biden tears a page from constantine's playbook to impose the new state religion
mass murder continues unabated - what does the media say?…crickets
the cure (also - the death by covid vaxx toll jumps over 2,000, to over 9,000)
the pfizer vaxx causes over 5 times as many birth defects as moderna and j&j
josef mengele got away - will Fauci and Gates escape justice?
evidence mounts - the CDC is manipulating vaers data
countering the 10 official lies with the truth
beware of misdirection regarding Fauci's lies and lab leaks
how to leverage billions of dollars to create a highly profitable 'official narrative' of your own
as people continue to die by the thousands - the largest medical experiment in the history of the world continues, unabated
how industry and modern medicine are de-structuring the water in our bodies and making us sick and... the cure
those taking the chimera/gmo vaccines are now infecting the non-vaccinated with bizarre symptoms