the transhumanist agenda - the rise of techmed

graphene oxide, parasites, stainless steel, 5G, oh my!

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Although the term transhumaism didn’t exist in President Eisenhower’s time, he nevertheless saw the handwritng on the wall back in 1961.

Subliminal warfare and advertising has been employed for many decades. More direct access to our minds has been accomplished by ultrasound and, as I pointed out in this earlier post, social programming has also been used for many decades to control us - the latter has been especially effective to get people to conform to the official narrative about the pandemic and vaccines being imposed upon us.

here’s how the techmed/transhumanist agenda works

In these two earlier posts we considered the ground breaking work of Ricardo Delgado Martin over at La Quite Columna in Spain, whose research found graphene oxide (GO) nanoparticles in the Pfizer jab. In this recent piece I dissected the popular Reuters fact check that unsuccessfully attempted to prove Señor Martin wrong.

Robert Young DSc. PhD, Naturopathic practitioner, has also taken up the search for GO in all the jabs here in the US. His published paper on the topic shows that not only do all of the so called vaccines contain GO, they also contain stainless steel particles (which forced Japan to throw out much of Moderna’s product), parasites and other materials not listed on the ingredients label. Parasites, of course, are highly problematic for anyone with a compromised immune system, or an immune system in the process of being compromised by the toxins in the jabs. Stainless steel is yet another conductive material that could pair in nefarious ways with GO. You can see the full Japanese study here to find out where in the body the lipids carrying the nano particles in the Moderna jab tend to accumulate. This will likely vary from one vaxx to another depending on the specific structure of the materials used by the different vaxx makers and their various lots. We’ll go much deeper into that topic shortly.

We also know that in August of 2020 the Shanghai National Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology Co Ltd filed a patent for a “nano coronavirus recombinant vaccine taking graphene oxide as carrier”.

So we now have evidence from at least two independent researchers verifying the presence of GO in all of the covid jabs used in the US, as well as the Astra Zeneca jab used in other countries. Plus, we have evidence that the research on the use of GO in covid jabs has been going on for some time. I’ve seen some news online that there are more researchers looking into the contents of the vaxx vials so, more reports are likely forthcoming.

Why is GO problematic? As I explained in those earlier posts, GO is a highly conductive material. This makes it extremely susceptible to manipulation by electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) to do specific things, like form into specific shapes. There are also GO micro-motors and GO/platinum robots now in existence designed to do specific things. Both are injectable. The linked videos show these GO materials being manipulated by EMF’s. If you watch those videos, keep in mind that the more advanced versions of this type of technology are kept under wraps due to patent protection. What we get to see is the kindergarten version. In case you still don’t understand the danger of GO, watch this video.

As I explained in a previous article, GO is part of the PEGylated trojan horse technology used to encapsulate the spike protein and deliver it into the cell. PEG stands for poly-ethylene glycol, an ingredient commonly used in antifreeze. Why is GO paired with PEG? According to this video, PEG serves as an efficient dispersal agent for the GO, making it easier to manipulate.

One of the possibilities for specific GO formation within the human body might be to provide a barcode for everyone who submits to the jab. Yes, I know, this gets weird. But, believe it or not, there are already massive investments in this regard and IBOL is one of the largest corporations in this field. The possibilities with this new technology are frightening. One scary scenario is that injecting a particular nano construct “barcode” will make it possible for the techmeds to track an injected person anywhere on the planet with the new 5G satellite network now being launched into space by that hero of all tech nerds, Elon Musk. If you go to the IBOL website please take note of their reptilian/satanic logo. When I go to IBOL’s website or read about this technology, I can’t help but be reminded of the Biblical prophecy about the mark of the beast.

Without the ability of electromagnetic fields to exert influence on metallic objects a compass wouldn’t work. As kids many of us did experiments running a magnet under a table covered with metal filings to make the filings dance around and form into specific shapes. Of course, for someone with GO and stainless steel in their bodies, the implications are that when that person encounters specific electromagnetic fields, those materials could be altered into random shapes to do random things - or maybe even specific shapes to do specific things - depending on the type of GO used (there are many forms) and the type of EMF encountered. Random things would be bad enough, triggering a myriad of random diseases. Specific programming could include targeting specify areas of the body - for instance, testes and ovaries. We know that GO is harmful to the testes and ovary cell line tests show it to be highly detrimental to them as well.

Although I’ve been unable to find definitive studies regarding 5G being used for this type of specific targeting, there is a lot of speculation in this direction. Ricardo Delgado Martin of La Quinta Columna has taken this position. Like so much information that gets seeded into the public by corporate whistle blowers who remember they have a conscience and become concerned about the work they’re doing, I suspect at some point in the not-to-distant-future definitive research on this topic will be forthcoming.

it gets worse

It may be possible to design GO (and/or other nano particles used in vaccines) to do specific things once inside the body, such as target ovaries and testes. I’m speculating here, but the way this might work is that earlier research by vaxx makers - or some of the other tech companies that do research work for them - may have found that certain prearranged constructs of GO (or some other nano particles) favored certain areas of the body of a rat or some other test animal used in experiments. With this information, it would then be easy to design custom jabs with GO (or other nano particles) that have a particular affinity for certain parts of the body. If your ultimate goal is eugenics and you want to limit the ability of a certain class of people to procreate, then you would want to target the ovaries and testicles in that population to lower their fertility rate. If you want to get people to act a certain way, you would utilize a prearranged construct of nano particles that target the brain. They might have even conducted tests on rats that determined that a particular nano particle construct caused rats to behave in certain ways. That techmed could then be used on us.

Sadly, there’s more to this. It could also be the case that some men and women who get the jabs may retain their fertility but lose their ability to produce healthy babies. If GO can damage the testes and ovaries, then we have to assume that GO, or any other nano particle, has the ability to also damage sperm and eggs. Of course, damaged sperm and eggs could result in children with just about any kind of deformity imaginable, mental or physical. The reality is, all of this is already happening. As I’ve pointed out in previous “death count update” posts, the CDC’s VAERS site has recorded numerous cases of infertility and birth defects from those getting the jabs. Why would this be part of the agenda? Because it produces a massive stream of patients from which the techmeds can generate revenue for the duration of the life of the vaxx injured person. A person who becomes sick from this technology is someone who will be enslaved to the techmed cartels for their entire life.

Yes, I know, it’s all dismally abominable. I’m quit sure Hitler would have loved to get his hands on this technology. Unfortunately, all of this further bolsters the arguments that I’ve been putting forth here since the get-go, that the vaccine campaign encompasses three things; 1) The largest eugenics program ever implemented 2) A form of transhumanist, technological/medical enslavement (hence the term techmed) 3) The biggest money making con game ever conceived.

this one is way out there

As if all of the previous information hasn’t been discordant enough, the following information seems so ‘out there’ I can’t see how anyone in their right mind would stand for it. However, knowledge is power, so I’m going to pass this information along so that you can be informed of any and all possibilities. An informed individual is much less susceptible to being influenced by nefarious actors.

As I’ve explained before, GO and many of the other technologies used in the jabs are patented, which, as I explained in the previous links, is why we don’t know about all of the ingredients in the jabs.

Humans have recently been reclassified as animals in the world wide classification system recently adopted by the WHO.

In 2013 the US Supreme Court ruled that naturally occurring human genes cannot be patented. However, it also ruled that genes that have been altered by technology, can be patented. Since then many gene patents have been doled out. Some of the more common ones are for genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) like corn, soy, tomatoes, apples, salmon and so on.

The mRNA technology used in the vaccines is patented, as are numerous other techmed aspects of the vaccines. As I’ve pointed out in previous posts, even the vaxx makers claim the jabs are gene therapy, not vaccines. There’s also the question of vaccines being categorized as medical devices, which would cause them to fall under another set of patent laws with broad and scary ramifications.

New patent laws say that once livestock (farm animals) have been vaccinated with patented technology, they can be construed to be under the legal control of the patent holders. Here is the pertinent language from this USDA document titled - Technology Transfer: Animal Vaccines.

If as the owner of a vaccine you have genetically modified the pathogens to differentiate infected from vaccinated animals (DIVA), then the vaccine has dominating rights and licensing potential can be limited.

Ultimately, all of this leads us to the “Stamping Out” procedures adopted by the FAO for disease found in livestock, which, like humans, are classified as animals.

more sad reality

There is another aspect of this. We know that organic farmers who happen to have the misfortune to live next to farmers who grow patented GMO crops like corn or soy, have been sued by Monsanto - the owner of many patented crop seeds - for planting seed that contains ‘their’ genes. Here’s what happens. The pollen from the neighboring GMO corn farmer can drift across the road and pollinate the organic farmers corn crop with GMO pollen. Astute farmers know that the more years they save some of their crop for next years planting, the more acclimated that seed becomes to the particular growing conditions on their farm. This tradition has been carried on for thousands of years because it results in incremental crop improvements in drought tolerance, yield and terrior. The problem is, if a particular crop is contaminated with pollen from the neighbors GMO crop and GMO genes show up in the organic farmers crop, he can be sued by the patent holder of those genes because, according to the warped laws set in place by the Big Ag, the patent holder supposedly “owns” those genes.

In the case of the various patented technologies used in the covid jabs, we know that Fauci has doled out much of the funding and directed the research for much of the technology used in those jabs. As I explained in a previous post, some of that technology is derived from Fauci’s earlier work on the phony HIV virus. Some of those patents are owned by the NIH and some are under Fauci’s name. Here’s the spooky part - in June of 2020 (interesting timing), Fauci’s NIH released new guidelines regarding management of all NIH personal property.

the ultimate techmed transhumanist conclusion

So here’s where we stand. We have humans reclassified as animals. We have laws protecting patent holders of gene technology. We have too many case examples of patented genes in pollen drifting in the wind to contaminate another farmers crop, and that farmer being sued for it - and losing. We have patented genes from mRNA jabs now existing with human DNA in all of those human ‘animals’ that took the jabs. We have big corporations lined up ready to barcode all of us. We have the possibility that the vaxxed could be deemed to be the property of the NIH or some other techmed entity. And we have Elon Musk’s 60,000 Starlink satelite network coming online right now.

I know this is a wild and crazy question, but given the wild and crazy world that we’ve come to be living in over the past 18 months, it has to be asked: Is a fate similar to that of diseased livestock (“stamping out”) in store for all those human animals who take the experimental jabs and get sick from them?

Next week we’ll take an updated look at who the guilty parties are and the numerous laws they’ve broken to impose this techmed/transhumanist agenda upon us. I’ll leave you with this clue: You can’t find people pulling the levers behind the curtain who are not a part of the WHO, the CDC, the NIAID, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Clinton Foundation and a few other monstrous government agencies and nonprofits in other parts of the world.


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