is trump responsible for the vaccine death count?

eugenics 102 - how to manipulate a president into carrying out a hidden agenda - death by experimental vaccine

It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled. Mark Twain

As I explained in and earlier post, vaccines are being jabbed into the arms of millions of unsuspecting people under the guise of the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), which means that non-approved vaccines can essentially be used experimentally on American people as long as an emergency has been declared. President Trump fulfilled that requirement on March 13, 2020, when he declared COVID-19 to be an emergency.

Some of you may recall that in January of 2017 President Trump met with Robert F. Kennedy Jr to talk about ways to improve vaccine safety. In short, nothing came of that meeting. Was it a ruse? I don’t know. However, after re-watching President Trump talk about his concerns about vaccines during the Republican debates, I’m inclined to think he was being sincere. What cannot be questioned is that by October of that same year President Trump held a strange press conference with all the military brass standing behind him explaining that “This is the calm before the storm”. When pressed by a reporter about what he meant he glibly said, “You’ll find out”. Officially, we have never found out. But I present a narrative here that I believe defines what President Trump was referring to. Then in November, just a few weeks after that press conference, President Trump did a complete about-face on the vaccine issue and signed into law a mysterious bill known only as “The Act”, which gave vaccine makers carte blanche under a declared emergency. (Read the previous link to get the full story.)

Lest we forget, while campaigning Trump did indeed promise to do something about the vaccine issue - and was lambasted by the medical cartel members who opposed him. As has proven to be the case with so much of Trumps confusing diorama leading up to the election and after, he ultimately made matters worse. Much worse.

Let’s dissect this a bit further. His comments at that October press conference indicate he knew perfectly well what was going to happen when he signed “The Act” into law a few weeks down the road, calling the coming plandemic “…the storm”. And yes, this press conference strongly indicates prior knowledge by all present of what was about to happen - a veritable plandemic. He also knew perfectly well the ramifications of declaring COVID-19 to be an emergency on March 13, of 2020. Then in October of 2020 he flips again and says something truthful, that coronavirus will end “even without vaccines”. (History shows this to be true - all flu outbreaks have gone away without the help of mass vaccinations.) Then, on top of all that, he recently said that everyone needed to get vaccinated. Where exactly does this man stand on vaccines? It seems that when he is talking from his heart he is not very convinced about the efficacy of vaccines, but when he’s reading a script, it sounds like a pro-vaccination monologue written by Anthony Fauci. Is Anthony Fauci the official vaccine ‘handler’ for presidents?

Let me just point out here that I didn’t vote for Trump during ether election (nor did I vote for Biden). Do I think he did some good things? Yes. In my mind his best moment was when he pulled US funding from the WHO. (We’ll be taking a closer look at this nefarious organization soon.) His second best moments occurred when he took on the intelligence services. As with so much of President Trumps run-up to to his election and his time in the White House, there are too many things that just do not make sense, the vaccine flip-flops being the most glaring.

The possibility also exits that coercion was used to make him back away from his original stance to question vaccines. Let’s take this a bit further by going back to something I said a bit earlier, that every ‘virus-caused’ flu outbreak in the history of the world has subsided without the use of mass vaccinations. Why should this one be any different? Actually, it’s not. Allow me to explain. The CDC reports that as of April 1, 2021, 56 million people have been fully vaccinated. That represents about 16.8% of the population. We’ve likely all heard Anthony Fauci say numerous times that 90% of the population will need to get the vaccine for herd immunity to be achieved. Baloney. Even with the completely bogus use of the pcr test to determine cases, this CDC chart shows that cases and deaths had already begun to plummet in April, well before the amount of fully vaccinated people even reached double digits. How much more proof do we need that we are being sold bill of goods with these vaccines? How much more proof do we need that Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates/Moderna, Pfizer/Biontech, Janssen/J&J and everyone else who has been pushing these vaccines are up to no good? Does some of those no-good actions of these incredibly rich and powerful entities include pulling the chains of our elected officials? If the illegal drug cartels of some Latin American countries are able to pull the chains of presidents in those countries, why can’t the even richer ‘legal’ drug cartels here in the US do the same? Like many Latin American elected officals who look the other way when it comes to the illegal drug cartels, did Biden see the hand wirting on the wall, well before he was elected, and choose to look the other way - cooperate? Go along and get rewarded, (as in Latin America) or be a stick in the mud and suffer the consequences… public shaming by the drug and medical cartels.

Here’s the latest update on the death toll from the COVID-19 vaccines from the CDC’s VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) site.

As with previous counts, these results are only for the US and its territories.

? OI = unknown Onset Interval

Manufacturer - Age - Result - Onset Interval - Total Category Deaths

Moderna - 18 to 29 - death - 0 to 30 days - 6

Moderna - 30 to 39 - death - 0 to 30 days - 7 (1 ? OI)

Moderna - 40 to 49 - death - 0 to 30 days - 22 (1 ? OI)

Moderna - 50 to 59 - death - 0 to 30 days - 73 (3 ? OI)

Moderna - 60 to 64 - death - 0 to 30 days - 70 (1 ? OI)

Moderna - 65+. - death - 0 to 1 day - 318

Moderna - 65+. - death - 2 to 3 days - 136

Moderna - 65+ - death - 4 to 14 days - 250

Moderna - 65+. - death -15 to 30 days - 149

Moderna - 65+ - death - 31 to 60 days - 48

Moderna - 65+. - death - 120+ days - 5

Moderna - 65+. - death - unknown - 30

Moderna - unknown - death - 0 to 60 days - 58 (27 unknown OI)


Moderna - total reported deaths from the covid vaccine - 1,170

Pfizer/Biontech - 1 to 2 years - death - 4 days - 2

Pfizer/Biontech - 18 to 29 years - death - 0 to 60 days - 9

Pfizer/Biontech - 30 to 39 years - death - 0 to 60 days - 15

Pfizer/biontech - 40 to 49 years - death - 0 to 30 days - 21 (1 ? OI)

Pfizer/Biontech - 50 to 59 years - death - 0 to 60 days - 49 (1 ? OI)

Pfizer/Biontech - 60 to 65 years - death - 0 to 60 days - 50

Pfizer/Biontech - 65+ - death - 0 to 1 day - 139

Pfizer/Biontech - 65+ - death - 2 to 14 days - 362

Pfizer/Biontech - 65+ - death - 15 to 30 days - 129

Pfizer/Biontech - 65+ - death - 31 to 120 days - 89 (27 ? OI)

Pfizer/Biontech - unknown - death - 0 to 60 days - 178 (75 ? OI)


Pfizer/Biontech - total reported deaths from the covid vaccine - 1,182

The more recently introduced Janssen/Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which uses a more traditional vaccine approach, verses the brand new mRNA technology used in both the Moderna and Pfizer/Biontech vaccines, has not been jabbed into nearly as many arms as have the other two manufacturers. Nevertheless, there is a total of 54 deaths from the newly introduced Janssen/J&J vaccine.

The total number of reported deaths from the Moderna, Pfizer/Biontech and Janssen/J&J vacines is 1,182 + 1,170 + 54 = 2,406.

Surprisingly, Boomberg news has a very small paragraph on the number of deaths from the covid vaccines. This is the first mention of deaths from the covid vaccines that I’ve seen in the lamestream media. They claim a total of 2,794 as of April 5. I’m not sure how they got that number but I am sure that the statement they make after reporting the number, that “… no evidence suggests a link” between the vaccines and the deaths, is a blatant lie. Only a moron would claim that someone in perfect health who gets the vaccine and then dies within hours or days is not due to the vaccine. The extremes that some in the lamestream media will go to to cover up the truth is shameful, despicable and downright evil. All of those morons (sorry, like the early Greeks, I tend to call a spade a spade) need to watch this short documentary in which many of the issues swirling around vaccinations are detailed.

As I’ve pointed out in previous covid vaccine death count posts, the number of people who know about and report to VAERS is 1% or less. If we assume that 100% of those who died from the covid vaccines were reported, than the death count would come to 100 x 2,406 or 240,600! Unfortunately, this confirms two things: 1) My earlier prediction that the vaccines would kill more people than COVID-19. 2) The underlying eugenics program - the statement by Bill Gates that vaccines can be used to control the worlds population.

Last year when the media was falsely reporting that 250,000 had died from COVID-19, many gullible Americans fell prey to the fear being promulgated and chose to conform to lock-down measures. Some of us had already being paying very close attention and knew the numbers being reported in the media were being greatly exaggerated. In fact it was shortly after the media began reporting in November of 2020 that the COVID-19 death count had hit 250,000 that I published my first post here. I was so upset by the lies that I felt I could no longer sit idly by. The CDC did say that only 6% of reported deaths are directly attributable to COVID-19, but that was largely ignored by the media - by then the COIVD-19 death count was keeping Americans glued to the news, which in turn garnered an increased revenue stream for the media. They were not about to shoot themselves in their collective feet, report the truth and lose that income.

Several details about the latest VAERS report stand out. Perhaps the most glaring is that the Pfizer/Biontech vaccine is much deadlier to the very young than the Moderna vaccine. Another stand out statistic is that the Moderna vaccine tends to kill in a much quicker time frame then the Pfizer/Biontech vaccine - note that all of the 18 to 64 year old Moderna groups are 30 days or less. In that same age group the Phizer/Biontech vaccine is still killing people up to 60 days later.

As has been the case from the start, the elderly are being hit the hardest.

The last count on total adverse events from the vaccines was well over 55,000.

This brings up the obvious question: How long will these vaccines be allowed to kill people? So far these reports from the CDC’s VAERS site are only reporting out to 120 days from the time of the vaccination. Will they still be reporting deaths attributable to the vaccines after 6 months? How about after a year? Two years? Five years? This is the primary issue with these vaccines - no one knows how long their nefarious biological activity will continue to result in the deaths of more people. After all, it is, as I have previously pointed out, one giant experiment - an experiment designed to kill hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) while making millions of others chronically sick and dependent on more drugs from the drug cartels. It’s also designed to bilk billions of taxpayer dollars in the form of welfare subsidies to the richest industry on earth - Big Pharma - to pay for research, development, purchase and distribution of the vaccines.

What a wicked web we humans weave.