have been telling us since the early 1900’s that viruses are not the culprit. As I pointed out in this piece, one of the leading causes of disease is the very vaccines we are all told we need to prevent disease. Yes, it’s all very Orwellian. It’s also a very effective sales campaign.

In my youth I worked for a southern black gentleman who was perhaps the best boss I ever had. He was certainly the funnest boss I ever had and through his humor he taught me a lot about human nature. Much of my work involved sales and the more I sold the more money I made on commission. Like any good salesperson, he taught me to know our products very well. He always said, “You can’t sell something you know nothing about”. He would add to that by saying, “The more trivial and pointless details you know about the products the more you can baffle the customer with bullshit”. That was my first exposure to the psychology that swirls around the selling of unneeded products to unsuspecting people.

It’s not a great of a leap from that to what we are seeing today with the drug cartels pushing their unneeded jabs into the arms of millions of unsuspecting people using the same tactics every good salesman around the world knows very well; bullhooey, playing the con(fidence) game, fear, intimidation, coercion and rewards (joints for jabs comes to mind). The difference is, the consequences of this world wide con game are far greater. When I sold a $500 item, no one got hurt, the customer went home happy and I pocketed $25. The official US death count from those unneeded jabs is now well over 9,000 (an increase of over 2,000 this past week - the biggest one week jump so far), hundreds of thousands have been injured and the drug cartels have taken billions in taxpayer money as payment from the government… while also watching their stocks soar. Yes, it makes all other criminal enterprises seem like child’s play.

the cure

Now that there are few people left on earth who have not been contaminated with GO, what can we do to overcome its negative effects? Anyone with diabetes, heart issues, obesity issues, chronic health issues of any kind, and those over the age of 60 - all the categories that make one prone to the ravages of GO - need to pay especially close attention to these guidelines.

1) First and foremost, eat more foods rich in the nutrients our bodies need to make the powerful antioxidant glutathione (see #5).

2) Reduce your dietary carbohydrate load (includes sugar in any form, including fruit - except avocados). Most Americans eat far too many calories in the form of carbs and not enough in the form of fat. Excessive amounts of carbs tend to end up around the waist line, whereas excessive fat gets converted to ketones that are stored in the liver as a very efficient source of energy. Ketones burn clean (like alcohol), so there is less of a mess for our bodies to clean up. Carbs burn dirty (like diesel) and make our bodies work harder. Excessive carb consumption leads to diabetes, heart disease and many of the other chronic health issues that can make one susceptible to GO.

3) Make sure you’re eating high quality fats like the traditional ones our ancestors ate for hundreds of thousands of years. These are the ones our genes are best adapted to make good use of; lard, tallow, coconut oil, butter/ghee and pure olive oil. The first 5 are saturated fats (no double bonds), which makes them inherently stable and hence, resistant to oxidation. This also means they work well with glutathione and other antioxidents. Olive oil is a monounsaturated fat (one double bond), which means it’s somewhat susceptible to oxidation, which is why it needs to be kept cool and dark. All should be organic to avoid agricultural toxins. Another good fat that most people don’t get enough of is Omega3 polyunsaturated fat. This has multiple double bonds which makes it very susceptible to oxidation, which means all omega three fats need to be kept chilled and away from light and air. We evolved with a lot of omega Omeg3 in our diet, so to maintain optimal health we need to consume food high in Omega3 at least once or twice a week. It’s highest in cold water fish like salmon, sardines and trout, as well as in krill. Food is information and when we eat junk that our bodies don’t recognize as historically relevant, it does more harm than good. Omega6 polyunsaturated fats like canola oil, soy oil, corn oil and other vegetable oils fall into this latter category. They have numerous double bonds that make them highly susceptible to oxidation. Plus, our genes don’t recognize them as historically relevant nutrients so they cause more harm than good.

4) Astaxanthin is another powerful antioxidant/anti-inflammatory that can help our immune systems fend off the bad effects of GO. A good source is whole krill oil.

5) Good sources of food that will help our bodies produce glutathione include all members of the brassica family, also called cruciferous vegetables or the Cole family. The more common members are; all the cabbages, broccoli, all the kales, Brussel sprouts, bok choy, cauliflower, mustard and turnips. Broccoli is high in another powerful antioxidant/anti inflammatory called hesperiden. Green tea, rosemary, turmeric root (high in curcumin) and milk thistle are other good options.

6) My favorite way to increase glutathione levels is to make home made bone stock. Bone stock generates a large amount of glycine, one of the primary building blocks our body uses to produce glutathione. When made from 100% organic pastured cattle, goats and sheep, your bone stock will also high in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), another lipid with antioxidant properties. Bones from animals raised in Concentrated Animal Feed Operations (CAFO’s) will be devoid of this rare, important lipid. To get the full, nutrient dense profile from bones, we need to get them from animals raised on, and slaughtered right from pastures, as God intended.

7) Make sure to get plenty of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays such a critically important role in optimizing our immune system that I wrote an entire piece about it. The best source is the sun, but supplemental D is a good option for those living in cold climates where skin exposure to the sun on a year round basis is difficult. You want to achieve a blood level of 40-60 ng/mL (100-150 nmol/L). Some say 60 to 80ng/mL is even better. Grass Roots Health is on top of this. You can get a D test kit from them for $79.

8) Get plenty of sleep. Eight hours is good. Six is is typically not enough. Our bodies use sleep as the time to do repairs and clean house. If we don’t get enough, things begin to back up. Don’t use sleeping pills, they don’t provide quality sleep and can leave you feeling groggy. Some herbs might prove beneficial, like lobelia and/or cramp bark, or small amount of cannabis indica eaten a few hours before bedtime. I only use the latter when I know I may have a difficult time sleeping. An amount the size of 5 or 6 stick pinheads is usually enough to do the trick. A magnesium supplement taken before bedtime can also help with sleep.

9) Drink plenty of water. Urination is one of the primary ways our body rids itself of toxins. Sweating is another. Here in Arizona in the summer I shoot for a minimum of 1.5 gallons of water per day, 2 if I’m outside working a lot on the farm. In the winter I typically down at least a gallon, more often than not, 1.25 gallons.

10) Stay active. Do whatever you enjoy, but do something that makes you work up a sweat and breath hard every day. Thirty minutes to an hour a day is good.

11) As a last resort, many of these nutrients can be bought as supplements. This is particularly effective for anyone over the age of 40. This is because for most of us, our bodies achieve peak nutrient conversion/production by age 30. By 40 nutrient production will be waning and by 60 it’ll be well into the downhill slide. This is why eating a good diet from birth is so critical to maintaining good health throughout life. Although my diet hasn’t always been great, it’s been better than most. Even with that, I began taking supplements in my early 50’s. At 67, I’m now glad I did.


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